Composer Title Key Opus # Performers Rating* Label Date Recorded Location of Recording Comments* Length (Minutes) Year Composition Completed
TchaikovskySwan Lake:Intro; I-IV---20Montreal SO, Dutoit---DeccaMay 1991------1561876
Tchaikovsky18 Pieces: 12E Major72/12? O (arr)--- ---------------1893
MozartPiano Sonata #5G Major283Malcolm Bilson--- Hungaroton1989------151775
MozartPiano Sonata #3B-flat Major281Malcolm Bilson ---Hungaroton1989------181775
MozartPiano Sonata #2F Major280Malcolm Bilson ---Hungaroton1989------191775
MozartPiano Sonata #7C Major309Klien ****Vox1964---Minimum background.181777
MozartPiano Sonata #4E-flat Major282Klien ****Vox1964---Background never obtrusive.91775
MozartPiano Sonata #1C Major279Klien ****Vox1964------111775
MendelssohnOverture "Hebrides"b minor26VPO, Dohnanyi ***DeccaDec 1978SofiensaalStill sounds well.101832
MendelssohnSymphony #2 "Hymn of Praise"B-flat Major52 Sona Ghazarian, Edita Gruberova, Werner Krenn, VPO, Dohnanyi***Decca Nov 1976SofiensaalSo much faster that the whole character of the music is changed. Many will prefer this version, when the choral sound is brighter and more immediate. This version relates the piece more to the choral than to the symphonic. Chorus sings incisively. Wide-ranging sound underpins the texture of the finale with resonant and superbly focused organ sound. Overall a refreshing account. Very well recorded. Chorus makes splendid impact. Acoustics provide a most attractive bloom. Those for whom fine sound is important will enjoy this more than HvK.671840
PucciniMadama Butterfly------Victoria de los Angeles, Miriam Pirazzini, Silvia Bertona, Jussi Bjorling, Mario Sereni, Piero de Palma, Rome Op. O, Gabriele Santini***EMI1959---Soprano at her most endearing.1371904
Mozart, LTrumpet ConcertoD Major---Maurice Andre, BPO, Karajan---EMIMay, 1974------111762
TelemannTrumpet ConcertoD Major---Andre, BPO, Karajan ---EMIMay, 1974------9---
RichterTrumpet ConcertoD Major---Hakan Hardenberger, LPO, Elgar Howarth***PhilipsNov 1989------14---
BeethovenString Quartet #1F Major18/1Juilliard Qt (I,III,IV)---Columbia1982Library of Congress---19 1800
BeethovenPiano Sonata #19g minor49/1Emil Gilels*** DGApr 1982Jesus-Christus-Kirche---91797
AlbenizSuite espanola #1:#1 "Granada",#3 "Sevilla",#5 "Asturias" F Major; G Major; g minor47Julian Bream; Norbert Kraft; John Williams****RCA; Chandos; Columbia------Superb. Splendid. Vivid. Wonderfully communicative. Rhythmic feel. Great subtlety of color. Most evocative. Most engaging. Recorded with great faithfulness. W has full measure of this. Instinctive control of atmosphere and dynamic is rewarding. Never flashy, at the service of the music. Remastering brings a clean image. Background is minimal and never intrusive.131896
KhachaturianViolin Concertod minor---Oistrakh, USSR R and TV Large SO, Khachaturian****RussianAug 3 1965---O, for whom the work was written, gave its premiere. He is peerless in its performance, not only in projecting its bravura, but also in his melting phrasing and timbre. Indeed this quite marvellous performance is unlikely ever to be surpassed. K creates a rapt degree of tension and affectionately caresses the color and detail in the very atmospheric orch. accompaniment. Finale has an irresistible exhilaration, and the big tune return is heart-warming. The Russian recording is warm and very well balanced, especially in its relationship of soloist with orch. Acoustic is resonant in the right way--there is bloom but no muddiness or fierceness. This must be listed among the all too few great stereo recordings K made. 371940
