Take a ride on OUR psychic side!

Dave's just gotta Rave!
Dedicated to our Loving and VERY aware Cat,

1986-March 6, 2000

Our experiences with Sounder, The Sensitive Cat, have been some of the most amusing and Loving experiences, not to mention educational,  we have had. When I was in the hospital  two years ago, she cried over my absence. When I got  Home,  Kenny told me of it. I had her in my arms and said, "No , she couldn't have cried."
I looked down at her, and she started crying and I mean several big tears, till I apologized! She dried up, and has since continued to educate and amuse us with her psychicness, as do our dear human(ed) friends!
{N.B.: AS IF  on CUE, this past year, the City of St. Francis has been discussing changing the language in official use from pet OWNER to guardian. Ah, well, Berkeley beat us to it!
Myself, I'm my cats' Host(ess!)}

We cried and stroked her as the doctor administered the shot to end her pain.
She got Love right on the nose! Even a birthmark in the shape of a heart on her nose. She was the "cat who walked through walls" Robert Heinlein wrote about.
Walls of ignorance, that is.
She was a most loved and gracious guest, constantly by my side, upset if we went away even a full day. My favorite thing to do was in the morning, get up, read the news while cradling her, purring, in my arms.
THAT is my delight in physical existence, a bundle of Love in physical form, held tenderly in your arms.
That's where it's at.

Dear World Family,
We've discovered a psychic universe permeates this physical universe. Even makes it, but that we can't prove to you. Yet. Others in the future will have to do that, Quantum Physicists being well on their way. Why Quantam physicists? They understand, what psychology does not, that we don't know the NATURE of nature. Psychiatry is SURE I'm just nuts, cause psychicness does NOT happen...they are SURE of that...without proof, of course.

We are happy to share our experiences so that you may discover your 'personal psychic universe' amongst  others...where YOUR input shows up.
That portion of reality that YOU are PERSONALLY responsible for bringing into your present. For creating in your present, once you 'see' your 'arena'.

Over the past  two years, we've had MANY psychic occurrences. We define this by the seeming knowledgeable connectivity of our friends, OR NATURE, where none should exist. In other words, 'we didn't tell them, how'd they know?' kind of things. Or following IMPULSES to lead us to a psychic connection. Not only has that greater inter connectivity been shown to us by our life's experiences, in our own personal lives, but we also have many examples of our being more aware (having a larger body of knowledge accessible to us) than we usually realize...that thing we call hunches and wishes. See below.

This year, I will continue to document those 'paranormal' things YOU can see happening to you, by documenting what happens to us. They are VERY normal!
(Most of them, anyway!)


This morning I put on the cd On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. I impulsively glance at the TV JUST as Barbra Striesand's beautiful voice sings, "Hurry, it's lovely up here."
On the TV is a big banner displaying "Hurry".
Coincidence you might say, but it was the IMPULSE that is important.
What made me turn 180 degrees to   LOOK at the TV at EXACTLY THAT MOMENT?

When the doctors interviewed me during my mystical experience, they asked if the TV was talking to me. I said no, as it wasn't. Had they asked if I was INTERPRETING TV differently I would have said yes.

Phrasing the question correctly is most important!
And Psychiatric unprofession, a person who understands WHY people think that "TV is talking to them", as well as understanding WHY you label that psychosis, (cause neither groups understand what is happening), knows more than either of you, and that person is ME.
What's IS happening, is people are becoming INTERACTIVE with TV.
Psychiatry, YOU don't think that is even possible, since it requires subconsciously sensing the FUTURE, so you label any description of this phenomenon psychotic, and those poor folks who don't get it and DO think 'TV is talking to them', well they "get it" more than most, is all I'm pointing out.
Come out from under your rock, psychiatry, and admit there is more to this than ILLNESS.

Dave Co * Star, July 98

WHO told THEM????

Just a quick note today.
We had our pumpkin carving party last night. Neighbors and friends came over and carved away.

Tangent switch: Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to describe those coincidences that seem timed. What Kenny and I call cowinkydinks.
That's from The Simpsons, (THANKS, Co-creators of Simpsons!), but we make it our own by embellishing it: The Cosmos Winkin At 'Cha and Dinking you on the head!
During my 'episode', at one point I was tossing M&M's around, saying "Magic trick"!

At the time I really didn't know why I said it, or did it. I was just playing...told the universe to work it in, if it could, thought they would disappear on their own like the bug, I guess. (Bug description on hallucinations page.)
What actually happened was that Kenny ended up picking them up at the time.

So last night, one year later, Dan, our neighbor throws an M&M at Kenny for something snide he had said. I think back to the episode and say "Magic Trick!" JUST as Shelly, another neighbor yells to Kenny, "Pick it up!".

Kenny and I both laughed, knowing we've gotten another independent confirmation of the experience and the PSYCHIC connectivity of us and our friends...we've never told Shelly or Dan about the M&Ms.

The next day we were walking through the local flea market. As I pass a booth, the seller shouts across the yard, to another seller, "PICK IT UP, PICK IT UP!!!"

Dave Co * Star, October 19, 1998

San Francisco's Power Outage

When the power outage hit San Francisco last month, I tried to call Kenny at work. Couldn't get through as the office has a plugged in system. About thirty minutes later, his boss, Thomas Burns, called me from his home to tell me that if Kenny called, tell them to go home for the day. Kenny called me from a pay phone while I was on the phone to Tom. Luckily we have call waiting!

Now if you say, 'just coincidence', I wouldn't blame you, cause that's what we were taught to believe. It's just an ACCIDENTAL coincidence.

It's not, but you'll have to (and you CAN) prove it to yourself!
We have them most EVERY day.

Or perhaps we're continually on the lookout, so we NOTICE something every day.
Incidentally, after Kenny walked home, our friends in the building converged on our apartment and we had a wonderful blackout party. They waited for Kenny, but he does attract the parties. More psychic activity showing.

You might  say it was coincidence, I say it's evidence of HIS psychic abilities.
Tom's too. Our neighbors "pick up" on things without being told, too.
ESP abounds!
However, I would call it intra-sensory perceptions. Alas, ISP is taken!

Let it Snow!

Kenny'd  been wishing for snow in San Francisco, where we are delighted to live. When it did, what was he doing? Sprinkling fake snow in our hallway around the Christmas decorations! He was so upset at having missed it, cause he had been telling all our friends to wish hard for snow in SF at Christmas. We laughed about missing it, and I humorously told him next time, wish to SEE the snow! But what psychic connectivity!

Sprinkling snow INSIDE while it's snowing OUTSIDE.

It happened. You can call it coincidence if you like, but YOU rob YOURSELF of perceiving a RICHNESS to life we usually ignore, because we call them accidental  coincidences.

It shows all over the place, but we usually dismiss it. We just don't think of it in terms of proving psychic connectivity. Science wants psychicness to be proven in a staged setting. A controlled environment.  Read a mind, tell the future. But psychic activity chooses it's own time.  Scientists could prove it to themselves, but proving it clinically  seems a chimera...most 'psychics' don't do well on tests, the strain of performance is too much to allow the free flow of inner information.

We'd love to volunteer, but they'll put us in separate rooms and hand us cards.
I'd much rather have a phone call example. It's documented in the phone companies' records, not to forget OUR waking memories, if not a scientific setting. Much more practical too!

Merry Christmas!!!

My honey gave me another Christmas present today...so cute, three cats on a polished oval slab of Lace Agate, with a large moon with a clear star hanging inside it.

What's so CONNECTED about this was that Kenny's been meaning to pick it up for a week (he special ordered it!), and finally went today, apologizing for not picking it up Thursday. The artist who made it told Kenny "I hadn't finished it then, so it was good you didn't. Today is the first day I brought it."

Dave Co * Star, December 15, 1998

And what's GREAT about this is you don't have to take my word for it...examine YOUR daily events and see what coincidences show up and what they tell you. What Makes them CO-incidents rather than individual incidents happening at the same time?

Well, there's .several examples from 1998 to start off Dave's Raves, 1999.
Many more happened, but I like the 'flashy' ones the most.

Dave Co * Star, Drama Queen for sure!


Kenny was sleeping yesterday...he's home with a cold...I have it too, but I wasn't sleepy. So I'm sitting there watching him sleep and blow him quiet kisses. He sighs in his sleep. About an hour later I blow him some kisses and ONCE AGAIN, he sighs.

I giggle. Quietly, with a smile on my face. Moment by moment, day by day, we discover our connectivity.

Dave Co * Star, January 20, 1999.


Kenny started getting "intense" about a poster about town I had noticed...about getting AIDS disabled back in the work place. Seemed stupid to me, (anyone out there want to hire someone who can be industrious three hours a day?), but Kenny took hold of the idea with a vengeance, which I may have enhanced calling him my "knight in shining armor". He starts on a phone campaign to all the Supervisor's offices, faxing his letter about town to various and sundry.
I wondered at this change in him, he's never been an 'activist' before.
So he ends up accomplishing little, but does get his letter in the Bay Area Reporter.
We celebrate that achievement, and he calls me later...saddened;
Louis', our friend, is in-between. (How I refer to death, dears.) His obituary is in that issue as well.

Kenny always knows what he's doing!

Wishing you well, Louis Buday.
Dave Co * Star, February 18, 1999.

Sounder Nose LOVE

 Kenny had a tough time getting up this morning, and was grouchy.

So I try to get him to laugh and he complies, grudgingly.
Sounder did the trick.
She meows at him, he picks her up, and on her nose, directly OVER HER heart shaped birthmark, is stuck a little red Heart!

Kenny broke into delightful, freeing laughter.

What's the probability on that chance happenstance? In the thirteen years I've had her, she's never had ANYTHING stuck on her nose, except the peanut butter Kenny's put there!

Don't dismiss cats' ability to know what's going on and to respond fantastically! They ARE psychic.

Sounder got IT right on the nose today!

Dave Co* Star, February 25, 1999

 Kenny got a Bingo this morning!

So we put on "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever,", and Kenny gets in the shower.

 As he comes out the phrase, "in a towel, dripping wet," floats across the room. He giggles, pointing to himself, wrapped in a towel, dripping wet.

 Dave Co * Star, March 4, 1999

Re-interpreting History

Mary Poppins

 In the making of Mary Poppins, Walt Disney gave the book to the Sherman Brothers, two of his composers.
They circled six chapters, Walt on his own had circled the same six.

The Sherman Brothers commented on the FEELING discovering that was.

They didn't SEE it INTELLECTUALLY as showing their PSYCHIC connectivity, but they FELT 'it' and that's ALL it takes: Feeling. Seeing it as YOUR connectivity showing is what the INTELLECT does, but the HEART recognizes it BEFORE the intellect TRANSLATES it.

Dan gets the Bingo this time.

 The other morning, Dan and Kenny are going to the store. Dan comes over and knocks, JUST as Erasure sings about "someone's at the door...".

Dave Co * Star, March 6, 1999

 Dream on, Love

Kenny and I were napping yesterday. I have to have a two to three hour nap each day...no stamina due to aids. I woke up a little earlier then Kenny, and he says as clear as can be, "We are one".

Dave Co * Star, March 9, 1999

Intensity, Part II

Above I talk about the "primordial ooze" posters, and Kenny's unusual intensity and the result of finding Louis' Obituary by writing his letter.

The posters have been removed. They were to stay six to eight more weeks. We never in our wildest dreams EXPECTED anything to be done, considering the blah-blah-blah we got.

Maybe it was Louis working them from inside!

Thanks Louis!

LOVE back at 'cha!

We miss your sweet smile.
Psst...meet us in our dreams! Works even better then low tech video on the net!

Dave Co * Star, March 9, 1999

Joshuaís Bingo!

Then there was the story Joshua (a friend) told us of his miracle!

He had been hit in the eye and had so much damage, the doctors felt it would be necessary to remove the eye.

As he put it, "My three witch aunts got together and prayed for me. The next morning, my eye was totally healed"

Tracy's Bingo

Our Neighbor, Tracy, came a-calling last night. Told us of her knee. She had bumped it so hard, it was swelling and hurting.

She was resting it the other day, and heard a voice tell her to lift her leg and try to walk. She did, and it was all better! You go, girl!

Dave Co * Star, March 23, 1999


we encouraged the slot machines in Reno.

I got one 160 dollar payback, having put 80 dollars in, so stopped playing the dollars and went to the nickels, and considered myself a winner, though I really WANTED those sevens to pop up once...
Kenny didn't fare quite as well.

So we didn't get our lucky sevens...
Till on the way home.

 Walking along the train when it got in, (Twas wonderful taking the train!), out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the number on a car: 7777!

Kenny got his sevens too!
When he got home he called for his credit card balance: 777!

He paid HIS dues, 275 dollars worth! He had fun though, and we'll split the expenses!

I told him don't worry, you just won't 'see' your new raise for two months! Gotta pay down that debt!

Dave Co * Star, April 22, 1999
ALSO on that trip I passed the Roulette wheel, and thought of my Mom, who always liked to play the number thirteen. I had the time to place a bet, but didn't. I stayed and watched as the ball rolled into number thirteen!
I 'threw' a big wide grin to Mom. Where ever she is, she's there, she'll get it!

