Welcome to the Co*Stars!!!
The Home that Love Created

Do you decorate the hallway, those of you who live in apartments? We do, and our Neighbors join in. We have lots of fun doing it, plus it's a place to leave candy for our friends who get that sweet craving! These are our Christmas decorations and pictures from our Holiday Eggnog Party. We've got Valentines up now...Hearts galore!
Kenny did the table (an old sewing machine.)

Here's the view from inside our door, which we usually leave open:

A close-up of the scene underneath:

(Santa's reading to our stuffed animals!)
(Kenny's very artistic!)

Then inside, our Holiday Table with Royal Ruby Depression glass:

(The two tiered candy dish to the left sold on Ebay for 199.01 recently!

No we won't sell. Grin! I wouldn't have anything to put the candy on if I did that!)

 and the China Cabinet:

Our "jungle fountain":

And last BUT NOT least, our friends arrive:


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