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Nestled in a lush valley in the eastern foothills of the Himalayas is "Sana Leipak," the golden land, better known by its modern name, Manipur. This remote northeastern state of India is the home of the Meitei people and their fabulous dance tradition, known as Meitei Jagoi or Manipuri Dance.  Journey with us now to this artistic treasure house. The artists of Nritya Rangam/Temple of Dance, North America's only center for the study of Manipuri culture, will be your guide. Thrill to the ancient dance of the Maibi priestesses, who have been dancing since the dawn of history. Enjoy the shimmering delicacy of the Ras Leela, the refined and elegant dance of ecstacy, the union of human and divine.Meet some of the gurus who have preserved this precious heritage.Discover the extraordinary martial arts tradition known as Thang-Ta,the ballet of sword and spear, feared for its power and finesse.  Nritya Rangam presents the spectrum of performing arts from Manipur, a unique culture from India's jewelled land. 

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