Katherine Feather Hastings,

thank you for expressing such truth, so beautifully.

Read the letters to the editor! Read them all, The other letters are just as powerful.

Meek-speak, that's where it's at! (That 'artfully dodging' 'spirit' shows up in everyone, crossing political lines, religious lines and even racial lines. EVEN the 'other lines' of inanimate and animate. Maybe those lines are mankind's ignorances. The Abrahamic Religions treat nature as subservient to man, to be used and abused at our whim for profit, leaving it to our children, (OURSELVES, 'next' time around!), to clean up...Hindus revere cows, but let them starve, and say you can't raise your level of living cause it's not in your CASTE, and that's your karma...I read a letter to the editor about life not being fair.


We HUMANS have catching UP to do.

Sounder Synchronicity

So I'm sitting and thinking of my honey who just left for work, and trying to remember those things psychic that have been happening recently to us. I don't like to stop and write things down, and neither does Kenny. Yet I miss reporting some good ones.

Anyway, I'm pondering the recent past, and Barbra's singing one of our favorite songs, Go To Sleep from On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.

Sounder the 'Sensitive Cat', walks over the bed, and just as Barbra hits the line, "go to sleep, girl, go to sleep" she steps on my computer's 'sleep' button, sending the computer to sleep!

Strut your Synchronic Stuff, Sounder!

Dave Co * Star, June 8, 1999

 Sounder and Kenny:
Interspecies Communications

This one is thanks to Kenny, who pointed out this example of Sounderís understanding of us, and our understanding of her ability to know what's going on.

He had lost an earring that he had only recently been given by a friend and was disappointed.
As he's thinking  of checking the bathroom, Sounder lets out a big MEEEOOOOWWWWW!

Kenny says, "Sounder confirms!" and checks the bathroom.
Itís on the floor of the bathtub, where she always chases the water droplets down the drain after he showers!

Dave Co * Star, June 10, 1999

"I would call it magical,
most people wouldn't notice."
-Kenny Co*Star

So Kenny and I are sitting here and I say, "Wouldn't it be nice to get to meet Erasure?" (He wants to paint them from behind....as nude angels.)
I continue with, "who knows? Having the reputation of a kook might actually help!"

So I take out the CD and look at my man and wonder aloud, "What do you think they'd call a voluntary "psychotic" that gets miracles?"

The CD player answers by shutting, empty,
which it has NEVER done.

Just reporting our magically coincidental environment, that's all.

CO*incidentally, we had been listening to Erasure's WILD CD...you know...the one with...
"It's a special Love affair, and there's magic in the air."

Kenny and Dave Co*Star, June 11, 1999

Nature gives lessons about Intersexuality in NATURE

Read an article on SfGate about intersexed rodents showing up in 1995 and 1998 in a population in Kesterton.
I mentioned to Kenny that those were the years, (The 97 time ended in 98), I had my 'psychic/mystical' experiences, wherein a major impression I got is that humanity is three sexes. We DENY intersexed Persons.

Just an odd coincidence? I claim nothing, dears, as even I don't get to know more than that this seems connected. Seeing your life become psychically magical doesn't teach you anything other than that it is indeed psychically magical...psychically responsive to YOU. It certainly didn't teach me solutions to humanity's problems. But I can guarantee we'll figure them out, at the appropriate time.

That's the "Free Will/Predestination" magicness of it. The concept of balanced opposites is so important, cause BOTH sides are TRUE to their constituents, and the UNIVERSE GIVES ALL SIDES WHAT THEY EXPECT. The universe confirms (conforms to), our beliefs.

It's always BEEN that way, why should it change now?

I just put things together differently these days.

As Barbra Striesand sings what Allen Rich, Sea Gazely, and Marsha Malamet, songwriters, created:

 "There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned."

Dave Co * Star, June 12, 1999

Thanks for the varied reporting, SFGate!

Sometimes merely puzzling items are more informative than the sensational ones. It's all a matter of how you put it together.

Play with it!


Toss it to me, universe!

Iíve been noting for awhile that shopping Ebay provides occurrences of synchronicity, against all the "supposed" odds.
This morning Iíve addressed two envelopes to two different sellers at the auction house everybody loves or hates these days.

Iíve even gotten spam on them...Hmmm...Microsoft Word spellcheck doesnít recognize that word, spam,...how 'pretend it doesn't exist' can one be?

But this entry is for mathematicians.

You get to figure odds! You know: permutations and combinations.

So hereís the addresses, minus the individually identifying stuff.

 1st letter:
1st name: G _ _ _ _ _
last name: _ _ward,
Zip: 28 444

2nd letter:
1st name: G_ _ _ _ _
last name: Ward
Zip:93 555

Whatís the odds of that CHANCE HAPPENSTANCE?

Dave Co * Star, learning from life's little occurrences itself!
June 19, 1999

Hey fellow social/sexual 'deviants'!

Happy Pride in Who WE Are Day!
Kenny and Dave Co*Star, June 24, 1999.

P.S. ALSO for this weekend, I make a PREDICTION!

Seth said that cultures were going to teach us something. I've already learned it:

Someday you unappreciative types will FINALLY get THAT, too!

Start with each cultures different ways of preparing food. You know... the BANQUET table! It's a GREAT analogy. Yummy yummy, LOVE in the tummy at it's best!
Dave Co * Star, June 28, 1999

Made my day!

Just got back from picking up a new book. As I was walking to the counter, I passed a couple talking. A Little girl walked by and said something to her friend walking beside her. The woman at the table, overhearing, said to her friend, "I was JUST thinking of that today."

I overcame my shyness and said to them, with a grin, "Evidence of psychic activity!"

She responded with a smile, and the words, "all the time!"

Luckily no psychiatrists were eavesdropping!

What can't be measured, just doesn't exist to them, and when TWO people verify miracles, it doesn't matter, you're both just deluded. And when the Catholic Church says the sun dimming at that place in Yugoslavia was a mass hallucination, cause ten thousand people saw it, I want to ask, isn't that a miracle, that so many people see the sun dim, at the same time, independently, yet en masse? What the hell is communion about anyway...Catholic Church? It's YOUR word! I bet I got a better take on CONFIRMATION too...it ISN'T about being a soldier in Christ. That's detritus from the days you thought you were meant to rule the world. It's having YOUR universe say, "HI THERE, DAVE!" and give you miracles cause you needed them. And that three in one is not about a god, but humanity. See more further on...

Dogmatic Do-Dos are extincting themselves! You've spun a joke on yourselves, religions AND psychiatry! When is a cigar MORE than a cigar? When it's used years later in a sex act that becomes public. That's the GIGGLES of simultaneous time. Freud COULD HAVE said the same of a banana, but he didn't.

Joan of ARC was NOT schizophrenic, she was PSYCHIC! And honest to boot!

She ended up getting burned by the people who used her, and then sainted later on by those same fools.

That's why we've (NOT them!) BUILT TECHNICAL global communications: So that all the wee folks could see that all their 'masters' don't know shit from SHINE-0la.

But damn, that lady had it right on target! We ALREADY HAD psychic communications...even globally... even galaxially, even universally! (See Isaac Asimov).

You GO girl!

You made my day, Lady!

I was just today considering stopping the upkeep on this page. I needed the encouragement, as frankly, I think I've got enough documentation up here already. I've proved my point, even if I left the belief of the veracity of the events reported up in the air. That's so YOU can test your truthsense....one of the senses science doesn't even believe in, but Frank Herbert explained to me. READ HIS BOOKS! The universe didn't give me unequivocal evidence, besides Kenny, anyway, unless you can talk the doctors into reporting in print what they saw concerning the healing on my leg.

I don't DO anything, except try to enjoy my day. That's why you came here, isn't it?

It took confirming miracles before I even BEGAN to write this, but all I CAN do is talk! I hope I've shown you how MUCH the universe is willing to PROVE it to you, PERSONALLY.

Impersonal life force?


It's a very PERSONAL LIFE SOURCE universe out and in there.

That's why Seth told us that the universe was conscious and alive, psychiatry's belief that that is delusional aside...what do they know? THEY can't PROVE any of their theories!

They also delude themselves by ignoring unexplainable occurrences. They ADMIT that things like this happen, mind you, but it had NO BEARING on my complaint with them, from their perspective. My complaint? A LOT of gays are having psychic awakenings...they treat them all the same...tell the Lover he HAS to leave to get the other lover to "hit bottom". (THEIR WORDS, WHICH THEY LATER DENIED EVER HAVING SAID.)

Kenny didn't want to leave, but those at the Aids HELLTH project convinced him to.
To TRY to induce erratic behavior in ME, so I'd get locked up.

Sigh...that's why in my Halloween editorial, I said, "But oh, what a joy, and that's my final lie." That's the only erratic behavior they got from me. I saw through their pose very early....their first visit actually.

They don't WANT to believe in psychichness...only illness.

I LIKE my "delusions"!

Hauled MY ass into the new age!

It's a magical world, and NOT just at Disneyland!

Dave Co* Star, June 30, 1999

Appreciate what you've GOT, and the universe will delight you with MORE!

The Friday Follies

Read a great article, trying to explain Alien Abductions. They attributed it to a new theory: Sleep paralysis. Now mind you, I think it all as yet unacknowledged Psychicness showing up as whatever, but Iíd like to offer a similar experience. I experienced a net descending over me. I didnít fear it, cause I had been told about it. By Diane.

She said it was to prevent bodily movement when the individual went Astral. Remember that concept, Astral? Yes, I DID go out of body, but not that time. Years later I did go out-of-body and zoomed up to the moon and saw the splendor of the stars.

Words donít define, they limit the explanation. But understand, the important POINT is that all this IS happening.

Told ya, it would get you eventually! The Tao of life, that is, whatever that means!

Youíll INTERPRET it in your OWN way.

Pick a nice interpretation, you deserve to experience your own Psychicness, YOUR way!!!!

-Frank Herbert

Thank YOU for saying it SO well!
Dave Co * Star, July 9, 1999


Stereo questions.

Kenny asked me if I wanted some coffee, JUST AS the character on TV turned and asked another character if THEY wanted coffee.

Telling the future, or coordinating with the future? Which would YOU rather do?

Dave Co * Star, August 27, 1999


Read an article that spiritual teachers should be humble. You can buy into that as you wish...but it got me thinking again..

MY definition of Humility?

 I bow to no one, but expect no one to bow to me!
We CO-CREATE TOGETHER whether we like it or not!

Dave Co * Star, September 5, 1999

P.S. If you REALLY want a good "spiritual" teacher, find one that doesn't CHARGE for their instruction.

The universe itself teaches us, free of charge. ALL THAT IS taught me that our OWN psychicness is what we've mistakenly attributed as 'divine', i.e. something NOT natural. Humbleness was invented by pietists to make the rest of us feel inferior. (-Paraphrased from Victor/Victoria.)

Angels in the streets.

Kenny and I, walking to the store the other night, pass a man, obviously toiling at life; hobbling wearily on his crutch, pulling his cart along the street.

As we headed towards one another, I wished I had something to give, as I always do, or even if we were going in the same direction, to give him a hand...

But I did wish him well, and said, "Hi guy" to him, but only in my head.

HE responded with a very surprised, "Hi!" out loud, back at me.

The ONE thing the psychiatric profession won't like about me, is that I draw different conclusions from the same evidence, but then, it doesn't take drugs for me to experience this, and they don't 'get it' cause most of these "abilities" they only get to see in drug addicts. I had to spend eight hours undergoing  tests when I was going through my psychic sharing. They kept asking me if I had taken any drugs that whole day. They got very annoying! I guess they couldn't believe I was experiencing this without drugs!

Different conclusions are not allowed by the NEW grand arbiters of experience, you know.

They would say he just COULDN'T have heard my thought.
(It's the NEW definition of schizophrenia, which used to be split personalities:
"Delusions that one's thoughts are broadcast for others to hear."
That's straight from a pamphlet I have. Isn't it also AMAZING, that SO MANY are having "one time' episodes? Think we'd speak up again, do you, when you mislabel our experiences the first time, psychiatric profession? Go on and delude yourselves about psychicness.)

But that is what I mean by my environment CONFIRMS what I know: we are ALL psychic.

The same thing was happening during that time in 1997, but moreso.
MUCH moreso. Different events originating from different sources combined with SPLIT-SECOND timing to my thoughts. That is what HAPPENED. What it MEANS, I'm still learning!
And filters dissolved with drugs is DIFFERENT than seeing THROUGH the filters, which is what I did then and do still.
How many times have YOU said, "I was just thinking of that!", to someone else?
Next time, say, "OOOH-WEE-OOOH, we're PSYCHIC!"
Give yourself some credit!
Or understand your multi-incarnations:
(Gleaned from an article at SFGate)

``Suor Maria Celeste was somebody who spoke
to me in a way nobody ever had,'' Sobel says. ``I felt I knew what
 she was going to say next. It was eerie to have that kind of
 connection with a character you're writing about.''

Sometimes I feel like a nut, mostimes I don't, cause my environment just won't let me forget it was, AND IS, a TRUE experience. Thanks, guy.
Thanks, Y'all!

