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NRITYA RANGAM (TEMPLE OF DANCE) is an organization devoted to the presentation and teaching of traditional dances from India.Our Artistic Director and founder is Guru Moirangthem Nabaghana Shyam Singha, Nartanacharya, known in the dance world as "NABA."

NRITYA RANGAM is the only organization in the United States of America which offers regularly-scheduled classes in Manipuri classical dance (Meitei Jagoi) from northeastern India. NRITYA RANGAM also includes classes in Kathak, Bharata Natyam, and folk dancing as part of a comprehensive curriculum which prepares students for professional-level performance. We believe that India is the world's richest treasure-house of dance styles. Each of these styles is like one of the great stones which are used in the building of a temple. Take one away and the structure and beauty of the temple will be marred. In the same way, all of India's dance styles together make up a great and beautiful Temple of Dance. If we take any dance style away, the glory of India's dance temple will be lessened. Students of Nritya Rangam are encouraged to learn about and appreciate all the many dance styles from India.

NRITYA RANGAM presents performances of dances from India in several formats. A full evening's program of Manipuri dance will feature the ancient dance of the Maibi Priestesses, glamorous Ras Leela depicting the pastimes of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha, exciting tribal hunting dance of the Kabui Nagas, and the delicate and charming Manjeera Dance, with dancers playing tiny cymbals as they sway and bend delicately.

Another performance offered is entitled"Glimpses of India," which encompasses dances from all corners of the sub-continent, sophisticated Kathak fro the northwest, Bharat Natyam Temple dance from the south, Dandia Ras (stick dance) from Gujarat, Madia Wedding dance from central India's aboriginal groups, and so on. The performance takes the audience on a whirlwind tour of India's dance roadmap.

NRITYA RANGAM also conducts classes in North Indian (Hindustani) classical music. Instrumental training is offered in sitar, tabla, Meitei pung, and harmonium. Some of our music students have advanced to performance level and won numerus awards at national-level competitions. All students, in both dance and music classes, are given opportunities to perform in non-commercial settings.


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