My name is Jessica Duarte, I'm a born again Christian, and a member of the First Baptist Church in Barstow, CA. Currently, I am enrolled at California Baptist College as an Undergraduate Music Major, with an emphasis in Trumpet and Music Education. So, updates will come as soon as I can get them from home.

What I did at FBC


I am the veteran sound technician at FBC, having performed that duty since 1985 (WOW has it been that long!) I am still eager to learn more about the profession, and want to do this for a living! Recently, I taught a group of 6th grade children the basics of running the sound system, and those said children ran the sound, lighting, and special FX for the VBS musical! I was very proud of their accomplishments! So... Every Sunday, you can find me in the sound booth, fading faders, and turning knobs, and for special events, you can find me running around the church grounds, making sure I have that one RCA plug that keeps the whole system together!


I have always loved acting, but was always behind the scenes doing other things I am talented in. But this year, we had a dinner theater to start our summer, and I had the lead! It was my first large role, and I could have used a lot work, but it was good, and I'd like to do it again!

I have been studying directing under Julie Green, our drama director, and wife of our Associate Pastor. I have directed several small skits, nothing major yet, but am looking for ward to the chance!

Another part of our drama programs includes set-design, set painting, and set dressing. I have been the apprentice of Kathy Fierro, our resident artist, since 1992. Kathy's wondrous talent keeps our audiences amazed from musical to musical, and I enjoy the new and exciting challenges we face as we try to make things bigger and better!

My favorite part of the Drama Ministry: Special FX (SFX) and SFX Make-up! I have been trained in stage make-up including: Moulage, old age, balding heads, molds, make up in Children's theater, beard making, and aliens! If you need some make up for Halloween, or any other special occassion, give me a call!

I also tried my hand at writing scripts. My first attempt will be posted here as soon as I have time!

Sunday School:

I have been trained as 'sophisticated Gopher' for the Sunday School Department. Since I know how to everything, it keeps me very busy on Sundays... So if someone needs _anything_, I'm the woman for the job! Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever get back to Sunday School. :)

Sign Language:

When I have time, I interpret the Sunday morning music, and occassionally, the sermons on Sunday Mornings at the 8:30 am service. I am fluent in SEE sign (Signing Exact English), and I am still learning ASL (American Sign Language). Signing is a great way to express yourslef with your body, instead of words, and it helps with my acting!

Anything musical I am involved in, whether it be the orchestra, or the choir, I am there, and ready to express my love for the Lord using the talents he gave me! I sing in the Jubliate Singers when I have time, play in the orchestra, and I'm preparing some songs to sing before I leave for college.

The WWW Page

This is my own project, aided by a few people in the church, and my best friend.I will update this page as when I have time, and I feel like it :)

What I do at Cal Baptist

My friends from my wing: Paige, Carey, Mary and Michelle.

My Love Life

Milton L. Hankins   and I met in April of 1996. It's hard to believe we have known each other for almost 2 years. And if you'll kindly follow this URL


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Jessica P. Duarte