Dave Co * Star, September 13, 1999

Happy Halloween!

My grand delusions

What WE can achieve is limited by our ignorance.
In a universe designed to APPEAR magical OR mundane, what APPEARS magical to us, is not magical, just beyond our  "know HOW to do".
A universe that lets US operate from a scientific viewpoint, though non-scientific occurrences happen, (like the healing on my leg),  MEANS that THIS IS a setting constrained by our perceptive status-quo.

Cats arenít psychic until you see some of their behavior as being more than coincidental.

THIS world that is "conscious and alive" (-Seth), is waiting for US to wake up to that FACT.
THEN YOUR WORLD will Ďwake up" and start responding to you in a more personal way. Whatís important is to see that it ALWAYS responded that way, you just failed to follow the implications of non-status-quo experience.

Iíve ALWAYS known that my cats were psychic. All Iíve EVER had to do was THINK of feeding them, and they come running. During my psychic experience, I explored that possibility. I kept asking them in  my mind to come over. They never did.
My conclusion? They donít perform on cueÖat least MY cue. But when something INTERESTS them, they Ďdiscerní it and come a-running. No matter what time of day I normally feed them, if I wonder if itís TIME to feed them, they come running.
They also do the Pavlov thing; EVERY time we walk in the door, they want fed. (leftover from my working days.)

Some people will think Iím nuts cause I communed with a whale.
I wonít tell the whale, thatís for sure! Itís not easy being unappreciated.
But weíre them, too.
(We ASSUME they don't know who's polluting their home with refuse.)

Or like in CamelotÖwhere Arthur says to Merlin,
"And what of teaching me by turning me to animal and bird, from Beaver to the smallest BobolinkÖ"
I didnít turn into the whale, but I FELT ITíS PRESENCE, sharing with me. At the SAME TIME, information was also being thrown in my faceÖa media story about a whale washing up on the beach, where people stroked itís body as it died, JUST LIKE I stroked Leeís head, when he finally succumbed to the Morphine. (His liver had failed due to the heavy duty aids meds he was on, and he was comatose...liver failure... WHY prolong nothing?)
And what induced the WRITERS of that Star Trek movie to have intelligent WHALES returning from space cause their community on Earth is being slaughtered? Morality tale? Allegory? More than that.
Psychic Synchronicity.

And years ago, I had a dream. Of being a cat with fleas. Very annoying, is what I remembered the next day, so I went and bought flea collars for my cats, who WERE having a flea problem. I procrastinated, and LIFE "turned me into a cat" in the state that is MADE for just that kind of thing, the dream state. But that dream state operates  while WAKING, and you can SEE it, if you WANT to. Close your eyes and let your mind do itís thing. DONíT TRY to make it go blank. Just think of anything. But pay attention to your sight. Do images form? Thatís the dream state blending with the waking. I do it ALL the time when I lay down to go to sleep. I once saw a nun, kneeling, praying. She looked up and expressed surprise to match mine. I KNEW she had seen me. I did tell her, Iím NOT Jesus, honey.

We ARE telling ourselves that it IS psychic, and NOTHING is accidentalÖitís just designed to APPEAR that way, if you canít see it from a LARGER truth.
So call me a Kook, call me nothing, ignore me, it doesnít matter.
What matters already happenedÖin 1997, and whatís happening now in OUR universe is only the beginning. I donít expect to add much to what Iíve said.
YOU have to figure it out for yourself, using the symbols YOU CHOOSE. I donít want people  burping all over the place, so Iíve left no record of how Kenny and I BURP and sometimes fart to confirm. But we do.
Whoopi farts every time she goes on stage. Donít tell ME thatís accidental.
Nothing is accidental, nothing is without significance.
WE are eternal. What mediums we pass through are also eternal. We just need to see it moment to moment to get from here to there, in both the mundane and MAGICAL sense.
Thatís what CREATES the illusion of TIME.
BOTH the magical AND mundane are the SAME, just seen from different perspectives.
Itís ALL made of consciousness, Ďdisguisedí by the filters of our ignorances.
Itís MUCH MORE PRECIOUS than most realize.

Which would you rather live in?
Thatís the choice we all make.
WHY does society always choose the mundane, SO MUCH SO, that my TRUE STORY seems ridiculous?

Sorry if LIFE gave US a better TRUE story than YOU, but as Seth said, we create our OWN reality.
EXCUSE us for wanting MORE.

Happy Halloween!
I GAVE you a treat, you thought it a trick.
See how you are?
SEE how you are!
Always underestimating the possible.

Hereís another gift!
I got INDICATIONS (and indications ONLY, but everything else turned out to be valid, why not that bit of info they threw my way at the same time I asked about it in my head?! ) of who I was in the past. I wonít say cause I canít prove it and they did things I wouldnít do. Iím much less "accomplishment" oriented as Learning-from-experience-with-the-only-goal-our-continued-happiness orientation.

An accomplishment in itself, I might add! It's what we all do.
You don't NEED me, and that is truth, too.
I don't even TRY to change other people. Change comes from within, not without.

I think a better example is that nun I saw, (described elsewhere...go find it yourself!)
She existed and interacted with MY present.
From OUR past. HER time was the middle ages.
Simultaneous time, demonstrated.
As Seth said it IS, and THAT incident happened to me in 1986. LONG before my psychic sharing in 95 and then 97-98.
And pay attention to what I WAS SHOWN: our NEXT life. At the time I wrote the opening page, I didnít know for sure if those twins were ours or Mother Theresaís and Princess Diís. But it was WE who were speaking and wishing to be twins in our next life. PSYCHIC twins to be exact. We ARE becoming (DISCOVERING IN OURSELVES THIS REALITY), that NOW.
WE donít like to wait! And Seth said the PRESENT is the moment of power. To me that means the moment of CHOICE. I CHOSE to follow my Ďdelusionsí' and THAT made me realize my life story would be  labeled BY the psychiatric profession, "my psychotic castle-in-the-sky life".
Itís DIFFERENT to the GOOD side I might point out. Iím a functional psychotic in their TERMS. Why? I paid attention to those sweet voices in my head...or heart.
The psychiatrists' rather'd I'd paid attention to them, and I did...in order to IGNORE them PROPERLY!
Psychiatrists donít know much.

Society needed a good wake up call, thatís for sure. It was a PSYCHIC wake up call; I don't mean this site.
I told the TRUTH, albeit from my perspective. But YOU (society) taught ME that objects DONíT change, and one of OURS did, IN OUR perspectives, not JUST mine.
A LARGER truth has been demonstrated.
I wasnít mentally ILL, Iím not deluded now. YOU (society) just underestimate what YOU AND THE REST OF NATURE are capable of.

It's been REAL, folks!
Happy Halloween.

Dave Co* Star, October 30, 1999

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
-Glynda in The Wizard of Oz

Item 1.  Read Mr. Hank Hyenaís article on IntersexualityÖand NO, he hadnít seen my website!
(I asked him, thatís how I know! We always read his articles! Listen to HIM!
The media knows about me, it's just that 'Monica skull-drudgery' sells, miracles for faggots, doesn't. I get it...and THAT'S WHY I am such a such and such! It was my INDIVIDUALITY that GOT ME HERE, why change? It's a NICE "Catch-22"!)

Item 2. Notice the similarities between  Wicca beliefs and Sethian beliefs!
What they don't mention is about cats as 'familiars' Our experiences with Sounder have taught us from whence (important concept floating by your eyes!) the myth is born. Cats (and US) ARE psychic. So much so, we do it automatically.
Myths are truths 'shrouded in mystery',
or not yet understood, to put it mundanely.
For example, Atlantis DID arise as Cayce predicted:
It was seen as the Summer of Love!
Yes, the Golden Gate Park events and Haight/Ashbury thrived a year later than he predicted, but things start prior to showing up.
Here's a puzzle-solving bit of info from Ed Sanders, via an article by John Carmen:
The Human Be-In was in 1967!

Item 3. So Sunday, Iím expecting Kenny home from work, and I put on one of my favorites:
The Happy Medley, sung by Mandy Patinkin.
"Iím HAPPY, so HAPPY, the why and the wherefore, is someone I CARE for!"
Kenny walks in and exclaims, "Iíve been singing that all the way home!"
I respond, grinning ear-to-ear, "Iíve been PLAYING it since you got off work!"
Then the next day he heads out the door to wait for his ride to workÖwho shows up just as he exits the building!
Wanna live in "Xanth"?
You DO!
(Thank you SO MUCH for your stories, Piers Anthony!)
Society just tells you it's "Mundania"
Cause they can't patent MAGIC and SELL IT BACK TO YOU! GIGGLE!
LIFE'S miracles are INCLUDED FREE!
So is Life's BOUNTY.
Only humans sell it back and forth, maximizing profits, of course.
(Is that like 'ethical' GREED?)
 They told me everyone won't experience the KIND of six month moment I had for EONS, and it won't be just a few months. Interacting with Nature will be a way of life. Imagine how THAT made me feel, but a voice told me, the slow way IS the best.
INDIVIDUALS can experience some of that NOW, and have in the past. Reach out with YOUR HEARTS and create it! You ARE anyway you know!

Dave Co * Star, November 2, 1999
Would you like to know where I'm "coming from"?
I DO force you to CHOOSE, don't I?
Are we psychic or psychotic?
And Honeys, I CAN talk the talk, cause I HAVE walked the walk, and seen what WE'VE seen.
But so have YOU, you closet psychics!
Eight hundred years ago, a gentle man saw that 'SPIRIT' spoke through nature and the emotions, and senses that science doesn't believe possible.
HE,  (Francis of Assisi), recognized what the psychiatric Profession wants to label as psychosis:
Our WHOLE Universe is conscious and alive and CAN respond to JUST YOU, if you LET it. We dismiss the very occurences that prove this as ACCIDENTAL coincidences. They aren't ACCIDENTS, dearies, as these TRUE incidents in our lives demonstrate! They CAN be put together quite differently. Unfortunately for him, Francis also believed the body was an enemy. He got what he believed. Read histories of him and you will read of how often he was ill.
Unfortunately for us, mankind still believes that WE are the only conscious entities around, the only intelligent species.  What arrogance.

And you MUST realize, it was MY individuality that got me here, WHY would I want to change? Change is the only permanent state, but I'm no ascetic saint, and KNOW that isn't NECESSARY! Appreciating the psychic/emotional/physical sexual sharing is appreciating what PART of Nature IS.
Purity of intent is about LOVING motivation, not behavior. Sex ALWAYS foils religions! Read Frank Herbert's Dune series. He states that quite eloquently in his stories. You know, Kenny and I have a hand language, just like that couple in one of those books. We don't use signals, but sense the response, (emotional fluctuations), relating to what's going on, while we hold hands. Saw a report on TV that touch actually delivers a chemical from one person to the other. Science agrees with me, for a change!
But I digress!

I didn't do ANYTHING, but paid attention all my life. The FIRST thing those disembodied voices in my head/heart said is, and I QUOTE VERBATIM, "Dave we're going to teach you to ignore".
I asked them "Why"?
They said,"We're going to edit the past, and YOU get to see a magic show."
My universe (and that includes you creative folks out there!) then turned it's attention on ME, and wowed me to the max, folks, sans religion.
But NOT without emotion.
And NOT without true magic: SUPPOSEDLY impossible changes in nature.
It's IN the emotions. I suspect  Emotions ARE our psychic 'powers'.


A few Musings...(watch out!)

'Tonight my friends,
I find that being gay,
(it was black, and thank YOU folks for paving the way!)
a thing of beauty.
A Joy,
A Strength
A secret cup of gladness.
A native land in neither time nor place,
a native land in every gay man's face,
Be loyal to your Self!

Farewell, my Heartfelt gay brothers,
Be brave,
Keep freedom in the family,
and do what you can for the straight folks!

Now may the Constitution of the United States go with you,
The Declaration of Independence stand by you,
The  Bill of  Rights protect you,
and may

-A Slight rephrasing of a song from PURLIE.


For the "media":

There is NO such thing as objectivity, dears! You're the very proof of that!
You pride yourselves on presenting facts without subjective interpretation in your news. Almost EVERY article I've read about Mathew Shepard states he was 'beaten and tied to a fence, and left to die'. Only two articles I read had it right: he was tied to the fence FIRST, and then beaten. THOSE bigots didn't want to give him a chance to fight back, but MOST of the media gave it a less intense spin, by reversing the sequence of events. And you call that ACCURATE reporting?

To those few who were nice, thanks!

And gosh, can't I shut up?

For Mr. Giuliani in New York:
Hmmm... Throwing shit on catholicism's  "Mother Earth"?
Artistically appropriate statement about pollution, don't you think?
YOU got sidetracked by the use of religious symbols.

