In a remote part of Northeastern India, bordering Myanmar, a tiny state named Manipur is home to a unique traditional dance form. All the people of Manipur participate in communal dance rituals at some point in their lives. The dances they perform have been part of life in Manipur since the dawn of creation.

"According to the belief of the Meiteis of Manipur, Supreme Being with his consort appeared out of water . . . and Supreme Being brought forth Sanamahi and Pakhangba (being the creator and sustainer of earth respectively). Sanamahi had engaged celestials, nine Laipungthou (male deities) and seven Lainoorah (female deities) in molding earth over water." Yumnam Gourmani Singh,Ancient Cult and Culture of Manipur, India

Legend tells that after the creator gathered the earth together, it was lumpy and loosely molded. The seven Lainoorahs mentioned above were assigned to dance on the newly-formed earth, pressing gently with their feet to make it firm and smooth. This is the origin of Meitei Jagoi. To this day, when Manipuri people dance, they do not stamp vigorously but press their feet gently and delicately on the ground.

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