You're not alone!
Like religions based on poorly interpreting their own PSYCHIC abilities. They have NO higher moral authority than I do! Those who refuse sex as 'base',(as aside from those who choose celibacy to concentrate on other facets of Life), slap the spirit in the face every time they insist nature is NOT worthy. It shows...look at our atmosphere. We don't live ON an organism, we are part of that organism. THAT SINGLE ORGANISM comprises the WHOLE physical creation, AND ALL THAT IS behind the creation of physicality. I am one cell of that organism. That's what the exploding battery "told" me. Not one GOD, but one organism. A PSYCHIC organism. I suggest that morality is people using their god-explanation of what happens to control people while ETHICS is what you can live with having done. I prefer ethics. Why don't we treat nature ethically? We foul our own home. No miracle will clean it up, only 'elbow grease'. And someone of importance, please tell those fools in the Middle East they're fighting over whose delusion is truth. NO ONE OWNS  land, it is its own entity. We ALL must learn to share.

Dave Co*Star, November 3rd, Happily Subjective!
That's it for this now, folks! Santa gave us a Dremel tool, so we've got better things to do!
'That's how dreams are made, by DOING THEM'! Yes, we watched CinderElmo last night...GREAT Song! D. C*S, December 7th, 1999.
And a note for Sethians: HOW did I 'land this gig'?
Don't know, mzybe I'm just a token faggot gettin' his, but this might help:

 When Mother Theresa and Princess Di died, and the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS 'SAT UP' so-to speak, I was first reported to the doctors cause I said out loud in Kenny's presence, "If you want MY help, better do it now!" He wanted to know WHO I was talking to. He had been noticing my 'distractedness' for about a month. I realize in retropsect, that Seth and Jane were waiting for ME to actually SAY something out loud. Kenny had to go to the doctors with something more than distractedness. That is not so unusual for me! I know how to tune all sounds out, when I'm concentrating.

Desire equals ACTION, they had told me, when during our first psychic conversation I asked them if I'd have to do anything I didn't want to do. I knew then who they were, he on the left, she on the right. I already knew Seth..it was he who showed me my next family, meaning my present family.  Seth said he wouldn't talk THROUGH anyone else. He didn't say he wouldn't talk TO someone. Jane said I'd get it right, meaning I suspect, that I would understand it AS enlightenment rather than psychosis. Understand, my personality didn't change one iota. I'm no expert on anything but ME. So many think them aliens...and those voices were as crystal clear as hearing in waking life. Neat abilities those personalities have! And before this, I'd only heard my name called several times in my life. Always ended up just looking around. My experience in 1997 was THEM explaining to me and others observing, the psychic interelatedness of what was happening around me.  I can't DO tricks,  but I do see when they happen. I'm satisfied with that.
ANYONE calling that psychosis is once again, underestimating what is possible.
 They are MAAAAAAVVVELOUS teachers, no?!
And Seth did say JANE was collecting that library of human experience. Can't depend on the psychyatrists to get it right. They see only illness, not ENLIGHTENMENT THAT INCLUDED MIRACLES. So sorry for them.
SOMEBODY had to tell you, dearies! Kenny wouldn't have told you, and so it was up to me.
The decision was easy. When life gives ME an experience like this, I show and tell.
THEY knocked on MY 'door' after all.


It's a true story, It's OUR true story! Get one of your own!
I FOR ONE, am NOT going to say we are magical and YOU are not.
That's what religions do.
And why stop this?
I enjoy recognizing psychic occurrences and delight in them!
Writing them down is not my cup of tea.

Kenny and I are getting into things that we can recognize, but can't quite explain. The other day, Kenny found a name badge on the street for Jason, whoever Jason is. He said Jason and I thought "Robards". He paused, turned to me and said, "RHUBARB?" The hard part to describe is the moment before, where we both looked at one another and didn't say a word, but KNEW WE FELT something was coming up.
We have fun! Get your own understanding, dears.
It HAS to be that way. YOU know YOURSELF.
It will be expressed in YOUR symbols. Symbols? Read the hallucinations page...my symbols ( I should say OURS) are Gay Love on a candy Heart, hardly religious, you see.
Religious people get religious miracles. I prefer secular psychicness! WE get MORE miracles that way!
(Pay attention to your feelings; they aren't JUST chemical balances in the brain. You're getting miracles, meaning using your psychicness, whether you are aware of it or not. We are becoming aware of what society DIDN'T teach us. As 'new' knowledge, I understand, it's just my way of putting things. Others put them other ways, and have been for eons. EXPERIENCE is different than explaining. Seth explained for us all. We're sharing our experiences. I know when I interpret and when I report; I've tried to make that evident, and yes, I'm subjecting you to my preachiness...)

Commercials educate while selling;
("Where miracles masquerade as everyday life", indeed, KRON! BINGO TO YOU!
That's EXACTLY what it is: unrecognized (and therefore unappreciated!)  magic.)
Childrens' programs teach desire equals action, in song;
BINGO to the co-creators of CinderElmo!
People educate that welfare of workers is UN-important to the WTO:
BINGO to those who don't sit still and let others lord over helpless others!

Prove it to yourself!
SEE it for yourself!
Just BE yourself!
"It's the only way to fly!"
-TV commercial

Works for US!

Dave and Kenny Co * Star, December, 1999

Pay attention to your life! It's ALREADY  magical!

"Got a dream, Boy? Got a song? Paint your wagon, and come along!"

Can I really STOP?

Again, one too good to pass up!
SoÖIím about to call a fifteen year friend to have him come on over. I pick up the phone to call him, forgetting Iím online, so I have to disconnect.
Not seconds later, the phone rings! Itís Steve, our friend. We tell him we were just going to call him, and he says that he had called his friends, Al and Chris, and THEY had just been thinking of calling him.

Merry Millenium!
Dave and Kenny Co*Star
December 30, 10000
(Typos are fun!)
And YES, I can stop. I'm starting to repeat myself!
I've achieved MY purpose here, anyway.
NO proof suffices for those who WANT to disbelieve, and no proof is necessary for those who do: the proof surrounds us and nutures us.
FAITH was invented by religions so you'd believe their POOR explanations and stop searching. They sell you innacuracies, too. That "Love of God" was simply LOVE, welling through after being denied so long: You can ONLY love 'god' in religious life, so when they felt intense LOVE, they thought it 'god's'. It's their own emotional heritage, being interpreted by a system that thinks the natural and divine are two separate things.

But two PEOPLE loving is no less SACRED AND UPLIFTING.
("A FEELING deep in your soul, says you are HALF now your whole" -People, From FUNNY GIRL)

FEEL it instead of using your brains to DIS-PROVE it.
The REALITY is so much more than ANY religions can promise.
I KNOW. I've 'been there'! Again and again! LIFE AFTER LIFE WITH KENNY COWAN!
That's what THEY told me, so later I notice that the Author of "LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE picked up on that...her next story was about two people meeting up for the fourteen thousandth incarnation!
Diefying your own psychicness...THAT'S what creates messiahs and anti-messiahs.
And then calling others intrinsically disordered with YOUR MISUNDERSTOOD PSYCHIC tradition as the justification.

2500  gods of humanity, (title of book I IMPULSIVELY glanced at), to explain/disguise your OWN nature!
For example: Mary has a psychic experience about her psychic son.
CENTURIES later, they decided it MUST HAVE BEEN a virgin birth.
Now, Science wants to 'disprove' it was parthenogenisis.

It was a birth like any other, and that is magical enough.
It's the PSYCHICNESS that was turned into a religion.

And then unfettered psychics were called heretics!

But guess what? It provided some lessons on the way.
And you can thank one person, Jean Baptiste De La Salle, for the very fact that you receive an education. No, I wasn't him.
Time to grow up and stop calling psychics either sons of gods or daughters (that's for Jane!) and sons of schizophrenia.
We're JUST AWARE of our psychicness. And society's blind spot:
but you don't KNOW it, Blanche!

"My analyst told me, I was right out of my head, I said doctor, I think that it's you instead, cause we've got a thing that's (NOT) so unique and new, it proves that we got the last laugh on you, cause instead of one heart,
We used TWO.
And you KNOW,
Two Hearts are better than one!"
-TWISTED, slightly untwisted.

Well, I DID have a precognitive dream at three years old...Also from Twisted:
"What's so strange when you know you're a wizard at three?
I said, 'Baby, this is it for me!'"
I've just reported what my universe did and does FOR me. Those looking for a wizard to wake up in his home town are interpreting Cayce's psychic perception through a one life belief system.  (my  biggest clue as to what Cayce meant. And no, I can only give clues, I am bound by my own promise as a youth not to reveal what was the final puzzle piece in Nature's display, that told me who I was from that when. Psychicness is not bound by the confines of time. Past psychics didn't TELL the future, they picked up on it and interpreted it through THEIR belief system. That many headed beast could very accurately be describing TV!
LIFE GAVE ME this EXPERIENCE so that I would see that, as THEY told me, this was my age. I helped you once in this way before in this millenium, I've helped once again. I help by making the old, new again. I'm TRANSLATING, jsut like they told me I would at the hospital.
THIS experience showed me how wonderful a life it really is, and how far humanity has to go:
"All roads lead ... to star's end." -Isaac Asimov.
I add, and beyond!
The age of Pisces is over, and the age of Aquarius is beginning. "Let the Sunshine In!" -Hair
Kenny's the Aquarian. You better watch out...he doesn't take 'moral authority' shit from anyone. Here's a gift from HIM:
"The HEART is an instrument we ALL must learn to play"
Numbers don't lie. TOO MANY coincidences is no coincidence at all.
("There are NO accidents!" -Seth)
Life IS psychically magical, whether you BELIEVE that or NOT!
Two VERY LOVING FAGGOTS were SHOWN this by life itself.
And given miracles to confirm their co-experience.

WE don't NEED your validation, dears.  I'm rubbing society's own stupidities in your face, and I know that. And we BOTH know you have to see through your OWN false assumptions, before you can see a BETTER understanding.
LIFE gives us all the validation we could want.
And BETTER validation than you possibly could!

And when the Morning Sun shows it's CONSCIOUS face, I blow it a kiss,
in thanks for showing me that intense 'uplift' I felt was me, communing with the sun, the Artful Dodger.
(Anthropormorphism is a word invented by people who belittle their environment. A supreme being may not be directing Nature, but that doesn't ,mean it isn't conscious AND INTERACTIVE WITH US. WE are 'in tune' with nature and ourselves.  "Creating your reality" is ALSO creating your own understanding.)

 "I am what I am,
I am my own special creation.
So come take a look, give me the hook, or the ovation.
Itís MY world that I want to have a little pride in,
My world, and itís not a place I have to hide in.
Lifeís not worth a damn, till you can say,
Hey World,
-La Cage Aux Folles

You got THAT right!
Iím the luckiest man IN THE UNIVERSE, cause LIFE gave Kenny and I a
MAGNIFICANT ANNIVERSARY PRESENT, and weíre not even married!

"I walk on the stars, when you are on my arm."
-La Cage Aux Folles

You got that right, too!
The 'words of wisdom' are all there, in our SONGS!

"Ain't this my sun, ain't this my moon, ain't this MY WORLD to be who I choose?
OOOOH, don't let me start Loving myself!"
(You pick 'em divinely, Miss M!)

Here's the MOST magical WORDS I've come across:
"When I feel beautiful, elegant, glamorous, the WORLD that I'm looking at  IS BEAUTIFUL TOO!"
-La Cage Aux Folles
And the best
ADVICE I've come across?

"Love the one you're with!"
-Stephen Stills.
(It took so long to credit that quote cause I'm lazy. Once again, I turned on the tv at an odd hour to see the quote flashing by on the screen. Don't tell me it's  just a coincidence that I decided to ignore my usual precautions about waking Kenny, and turned on late night TV.)

And Isaac Asimov was ONE of this ages prophets.
His final FOUNDATION story was about two psychics, NOT-SO-CO-incidentally!

Like Bernadette Peters wearing a crystal globe in the video of Stephen Sondheim's INTO THE WOODS!
She could have chosen ANYTHING else to wear, but she chose the SAME TYPE of crystal that changed in our home, without technology we can understand, nor understanding on her part as to the confirmation it would be to MY experience. THEY told me that Stephen Sondheim is a counterpart of mine. As to the crystal changing, Myself, I intellectualize  that it was the free will of the crystal, finally being released from ITS voluntary conformity to our beliefs. But that's trying to figure out the HOW.
Psychicness is what allows us to perceive those spinning atoms as solid earth.
Wanna FIGURE that out? Good luck!
That's why science doesn't BELIEVE in psychicness, officially. If they can't replicate it, they just don't CREDIT it.
May they all have overnight healings on their legs!

I have a suggestion to leave you with.
There is no such thing as absolute truth,
but there IS such a thing as being absolutely HONEST.
WE have been.
That's OUR wizardry, and a powerful one it is, second ONLY to LOVE.

"So hold this moment fast, and Live and Love as hard as you know how.
And make this moment last, because the best of times is NOW."
-La Cage Aux Folles

Dave and Kenny, cruising along life's highway, appreciating it's delightfulness...
Doing it ( the PSYCHIC thing!) for your entertainment and enlightenment, in real time!
FREE of charge!
(We prefer to minimize cost rather than maximize profits!)
Value fullfillment = pursuit of happiness!
And Love and psychicness go hand in hand.
We sing and dance around OUR Home all the time....don't YOU?

"You ought to be dancing!" -George M. Cohan
From the bottomlessness of 0ur Hearts, we thank you, Dearest Sounder, for the gift that is your Expression of  Love.
Sounder's impulse to walk and meow where and when she willed was the SAME kind of impulse that got me to look at the TV at just that precise moment. Neither of us KNEW ahead of time, WHAT we were going to do, nor how it would fit into the whole.
But our IMPULSES did.
That's value fulfillment, too.
Added February 26,2001 -So I guess ShyLo wanted into 'the act' tooo! As I was reading  the above paragraph about Sounder, My computer went to sleep.
YES! It was SHYLO stepping on the sleep button! First time she's stepped there. Sounder stepped there once, almost two years ago. And I'm supposed to turn a blind eye to that?

It's all made of Love, as far as I'm concerned,
just like in that commercial!
And death is that rejuvination process we long to create through technology. I KNOW. I've been dead before, and remember SEEING  my next family. I was shown OUR psychic offspring's next family while living THIS time. Why wait till your dead? They used TV to show it to me, dears, but you'll get no details from me. (Less for you to pick apart and ANALEYES! ...Mispelling intentional. PAST psychics saw a coordinated display of NATURE. I was treated to that as well as Media and local events coordinating. It was a FANTASTIC display of what COULD be done.
Just like in that Volkswagon Jetta commercial set in New Orleans. The movements and sounds outside the car match the beat of the radio in the car. 'What was that?', they ask.

"Sometimes, things really DO come together" the announcer responds.
That device is used in one of my favorite musicals also, the opening scene of Hello Dolly!
That device is used by LIFE as well!

Throw in hallucinations that you KNOW are hallucinations, (HOW did I know the difference, when it is ALL 'hallucinating spinning atoms into what WE perceive them as, through the five 'known'  senses'?!), and you have a real life magic show, JUST as they told me I would get! I trust Jane and Seth more than YOUR doubt. You'll eventually realize I got the prize of all prizes, being one of many used in the waking state for an experiment in psychicness and simultaneous time.  The Psychiatric profession told Kenny in 97 that twenty to thirty people were going through this each week here. Lucky us! And no, I'll never TELL all, dears. Don't need to. And that "not telling" I owe (and much more)  to Jane and Seth, and THAT'S why I've told it like it is to me, in my own words. YOU have to figure it out for yourself! It will be expressed in symbols that mean something to YOU; Religious people get religious miracles..stigmatas for instance. I got GAY LOVE on a candy Heart, cause that is the way my honey proposed to me. I got a healing on my leg in the doctors' demense just so they would leave me alone, and for Kenny's healing of his belief in ME.
We both got a crystal changing in our home.
If society has to call what I went through psychosis so as not to be WHATEVER. so be it, I just won't get credit...from society, that is...Life credits us plenty!
And I'll tell YOU when you ALWAYS listen to those voices...0n your deathbed, dearies, on your deathbed. I've been THERE before too.
Your individuality is NOT lost.
That's the PURPOSE of seeing it individually, after all.
Straight and narrow my ass!
It's a wide and glorious path.
You EACH get to choose your OWN path.
You get to choose your own INTERPRETATION as well!
CREATE a nice one!
And for those who fear life, try trusting it instead...it's what gives children their special innocence, and me, mine, not to mention it's a lot easier! ("All I trust, I lead my heart too." From The Sound Of Music.)

'Babes in Toyland', we remain...
Dave and Kenny Co * Star, March Seventh, 2000
"I respect the Sun!" From a commercial for Shell.
I appreciate the Sun, too! Thanks for the independent confirmation!
(That commercial appeared as I added the part above about blowing kisses to the sun. I saw it AFTER I put that up.)
Listen to yourselves!

April 18, 2000

So yesterday Kenny is talking about going online. He exclaims, "Hey!" and I look over.
From his own mouth,
"I went to go online, and didn't even TOUCH the cursor, and the computer started to connect!"

NORMALLY it takes two clicks followed by a wait for the window, followed by one click.
I look at him, BIG grin naturally, and playfully slap his shoulder, saying, "You stop that!",

Don't dumb down your life dearies, it is quite magical without the cute special effects WE get.
The PROPER glitch at the PROPER time is no glitch at all.
(They do cheer our hearts!)

Kenny was born in 1967 by the way.

Dave Co*Star, May  28, 2000

A person named Locke said that 'experience is the source of knowledge'. No, I haven't read him, I read a book by Gregory Benford, and he educated me about Locke.
Don't call MY experiences pathological, psychiatry, cause you'd be calling my environment pathological.
IT does things it 'shouldn't', and I tell about them.
And understand, it doesn't DO MY BIDDING!  That's what we all want from psychicness, stuff like telekinesis, you know, that beer to float from the fridge to our hand! It doesn't SEEM to work that way, but it doesn't SEEM to work the way SOCIETY says it SHOULD, either.
It works BETTER!

Iím on vacation (my way of approaching being on disability...makes it less stressful than being chronically ill!), for the rest of this life, and anyone whoís on vacation that doesnít do as they please is wasting that vacation. Kenny and I have filed grievances with the proper authorities and will be seeing the patient rights advocates to tell our story, so they understand more how much patients DO need protecting. They donít do this to people who believe in virgin births, or intrinsic disorderliness, or speaking in tongues; but believe in your own psychicness, and wham, youíre automatically psychotic, no proof required.
Mind you, not one psychiatrist SAID that to me, but I AM educated and know how they would SEE it.
The psychiatrists only kept expressing Ďconcerní and left it to me to decide Ďconcern for whatí.

Only ONE person ever got more specific, Ed, who was afraid I'd "shoot through".
One year later, we went to AHP and lodged our complaint, and asked about that phrase...what it meant. We also asked why he lied on the form about me. I refused to sign the form, saying Kenny could be their client, but I wasn't sick and didn't need their help.
Ed wrote, on the form that I refused to sign for the above reason, "Patient unable to sign due to psychiatric illness." KENNY knows I refused.
A couple weeks after Joanna refused to continue a dialogue, I called AHP to ask for him. He was no longer associated with AHP. Draw your own conclusions.
Poor Ed. He at least MEANT well, and I know they were doing things they had been trained to do.
And why harass me?
I suppose it was because I had been speaking metaphysically to Kenny and getting VERY excited and HAPPY. AT THAT TIME, they knew nothing about Seth and Janeís psychic voices in my heart.
The psychiatrists would never have been involved if my primary care physician hadnít ILLEGALLY breached my confidentiality to my dear Love, Kenny. I tell Kenny if it werenít for him, weíd be worse off. Me going through that without proof to HIM that I wasnít nuts. Kenny knows, and heís the ONLY one that matters to me. Heís becoming MUCH more aware of his OWN psychicness, but thatís because I can NOW speak of it without him getting worried, and calling in the mental police. Heís knows what I went through was TRUE. He's experiencing it now!
HE'S starting to spot the magic! No, I won't get worried and call in the mental police!

Now the psychiatric profession is adding a new diagnosis: the person doesnít KNOW theyíre ill.
Like me for instance! My belief that those voices were real incriminates me.
The church didn't believe Joan's voices were real, and the psychiatric profession believes anyone hearing voices in their head is ill, never mind that my behavior didn't fit the psychotic profile, EXCEPT in the belief area. Seems we need to separate church and psychiatry.

When Behavioral Scientists harass you when you AREN'T sick, just for your BELIEFS, they, not I, have lost their sensibilities. They WANTED me to hit bottom.
They TRIED with all the subtle deviousness that they posess to get me to display bad BEHAVIOR, so they would be justified in locking me up. I was the sweetest faggot you could imagine during that time.
I was me.
I'm very nice until pushed into a corner.
There is no one group or person alive that has the right to dictate what constitutes normal.
It takes ALL OF NATURE, THROUGHOUT ALL TIMES, to show what defines NATURE. Pretty varied, wouldn't you say?
I was cognizant of myself and everyone else around me during that experience, that suffices to show I was aware.

EXCUUUUSE us for living, as Steve Martin said. What all spiritual people seem to be searching for are altered states of consciousness.
You can have Ďhigher consciousnessí. MY consciousness is quite fine as it is. I just have an intimate and personal PSYCHIC relationship with Nature and Kenny!
If thatís psychosis, blame NATURE, not me.
Iím telling what actually happens. MY universe responds individually to ME.

And if I kept track of all the magical things that happen, I wouldnít be on vacation.

They're 'little' things. I get up and do something Kenny was at the same time thinking of doing, stuff like that. Kenny PROVED it to me, after all, just in his actions and openness.
Nothing better than looking at life through the glasses of Loving Intamacy, is there?

Thatís your homework assignmentÖsee the magic yourself, in YOUR life, from your NORMAL state of consciousness.
Itís a different APPROACH, not a different state.

Yes, Life IS trying to teach us to handle our own magic.

And lest you get too excited for me, I told Kenny last night that I must be the only human who feels embarrassed to have had a healing. (I had to explain to my dentist why my ex primary care physician wrote that I had a history of psychiatric illness on a form...I have NEVER been diagnosed with ANY psychiatric illness by ANY psychiatric doctor or institute...In our final visit with psychiatrist, Dr. Olden, he pointedly told Kenny and I they didn't know what I had gone through...but my PCP does, though untrained in psychiatry. He's the same doctor that illegally spoke to Kenny about me, behind my back...tends to overstep his mental ability as well as his legal authority...we've added another grievance to his list!)
I seldom talk about the experience or the healing to anyoneÖitís Ďdistasteful conversationí.
Occult stuffÖnot connected to reality.

Real life to US.

Medical profession, shame on you.
WE caught YOU doing illegal, HURTFUL things.
As I told my Ex PCP, thanks for teaching me the doctor you distrust is less harmful than the doctor you do trust.
This was the very FIRST intimation that he didn't believe me when I told him I was having a psychic awakening two years ago, since he backtracked on his Biaxin suggestion...AFTER my body produced a pustule reaction on my face due to his pulling the drug and not replacing it.  Kenny and I have even discussed the healing with him, how hypocritical of him to NOW say I had a psychiatric illness when no psychiatrist ever said that.

I have the RIGHT to speak and BE the way I am.
I hurt no one.
I have the right to my own interpretation of what happens, as well.
And don't label US, unless YOU can prove what you say.
And not opinion-defined-jargon proof, SCIENTIFIC proof!
Psychiatry, you are more like religion, than science.
When beliefs become symptoms of illness, you are appointing yourself the grand arbiters of experience, just like religions do.

I spoke to a lawyer from the aids legal referral panel, as I wanted to know HOW a general practitioner  could state opinion as fact, and if I had legal recourse. She told me they can interpret any thing, any way they want, and that no legal recourse exists...just change doctors. Then, when I told her that psychiatry seemed more like a religion than science, she responded, "Dave, I've had people say many silly things to me, but that one I agree with."

The infallible cult of Freud.

If you're aware of your psychiness, watch out for them, they're nastier than religions, cause they don't call it heretical, they call it illness; just because they don't understand...it MUST be ALL delusion...then they tell your lover to LEAVE, after he promised to stay in sickness and in health to me, JUST to "get me to hit bottom".  I didn't. I experienced  a healing instead.
No proof of psychosis necessary, even if you're a general practitioner without psychiatric training. And SOME psychiatrists, ignore evidence that doesn't fit their theory, even though it happens in THEIR clinical setting, and both KENNY AND I point it out to them.


Let me tell you a little story about that. A True story, naturally, since everything here happened the way I say it did. I realize interpretations are another matter, and hence this story.
After things had calmed down, in other words, after I had the healing on my leg in Langley Porter Hospital, Langley Porter referred me to Dr. Olden.
The first thing Dr. Olden asked, was if we were okay with no diagnosis for what I had gone through. I said that would be fine, since it implies they don't know what the hell I went through. Then he asked me how I was doing.
I said,"Well, with my honey back home where he belongs, and a healing on my leg, I'd say I'm doing great!"
His REPLY was, "Well, I wouldn't go that far."

Now let's stop and take a look at that statement.
Something obviously DID happen that he was aware of, otherwise he would have asked what I meant by saying I had a healing. He said instead, that He wouldn't got that far as to say I had a healing, or was doing great, whichever. He KNEW about it in other words, but was warning me not to go that far in descriptive terms.
We've never requested the records from Langley Porter for not only the above reason, but the plain simple truth is that I don't NEED their proof, YOU do, and no one has asked for them! I'm the type that if you can't take MY word for it, well, screw you, too. No one can disprove it, and Kenny and Seth and Jane know I'm telling the truth. There IS a paper trail of the wound all the way  up until my last visit to Langley Porter. And furthermore, and I can't stress this too strongly: Kenny Cowan's ADDITIONAL word should be proof enough for anyone. He's witnessed, too. And if you think we're LYING or DELUDED, you have no truthsense! Develop truthsense by always TELLING the truth, dears. It's MUCH easier than lying.

I relay this to show you they will OMIT evidence. Lies of Omission, I seem to recall, are still lies.

What did I do? I dismissed him!
They are not that important to US.
I'm not particularly proud that I had to have a healing to get them off my back. I should have been able to accomplish that on my own. I couldn't.
And psychiatry, if you can't FACE all the evidence, you really have no justification for calling yourselves scientists.

I'll take "interesting times" any day! My definition of innocence is the ability to wake up and be
Try it, You'll LIKE it!
And next time you meet a psychiatrist, for yourselves, start babbling about psychicness.
It drives them 'nuts'!
Talk about reincarnation and you'll have them chomping at the bits to fix you up, good as NORMAL!

Bring psychiatrists down a peg or two...they know they don't know it all, but they BELIEVE they know BEST.
Just like religions.

Our EXPERIENCES say otherwise.
Psychiatry, as I told Dr. Olden when I dismissed him, is like a dog chasing it's own tail, except the dog's having fun. You were no fun at all, and it pleases me no end that I have since CORRUPTED my honey SO MUCH, that he too knows he is psychotic, er...PSYCHIC!
Psychiatry, why do YOU fear psychicness so much? You were concerned about SOMETHING, that's for sure, but NOT for me.
'Being' psychic's a lot of fun, if people don't harass or label you for it.
Think my mother didn't teach me, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."?
 Dave Co*Star, June 29th, 2000

Hey! How about that! The American Society of Pediatrics CHANGE the guidelines for intersexuals!
I've got some COMMENTS! Dr. Christopher Cunniff states,
"`people don't have a frame of reference,
              or they say things they shouldn't out of
               discomfort. Here, we're trying to give
               people a vocabulary.''

NATURALLY, I have some suggestions. In light of Dr. Cuniff's admonition, I suggest we use Evolution as a frame of reference and STOP seeing intersexuals as DISORDERED. It's the last word of the article!
"-- Many questions remain as to the
               long-term psychological and physical
               aspects of treatment. Conflicts may arise
               in some individuals between their
               psychosexual orientation and their genital
               appearance and function. Such problems
               should be handled by mental health
               professionals experienced in intersex
Wipe that word from your vocabulary, humanity!
Personally I wouldn't trust the development of my self esteem to people who think I have a DISORDER, just because I'm DIFFERENT!
ESPECIALLY people who think emotions are products of chemical interactions in the brain.
They got that one ass backwards, too!

INTERSEXUALS are on the forefront, expressions of what is FACT: we aren't FINISHED EVOLVING!
Evolution dosesn't stop, but understand, as Seth said, we recreate physicality in moments too fast to  notice.
Balanced opposites. The truth does not lie between, but encompasses both.
And please note, it was pediatricians who saw the inhumaneness of what psychiatry had been doing for years. Why? Cause intersexuals challenged them!
And such timing! The article came out on the Fourth of July. How appropriate!
Dave Co * Star

This page is WHY I believe in magic. And you get what you believe. I even got my wish about intersexuals that I stated only a couple years ago!
Tells ME it's time to say goodbye!
Psychiatry, when you can EXPLAIN even the FIRST entry on this page about impulses, you still won't have the right to judge ME. I judge myself an accurate reporter of events, and that's all it takes.
Belittle your selves if you want, but don't belittle me or Nature.

Did you have a nice read, Brown and Toland Medical Group?
How about you, Health-Net?

Believe me, it was MY pleasure!
Did you ENJOY paying close to fifteen thousand dollars trying to convince me I'm sick, NOT psychic?
Let's see, fifteen thousand times twenty people a week.
And that was just San Francisco that those twenty a week were occurring.
WHO pays for this?
YOU DO, in higher insurance premiums. Cooperating with them didn't cost me a penny.

What a scam.
No wonder my ex-PCP chose to say in print what he doesn't have the nerve to say to my face:
HIS name authorizes every bill!

Now go read Ms. Shirley MacLaine's latest book, The Camino. It's a real eye-opener!
Ever wonder where the Adam and Eve story came from? She has told us. She also tells of Lemuria.
Take her with a grain of salt though...she's all wrapped up in explaining things using polarized concepts like sin and salvation, and the natural vs. the divine. I know WHY people prefer to think there is a separation. THAT WAY, when THEY experience their own psychicness, they think they've been touched by GOD, rather than just experiencing a fuller version OF NATURE!

I learned in scripture class that the great flood is a story predating Jewish culture, and now we find out so is the Adam and Eve story. Seems religions just change stories, FOR THEIR OWN HUMAN PURPOSES,  not create them. Individual HUMANS do the experiencing. Some call it psychicness, some call it God pulling strings, some call it disease.
No wonder churches like their psychics long dead.
They don't even SEE them AS psychics.

(We had Ms. MacLaine sign her book! I USUALLY wait for the paperback, but paid for the hardcover just to meet her, cause I knew it was the only way I'd be able to tell her anything. She IS a star, after all.)
She wrote 'Love to Kenny and Dave'!
We'll cherish it along with Whoopi's, as well as the very first video I ever bought, "Sweet Charity". It was Ms. MacLaine's portrayal of Charity that taught ME to "Live HOPEFULLY ever after"! The best advice comes out of Hollywood sometimes, when it doesn't sound like advice! Incidentally, she's one of only a few that I've told who I was in one of my past lives. And I'm sure Kenny and I did 'blow her away', in the best sense of the word. You see, life presents me with the opportunities I WANT, but I did have to take the steps..

And boy, without 'going' anywhere, did I land in a 'pot of jam'!
 The hurdles we set up for ourselves are the ONLY things preventing us from experiencing Heaven on Earth, NOW. Life could be more FUN.
One comment more. Ms. MacLaine is not ready to give up her god centered understanding. "The absence of evidence is not the same as the evidence of absence.", she ends her book with. WHAT absence of evidence are you referring to,  Ms. MacLaine?  The evidence we ALL LIVE, every single day. To rephrase YOU, just because all the evidence doesn't point to god, doesn't mean it's not evidence. It means GOD doesn't work as an explanation for everything. Just religions.
The PROOF is in the TIMING!
Cayce, Jane, Rob, Seth, Shirley, and MANY other psychics in a long list of people who know that psychicness is not so far away from reality as most think. All of them contributed to MY magic show, and many others, the writers who write TV shows, not realizing a new spin will be put on it by me. What MORE proof do you need?
Nature provides the proof to those who believe. That is the lesson here.

Want proof? YOU have to bring it about!

WE are that 'creative intelligence' everyone prefers to mention these days.
WE are the Objects and Animals and the whole environment that surrounds us.
WE create it all. Not humans. The WE that creates humans as well as animals.
Our multidimensional self, not just our HUMAN selves.
Our non-physical selves that exist without form.
THE WHOLE COSMOS is FREE, and I look around and SOMETMES think the only thing humankind has learned to do well, is SELL.  I prefer the Dali Lama's suggestion:
"We must pay attention to the psychic internet that connects us and all of Nature."
Now that Star got the symbolism of the internet right!

WOW, what a magic show we're getting!
Guess I wasn't WRONG to ask Kenny if he wanted to see a magic show three years ago, Psychiatric unprofession.

YOU just didn't have PATIENCE!
But then, you're not interested in understanding, you ONLY wanted to SHORT-CIRCUIT THE EXPERIENCE.

And Life, thanks for the awakening party you threw me at that time. It's STILL going on!
What do I mean by awakening party? At the height of the experience, I was fooled into believing that YOU ALL WERE IN ON IT TOO! That you all KNEW what I was going through. I realized later you didn't, but it did prove that Nature IS conscious and aware of the individual. It proved it to ME, anyway, AND KENNY. Nature still behaves that way towards US, not just me.
"When you're smiling, when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you."
...Or wonders if you forgot to take your medicine that morning, or perhaps you took too much...for eveyone knows, there's nothing to smile about today...If that's what you believe that's what you get. I get smiles in return when I walk the streets!
'When you're psychic, when you're psychic, the whole world's psychic too'!
THAT was the experiment, SETHIANS! But understand, the ARTISTS that set things up for me to SEE were the ones DOING the experiment.
Me telling about it is NOT part of that experiment. That was my very own choice, the one I am most proud of, though it certainly condemns me with the psychiatric and religious industries.
INDUSTRIES, not professions.

I'll never forget these events.
Niether will the collective consciousness.

I'm NOT "holy", (pious),  but I do believe all nature is sacredly magical, since everyone likes TERMS!
I DO want you to know what kind of person Seth and Jane CHOSE to help. Society pays too much attention to FORM, rather than content.
( I figured you might be  wondering about that! I laughed when I saw an editorial on why newspapers don't print 'vulgarities', just the dashes that let you know what was said:
'By this we show it is inappropriate language in any situation.'
What bullshit! See it can be appropriate!!
I see it as truth in advertising! Wouldn't want to disillusion you about me!
I don't HAVE to 'watch my language" to get MIRACLES dears.
 We ARE stars in HUMAN form, dear, that's what Seth and Jane SHOWED me.
"Dave, in a few steps, the personality that people are expecting to appear, will appear over the Transamerica pyramid."
I slowed Kenny down and turned, the SUN was directly over the Transamerica pyramid.  You didn't TELL me, humanity, that the sun was AWARE.
Oh, you don't think it IS? You want a PERSON as your messiah? You want a SAVIOUR?
Humanity needs to just stop screwing itself and nature to "save" itself.

And the Sun IS conscious. The physical reality we SEE is made of consciousness, not molecules. The molecules are how our instruments VIEW consciousness. And the stars' light flows from each, in all directions, to criss cross the universe with ever expanding lines of light/consciousness, leading from each star out to infinity, and providing a backdrop that APPEARS as the passage of time.
That's how I see it anyway, and I consider the Morning Star my friend.

You and I owe nature our ABILTY to be physical. PRESERVE that, or everyone, not just HUMANS, suffer.

That's what the Christian TRANSFIGURAtION STORY is about. That's why both Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary and I have dreamed of being clothed in a suit of light.

Go ahead and justify your hypocritical taboos, newspapers, by pointing fingers at others and labeling THEM.
You're just doing what you NEED to to sell those newspapers to prudish people.  Send a copy to Salon. Com! I do what I do to retain my integrity! Don't you adults REMEMBER it is the first education in adult hypocrisy that you learned as a child; "I can say that, you can't"? It's when you are trained to accept human hypocrisy. That lesson was lost on me, that's for sure!)

And that psychic foundation mentioned by Isaac Asimov, Gaia, a VERY old concept, that the Three B's have continued exploring ALREADY exists and functions quite well! So well, in fact, we think it's either coincidence or someone is pulling our strings, directing the show. We call that MAN, god. Then we fight over our interpretations of an interpretation. Who's delusion of a supreme boss is more powerful? Silly us. We got trapped in our own MISunderstandings, and stopped searching for a better way of intellectualizing things, like that will be fully possible, with JUST the intellect.
I pay MORE attention to my emotions, and what happens AROUND me.
We've always experienced the reality, we stumble when we try to explain it. The Catholic Church will not accept that the Letter of Fatima was a psychic picking up on that simultaneous future. They will insist that THEIR god GAVE her that vision. She doesn't get the credit, THEIR god does. And what about the guy who shot the Pope, saying that stuff about Fatima INDEPENDENT and BEFORE the contents of that letter was revealed? A PSYCHIC display for our edification.
To the three B's I say, chaos is just a word for what we don't understand...YET. What APPEARS as chaos is so complex our lack of understanding MAKES it appear chaotic. Ask the politician that had that extra cup of coffee she never had, the day she was to meet with Mayor George Moscone. She's said to this day, she doesn't know what made her go against her usual inclination to stop with one cup.
She was choosing the path SHE wanted to take, so was not there when Supervisor Dan White showed up and killed Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk. She was to meet with Mayor Moscone after her coffee.
When you stop SEPARATING nature from the divine, nature is revealed as magical, cause you allow it to be.
NATURE is the magical environment that religions attribute to their particular god.
And then turn around and force down everyone else's throats.

We MAY inhabit the same universe, but it responds individually to each and every one.
Pretty amazing, and hardly accidental, wouldn't you say?

Some religious people would probably tell me my coincidences are given to me by some devil.
Science thinks the universe responds the same in every situation.
(I'm glad that collectively it does! Don't want that plane to fall out of the sky because of one person's fears, do we? Science operates on that assumption, and for them, that is good, they are dealing with technology. It shows science won't be able to explain everything, FROM their current stance.)
One of my longtime friends, (VERY religious), suggested that the experience was meant to tell me to DUMP KENNY, as if Kenny had nothing to do with it!!!
HE had EVERYTHING to do with it!

MAKE NO MISTAKE, it was Kenny and I,  LOVING one another that launched me into a different perspective.
Seth and Jane showed up to HELP me understand what I was going to go through.

("Because you're so sweet, you lift up my Heart, and I fall back again...and many the times, that you've enchanted me..."

The people we've told at the Catholic sponsored medicinal marijuana club here have no trouble believing Kenny and I.
Figures! They got a wish granted, too!
I just LOVE buying my medicine from the Catholic Church! I'm assured it's not a SIN! Grin!
(What? You don't think people who smoke pot DESERVE enlightenment?)
And of course we have our City issued medicinal marijuana cards! We do things by YOUR book, when appropriate, and let nature play as it wills! Yes, Nature has free will too. All creation is a cooperative adventure.

And don't worry, CC, as I told the guy who exclaimed, "that's a miracle!" when I told him of the healing on my leg, 'no, a miracle is when you pray to a saint to intercede with the big J, or the big J's Mama, to intercede with the Big G for something.'
That's why I call it psychic magic. They can keep their patent on 'authentic' god-given miracles.
I'll settle for the real, but not officially approved variety!
And you know, though I sometimes despise their stance of infallibillity, give past psychics a break, they did try. Past psychics of the church worked within the framework they were given. All psychics do. Seth gave psychics a NEW primer. NATURE is MY framework. A universe that 'favors' you CAN be explained by a god, but that is placing too much emphasis on the FORM of 'departures from usual reality' that religious people experience. I'd rather experience a healing than a stigmata, for sure!
I experience departures and it is CALLED by others delusional. Religious people experience hallucinations and they are called visions. I DO call them hallucinations, but refuse to condemn them delusional because of that. Purposeful hallucinations, they were. More than that, I don't  have the frame of refence to EXPLAIN to you.
It takes an entity like Seth to explain, but he wanted us to see we ALREADY experience WHAT he was talking about.

I've read a couple of articles recently stating that you can't believe what you read online. Both from a newspaper I read online.
 I wanted to write them and tell them that you can read the truth online, and choose to call it unbelievable, too.
I didn't bother. I've opened myself to enough ridicule, just by speaking up.
Society thinks inanimate matter isn't conscious.
It's not only conscious, it's AWARE.
MOST of you think it's just a dumb hunk of rock.
Most of you think that fly hitting you on the forehead was ACCIDENTAL.
(What were you thinking of when it decided NOT to avoid hitting you, as they easily do if they want to avoid you?)
Most of you think that person honking their horn had nothing to do with you.

(Kenny and I were talking the other day, about a horn honking outside as confirming what we had just said.
"Nature agrees", we think of it as.
I asked him, "How do you tell people that a car horn can honk at just the right..."
I FEEL that 'feeling that tells me to wait' and so I pause a moment,  and then say,
"... MOMENT",
as a car honks outside at exactly the moment I say, "moment".
We just both bust up laughing. Nature DOES prove it to us.)

Most of you think, (BELIEVE), that involuntary reflexes...like turning to look at something...are involuntary!

Most of you think the REST of  nature doesn't react to you as an individual, never mind reacting to YOUR thoughts!
Most of you don't BELIEVE that nature itself can communicate your past and future to you NOW.
Nature at it's essense is a communications medium. It is a living symbol. Otherwise spinning atoms wouldn't LOOK like solid matter. And LAWS of physics are just more beliefs, forced down our throats AS laws.
NATURE knows who I WAS, and NATURE communicated that to me, with timed sequences of events, some started many moons ago. That is the simultaneous nature of time, that Seth spoke of.
After all, the writers of shows write from their perspective, and it applies to my perspective YEARS later, but in a totally different way, because of something I choose to think of just before I subject myself to it. I'd tell you one couple that we were, but you wouldn't believe THAT, either, cause I'm hardly as good now as I was then, at what they did, so I'll tell you what 'TV' advised while confirming what I was thinking was true:
Just as I was thinking of that past life, the TV, showing a documentary, displays a picture one of the two people and 'says', "forget your past". Past knowledge and advice rolled into one, with me CHOOSING to turn on the TV at just that moment in the documentary, WHILE I had been WONDERING if Kenny and I really were those two from the past.
Not only that, the people making the documentary chose to show that picture at the time the singer was singing in the background, "...forget your past." Other pictures were floating by, but they put that one, THERE. THEY didn't neccessarily consciously know the conjunction would be with that part of the song, nor that it would be relevant to me, in a different context. They impulsively set up a sequence of pictures, chose a song, put them together, and to me, years later, it makes a different SENSE,
. because I chose to wonder and to act. That's WHY I say so little of what actually happened. You'd see it, but you'd be blind to the connections due to the seeming effort it would take to do on a conscious level. Hence, 'you see, but you are blind'! YOU, (society) would dismiss the above as impossibly coincidental, but hey, you think nature isn't that smart. I think forgetting the past and focusing on the present is excellent advice! I made mistakes in the past, and am trying not to repeat them. Pay attention to what NATURE does for me.
Listen to me well, honeys,
NATURE can do what it damn well pleases, and it doesn't care much about if you don't like that.
Consciousness can do what it wants. Nature doesn't abide by YOUR limitations, you just refuse to see the broader picture, so for YOU, it isn't THAT magical.
In an infinite universe, ANYTHING is possible.
But don't expect pollution to disappear like the wound on my leg.

Now I gotta go take those magical pills.
Jane's parting comment was, "Dave, take your pills, they're magical too!"
Practical Magic!
We've definitely gotten all WE wished for.

(Have you seen the Smint commercials? Are they showing them in YOUR neck of the woods?
"No Smint, no kiss" the title box reads,
as the male cop kisses the male motorist.
That's NOT a typo!!
What's SO funny is Kenny had to see it TWICE before he would tell me about them! -September, 2000)

"When you wish Upon a Star, makes no difference who you are, anything your Heart desires will come to you. If your Heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme, when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true." -Disney theme song

THANKS for teaching us that, LIFE. When you find words that can be taken figuratively AND literally, pay attention!
You've got a lot of unlearning to do, humanity.
"If your Heart is in your dreams", is MORE than just poetry.
It's the HOW!
And it doesn't take technology.
Or religion.
Or illness.

Meantime, clean up your mess.
(That's for the other intelligent, PSYCHIC, yet 'alien' species that inhabit the same home we do. )
"On a Clear Day, rise and look around you, and you'll SEE WHO YOU ARE."
Thar's MORE truth in them thar words from On A Clear Day, (You Can See Forever), than we acknowledge, collectively.

Dave and Kenny Co*Star,
WE our our final frontiers, not space. that's just next!

Did someone mention CONTENT?
Take a tour of Dave's and Kenny's other webworks!

All bragging rights reserved! © 1998-2001, Dave Co*Star, AKA Starkovich. Please note I didn't name drop until I was almost finished!
The 'proof' had to be in the pudding as far as I was concerned, BEFORE I'd tell you WHO they were. It was the FIRST thing the doctors wanted to know..."Who were 'they'?" I told them, "I didn't ask their names", and that was true. I didn't NEED to ask. They knew I knew, and I knew they knew I knew.
Jane told me, in response to something I said "Dave, you always do what is appropriate." Such flattery from a dead person! I loved it!
People in olden times spoke with spirits. Ms. MacLaine speaks with spirits. Why  can't I, Psychiatric un-profession?

WHY do you, who have NOT had the experience,  PREJUDGE  us who have?
And please note, I'm still free, and relishing my EXPERIENTIAL world view.

And for those of you who think I should be NICER about the whole thing...boy are YOU deluded...thinking you know better than me how I SHOULD be.
You're not considering my target audience!
WE played FAIR. The medical profession did NOT play fair. The rest of you just got to go for the ride!
FRIENDLY was the LAST thing I wanted to be here.

IN THEIR FACES is what I wanted! The lawyer I mentioned above, said writing about it was probably the best thing I could have done. I told her I already had.

Jane told me you'd never figure me out...
(If the shoe fits...)
And realize, they knew what I would END UP saying BEFORE they chose to help me.
But the message is from ME.
"True LOVE can be spoken from Heart to Heart, When Lovers are parted they say..."
-The Music Man
It can and it does.

Seth and Jane encouraged me by speaking directly to me.

Not to foget Life giving me a magic show, that is still continuing, though I stop recording events, like the time Kenny and I were out walking and four people who used to work together at the SF AIDS Foundation showed up on the same corner at the same time. Kenny used to work with them. We were very impressed by it all!

And Stephen R. Donaldson got it more right than most: "The LAND recognizes me!"
-From The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant: The Unbeliever.
Sun sage, indeed!
 Seth told us we got "help from the stars".
You thought perhaps he meant aliens? How about the stars, themselves?
If WE can project our consciousness, what makes you think stars can't?
They were here 'first!'. All life, even all MATTER,  may be projections of lightwaves, differentiated BY our perceptive stance. They told me it was all done with light and the presence I sensed was the sun itself. I DON'T know what they meant by "all"!
But I don't think you'll be able to accept that, because, of course, you know better.
WE are the only self aware animals? We're not aware of much, it seems.

Remember that Seth did that after death scenario where God and Allah became the sun.

As I told a new friend, who asked as she pointed to the sun in the background in a Painting of Thomas Kinkade's,
" what is there?"

The other day, (Jan, 2001), JUST as the sun peaked over the buildings and into our home, I said, "Hi Artful! Got any magic for us today?", and the announcer on tv answers with his next two words:
"...Magical Word..."

 That you do not credit nature itself with these capabilities shows YOUR stupidity, not mine, psychiatry.

And as the paper reported the words of Aldous Huxley this A.M., "Facts do not cease to
                exist because they are ignored." I ran into that by CHANCE! HA! (March, 2001- Speaking of chance, I signed up for a new email and got a three word, supposedly random, assignment. EACH word had something specifically to do with this site. I'd rather keep the email pasword than tell you the three words. One thing is sure: the gambling industry is glad YOU believe in randomness!)

And for the record, I've never read Seth and Jane's The Individual and Mass Events. I bought it yesterday and notice it talks about impulses and coincidences!
Never met an impulse of MINE, that I didn't like!

(My gosh! The "proof is in the pudding" has appeared twice now in the book! Thank you VERY MUCH, for that, Seth.)
What EXPERIENCES I've had! So FANTASTIC, some people have to label them psychosis and ignore pertinent occurences, like healings on legs, that HAPPEN in a clinical setting. WHO'S delusional? Hmmmmm?
Thanks, LIFE, and My LOVE, Kenny Cowan, and of course, Seth and Jane, (This IS my thank you gift to them, after all, as quirky to some as that may seem.), for believing in me. No one else did, at the time. Yes, Kenny believed in me, he just had HIS part to play so we would be jumped on by the medical profession. He played it safe, and I cooperated fully, and that turned out very well.

Two Hearts are indeed better than one.

Marriage is NOT just for sexual or social CONVENIENCE, nor even fidelity, dears.
There's MUCH MORE to it than that, but I will leave you to discover that for yourselves.

Have you heard the saying that neurotics build castles in the sky and psychotics live in them?
Well, psychics translate dreams into EXPERIENCED  reality.
It is WE PSYCHICS who RECOGNIZE the 'mundane nature SOCIETY teaches us through education' as a
"Magical Guardian Castle".
(That's what I got Kenny for our Fifth Anniversary...Thomas Kinkade's "Gaurdian Castle". He got me a Ruby Cabochon for my ring, where the Black Coral, which is only found in Hawaii, had fallen out. Interesting how critics don't like Kinkade. I suppose he's too successful at his chosen market, which is not what an artist is SUPPOSED to do. You can choose a market in fashioning clothes, but you can't go after a market if you 're a PAINT artist, or so say the critics, who probably can't even paint by numbers. They don't like his religious stance, but you know what, I do believe HE at least is open to other beliefs, unlike critics! (Okay, I like Thom's painting, and he was very nice, either purposefully, or 'accidentally', as we got number 35 out of 4750...a VERY low number, according to the dealer.)

And WHY do we INSISTANTLY believe, (Teach our children!), Nature is mundane?
THAT WAY, Society doesn't feel ASHAMED
for polluting a MAGICAL ENVIRONMENT.

That's worth saying again:

And WHY do we INSISTANTLY believe, (Teach our children!), Nature is mundane?
THAT WAY, Society doesn't feel ASHAMED
for polluting a MAGICAL ENVIRONMENT.

 And believing we have only this life, we really don't CARE about the future generations. Let THEM deal with it, right?
We're only screwing ourselves with THAT attitude, dears. Oh, wait, we're screwing nature, which is also us, too.
That's MY message!

That, and you're psychic, too.
Knowing MORE is possible is the first step in achieving it.
But YOU have to take the steps yourself.
I get MY dreams made real, not YOURS!
Seems most of you wanted a new, improved  RELIGION!
Seth and Jane gave us something BETTER!
They took away our EXCUSES.
And I've always wanted to understand what past psychics experienced to say what they did. I have. They experienced a nature that related DIRECTLY to them.
And if there's ANYTHING different about me, it's that society never succeeded in bleeding the awareness  of magic out of me. I've always known it, and always experienced it. That's why it couldn't have been a side effect of Biaxin, I had these kinds of experiences before AIDS medications.
Just never so MUCH of it! Maybe the medications enhance this, (HAH!), or perhaps it's just in the air, like the song says.
And society is really a sucker for the piety scam!
Past psychics that believed in a god, got it WRONG!
I KNOW. I was one of them!

BTW, We asked Sounder to return to us, when she was dying. Through a concatenation of coincidences, we found a kitty, (or the kitty found us...Kenny heard of a lady who needed to find a home with no children for a sweet kitten that her two year old was terrorizing. The cat had wandered into  her back yard, staying a week under the hedge before she could get him to come into her home. She's a very psychic lady...She sheepishly told us of her voices, so we told her of the crystal. No doubters present THAT day!! 'Her' cats tell her their names, too.
Good for her!
There are so many things I can't do,  but I do recognize magic when I experience it. Don't blame faulty perceptions, as KENNY sees them happen too!)
 He is JUST like Sounder in SO many ways, only male. That explains why Sounder didn't like being a Mama!

And how do I know? ( BESIDES the similar characteristics (only cat who ever liked my spaghetti sauce...in both incarnations!), and the individual CHOICES it took each of the parties involved to arrive at the moment-event of our reunion? The more the coincidences, the less the accidentalness, like us showing up on TV...channel 5, Sunday, January 21, 2001. We went to the Civic Center Farmer's Market as we often do, and just happened to arrive when they began filming. We didn't notice them filming, mind you. THEN we put ourselves in the position to SEE it, by turning TV on earlier than usual that evening, for the proper newscast. Kenny noticed us in the clip!
OOOH, our fifteen seconds of fame! And no, I didn't want to be on TV. My brother, Charles, mentioned that, but it is instructive.
Thanks KPIX, for making the choices YOU did, without knowing us! And though I hate to say it KPIX, we usually watch KRON. Grin!
That's how the whole 1997 experience was set up, and Jane cautioned me ahead of time, that what I was to go through, wasn't true magic, but made to appear like magic, as if that isn't magical enough, FROM my perspective! That caution lasted only until the healing. When the crystal changed, I knew it wasn't just apperances of magic, but the real McCoy, from my perspective. Up until the healing, I experienced almost nonstop coincidences popping up, wherever I went.
We make a big deal about media 'bombardment', forgetting WE are the ones who put ourselves in the position to BE bombarded. I bombard myself with constant reminders that coincidence is NOT what we make it out to be: an accidental co-occurence in an unmeaning, (irrelevant, even!), universe. And I'M a NUTCASE! SHEESH!)
Anyway, back to the how...I see it in his eyes. Sounder is in there looking out at me DARING me to deny it!
And most importantly, I FEEL Sounder when I hold him, and he turns and stares lovingly into my eyes.I RECOGNIZE her.
I once again have someone who cuddles and purrs peacefully in my arms every morning, while I wait for Kenny to awaken and cuddle me in his arms. It's great to cuddle. Can't do that when non physical, can we?
Can't do that as STARS, can we?
Too bad society just can't believe it's SO good! We'd take better CARE of it!

And we'd stop accusing others of being perversions or ACCIDENTS of nature and then disguising that bigotry as 'reasonable religious or medical beliefs'.
Wouldn't THAT be nice, for a change?

Merry New Age!


Dave Co*Star
Life pulled out some of the stops, and Life did this, for two homosexual soulmates. What's the lesson YOU should learn from that? Or perhaps, UNLEARN?
Clive Barker, not Seth, taught me to pay attention to the anamolies of life. (WEAVEWORLD-Clive Barker)

One final gift for every homosexual, and bisexual and transsexual and asexual and intersexual:
Nature approves, even if humanity doesn't. Who do you think got it right?
I offer a new maxim, based on one of Ben Franklin's:
Neither a leader nor a follower be.
Set your own course, and watch Nature respond.
You'll prove it to yourself:
You are worthy of all that life has to offer.
But you'll have to put up with humanity's crap, too, for a few more incarnations.
It IS getting better , though.
We can thank OURSELVES for that; heterosexual society is granting us our rights RETICENTLY, they are GIVING us nothing. They are removing THEIR thousands year old condemnation of us, that the Jews codified into LAW in the Old Testament. Good enough for me.
But we have to KEEP insisting WE ARE JUST AS WORTHY, otherwise they will go back to THEIR old ways.

It is evident that MY truth is NOT the same as yours.
I see NATURE as the source of Magic, not a God.
Seriously, Who'd want the job?
Who'd want such atrocities done in THEIR name? That's what I mean. I realize plenty of people would like to control others, but that's not my gig. It is the motivation for creating a religion, afer all. If you can't control others yourself, control them using the name of a god.
Sell sin so you can sell salvation, and treat the REAL miracle, NATURE, as ours to abuse.
I do hope you all get out of your "mass meditations", (-Seth). Seth once said in his books he was being kind, and that understatement made me laugh. I call them Mass Delusions.
I get SECULAR magic, and most of you don't even believe it possible. And frankly, I get more than I want!
And if you want any independent proof that something happened, take a look at the boring commercials from an old tape, pre 1997. Who told all the advertising industry to start TEACHING along with the selling of soap?
Advertising had a gestalt!
"A brand new accord IS coming!" started it all, for me.

Listen DIFFERENTLY, and a whole new world you missed, opens up.
It's YOU, putting yourself in the paths of 'coincidences' to tell yourself a story.
The story that IS your life.

You blind yourselves from it by not realizing you put yourself in the position to witness the coincidences.
YOU sense the future, just like me, dears, and as I've said, that's MAGICAL, cause it does't take technology. But as Jane told me, it's not 'real' magic, it's just our true nature! Our blindness to the possibilities inherent in US, makes it SEEM magical.
And that should de-myst-ify MY mystical experience. I witnessed nature and others doing things pertinent to what I was going through, like everyone we would pass would drop a name that was the same of a friend; or saying something that COULD apply. Yet these were unknown people. This happens occasionally for everyone. They poured it on me, and taught me to read between the lines of Life itself.
And what was I going through?
I already told you, life threw me a wonderful party, practically everything was designed to get me to LAUGH at how timely things could pop up! And to teach me about life. They wanted someone who would just enjoy the show, and learn from it.
And yes, my innate honesty was important, too. It's all I've REALLY got in life.
It's my strength!
It DID seem like someone was directing the special effects, and that's how the concept of God came about, before it was perverted into a reason to belittle and sometimes, for their own good, kill others.
It's the rest of nature responding to the individual, on a personal basis. And since you believe that isn't possible, you miss the 'alien consciousnesses' all about you. They have so much love to give us, but we fight over definitions of who's worthy instead.
And we only protect them when the are endangered. They are endangered the very moment we upset the balance of Nature.
People around the equator get SEVERELY sunburned if out for more than a few minutes without protection. This Administration argues that we should NOT to do anything about the ozone layer dissipating yet...too EXPENSIVE. ONE article about those poor kids in the paper. What do you expect with someone with the I.Q. of a bush in the white house, and news spinners that focus on unimportant scandels to the exclusion of things we SHOULD be paying attention to?

Got coincidences?
Then you are getting magic.

And dears, I asked during the experience, "if this is what is possible, I want a reminder EVERY day of it."
I heard them chuckle, and agree, and thought, 'uh oh? What I have I gotten myself into?'
I've found out: A magical universe. Or perhaps, taking into consideration society's sensibilities, a Nature that acts magically towards me, as personally, I don't feel I DO the magic. I just witness.

Paradise LOST?
More like Paradise IGNORED, that's humanity!
That way, humanity can rationalize war, pollution, and prejudices.
As I said above, Seth, Jane and Rob, took away our excuses.
Oh, He's a figment of her imagination...I forgot that's what MOST rational people believe, along with believing a virgin birth is more desirable than the usual way.
Silly fools.


And people in touch with their hearts will FEEL our truthfulness, and that's what liars will never, ever understand.
It COMES from being honest with yourself.
It's why I don't NEED to prove anything to you. HONEST people will know without the collateral proof others demand.
We didn't need proof to tell you of

a crystal changing in our home, did we, psychiatric UN-profession?
Twenty thousand dollars and three months of harassment later, I decided you've paid for this feedback!
Cause when doctors get evidence, they ignore it!

Like humanity, YOU don't want the responsibility implied.

Which kind of people are you, unknown reader?
Seth and Jane held themselves accountable to me, and that's more than I can say for anyone except my Honey, Kenny Cowan.
You won't get OBVIOUS [OK, Jane...what appears as] magic, lying your way through life, now, will you?
Honesty IS the best policy, whatever the CULTURE.
Nature will reward you, if not your fellow men.
Nothing new about that, is there?
And for those truly interested, HOW did I 'do' it?
By Loving Kenny with my whole Heart, Mind and Body.
And KENNY Loving ME the very same way.
Just like you've been told to do, over and over and over.
Most just don't LISTEN.
We did.
"The best that you can do, is fall in LOVE." -From the movie,  ARTHUR

And psychiatric profession, I'm going to give you one of the words that was "randomly" selected for my password, that I mention above:


Thank you very much, Life, you know me best!
As I realized a LONG time ago,
there is no such thing as privacy.
Humanity just believes their is.

And Psychiatric profession, YOU MUST  explain how the following happened if you want to project that YOU know what I went through:

A picture is worth a thousand words, no?
TELL ME how that battery casing exploded during WHAT YOU LABEL WITHOUT PROOF as my 'illness' if you're going to CONCLUDE that I'm deluded.
Or how about this cactus:

TELL ME how that came about during WHAT YOU LABEL WITHOUT PROOF as my 'illness' if you're going to CONCLUDE that I'm deluded.

Theories should cover ALL the evidence, not just the evidence YOU manufactured out of YOUR imagination. Labels as definitions, allegations as EMPIRICAL evidence, and unproven opinions, that's psychiatry's PROOF of illness.
NATURE manufactured MY evidence.
My conclusion? Nature likes me, you don't!
I'm very HAPPY about that! Think I couldn't handle YOU, medical profession? Think again.

Wanna see a magic show?
Look around you.
MY magic show is over, for you, anyway. We still experience all this, but revel in our artificial privacy.
Have a good life...you've only yourselves to blame if you don't.
And that's the lesson I REALLY learned from Seth.

And as far as I'm concerned, if you let your disbelief about Kenny and I bite you in the ass, it's no skin off my butt. No one "in their right mind" would expect society to listen to two homosexuals.
Especially  PROUD homosexuals.
And to the rest of all those wonderful faggots AND heteros that I've met in life, Thanks.
We're having a blast!
Kenny finally got over his shyness, and told his Chiropractor and Boss about my healing, and the chiropractor told Kenny that healings usually only happen in young Children, and His Boss told him of a friend that had cancer that totally disappeared in two weeks, without medical treatment!
Magic happens. Get over it, and get WITH it, instead!
It's so much more fun!

Dave Co*Star
Post Sept. 11, 2001
   It's not a new reality as the media proclaims, it's the same old shit we've been dealing with for five
 thousand years. Get over yourselves, media. I did the smart thing. I turned off the TV five minutes into
  things on Sept 11. Figured I'd hear enough without the media, and I see they've got everyone properly
You can be where danger is not. That IS free will, too.
   And 'yellow', inflamatory, journalism as patriotism is not what I want from the boob tube or the
You, media, stressed everyone out and then weeks later have stories on dealing with stress.
  I've been saddened, but not stressed. I ignored your reports...not the events.
And free will means those people CHOSE to die, so that WE would have to focus on the Middle East's
 inability to get along with one another, not retribution.
Violence only begets more violence.
Do not think you honor anyone by killing others, no matter WHAT they've done.
This is Bush's Crusade
We're off to the 'holy land' again, hunh?
Bush and Cheney have evil to smite down BEFORE it smites us, righttt???
They have to recapture the holy land and rid it of those who would do business with France,  Russia and China instead of us.
We're told we MUST! It is for our safety, cause we know, Iraq doing oil business with France, Russia and China will allow Saddam Hussein to use nasty biological mass killers without France, Russia and China getting the teensiest bit upset about it! Saudi Arabia won't mind, either...as according to a prince of men from there, it is ALWAYS the will of Allah and NOT the will of men that guide terrorists.
What a MESS!

 If you want to end terrorism, you must get oppressors to stop creating them out of ordinary people.
 And psychiatry and society, I have read people proclaiming that no one knows, or CAN know, what happens after death. Well, speak for yourselves, ONLY.

    I suppose the same things happen that happen before birth, and THAT, I HAVE A MEMORY OF.
 A friend recently admitted HE has a memory from before birth, too.
 Sorry we have no proof of that!
 But, WE remember.
And that's ALL they asked me to do...remember...

Now I understand the new 'mantra' they had me pass along that day in Dolores Park:
"F--- on you fools".
     Joanna Rinaldi at AHP understood that one, and laughed when we told her of it.
  It's not really funny. I felt ashamed for us, that that is what they think of us. KNOW of us.

You're all so damn stupid, and satisfied with that.
(92 percent of Americans think we should bomb the f--- out of Afghanistan and give up our freedom for
a false sense of security. If I wanted camoflauged troops in my airports and streets, I'd move to Israel, or any number of repressive governments.)
 You all STILL bow to long dead psychics' MISTAKES.
And when criticism of Israel becomes anti semitism, why criticize? They won't listen. Hear oh Israel,
are YOU going to give FAGGOTS reparations? You've been proclaiming YOURSELVES a chosen people,
and condemning homosexuals for five thousand years. Pretty good scam you got going.
Violence begets violence.
 And that's why we repeat the past.
 Go ahead, and learn it the HARD way, you VERY stupid humans.
Religions ALL got it wrong, cause they are describing our psychicness, and they don't even get THAT.
Will of god, my ASS. It's human stupidity, on BOTH 'sides'.
No evil, only stupidity.


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