BizetCarmen------Julia Migenes-Johnson, Domingo, Raimondi, Susan Daniel, Fr. Nat. O, Maazel; Callas, Nadine Sautereau, Jane Berbie, Paris Nat Theatre O, Georges Pretre (III:19)---Erato; EMI1984; Jul 1964------1581874
SibeliusViolin Concerto (1904)d minor47Leonidas Kavakos, Lahti SO, Osmo Vanska***BISJan 1991---K proves more than capable of handling the hair-raising difficulties of this version. O gives excellent support. Balance is natural and realistic, with the soloist occupying the kind of aural space expected in the concert hall. An issue of exceptional interest and value. Splendid. 401904
BachBrandenburg Concerto #6B-flat Major1051BPO, Karajan ---DGFeb 1965Jesus-Christus-Kirche---191710
HindemithViolin Concerto------Oistrakh, LSO, Hindemith ****DeccaOct 1962---O's performance is a revelation. Many moments when the ear is ravished by the beauty of his phrasing and inflection. H provides an overwhelmingly passionate accompaniment. The recording remains one of the finest ever made of the combination of violin and orch. Still sounds extraordinarily vivid and spacious. This is an indispensable disc.301939
MassenetLe Cid:II;III:4b------Nat. PO Bonynge; Jose Carreras, LAPO, Mehta***Decca1975; Jul 16, 1994Dodger Stadium II is the finest version yet, with the most seductive playing, superbly recorded. Splendid, out of the record company's top drawer.---1885
MassenetWerther:III:21b------Pavarotti, LAPO, Mehta ------Jul 16, 1994Dodger Stadium---31892
Strauss, JosefJockey-Polka---278VPO, Maazel--- ------------------
BrahmsSchumann VariationsE-flat Major23Silke-Thora Matthies, Christian Kohn---NaxosSep 1995------18 1861
Brahms16 Waltzes---39Matthies, Kohn---Naxos Sep 1995------211865
PierneImpromptu-CapriceA-flat Major9Shin---------------2---
Boehm, CPerpetual Motion------Tamaki Kawakubo, ?O, ?---------------------
DinicuHora Staccato------Isabella Lipp, ?O, ?------------------1906
DvorakString Quartet #5:II (Romance)f minor9Perlman, LPO, Barenboim***EMIJul 1974------131873
DvorakViolin Concertoa minor53Perlman, LPO, Barenboim; Stern, Phd O, Ormandy(III)***EMI; ColumbiaJul 1974---Still sound pretty marvellous and show all the warmth and virtuosity one could desire. P is absolutely superb: the digital remastering undoubtedly clarifies and cleans the texture. 331882
MozartSinfonia ConcertanteE-flat Major364Perlman, Zukerman, Israel PO, Mehta(I); CSO****DGDec 1982---Special class, an example of live recording at its most magnetic. Inspiration of occasion caught. M accompanies most sensitively. Conveys an electricity rarely caught on record.---1779
MozartConcertoneC Major190Perlman, Zukerman, Israel PO, Mehta****DG1985---Splendid. Fine oboe.301774
StraussSinfonia Domestica---53BPO, Karajan*** EMIJun 1973---Admirable. Stunningly good. Strings produce tone of great magnificence. Wide range. Ambient atmosphere. 441903
ChopinPolonaises #1-16various26,40,44,53,61,71Ida Czernecka(1); Pollini(2-7); Ashkenazy***DG;DeccaNov 1975 MusikvereinP:Outstanding mastery as well as subtle poetry. Magisterial playing, more commanding than Rubinstein and better recorded. Impeccable taste in handling rubato.1091817-46
OrffCarmina Burana------Lynne Dawson, John Daniecki, Kevin McMillan, SFSO, Herbert Blomstedt***DeccaMay 1990---The finest modern version. #25 has never sounded grander or more opulent, punctuated with superb thwacks on the bass drum. Thruout has great passion and energy and all soloists are outstanding. LD is ravishing. Remarkable range and sonority of recording. 581936
HummelTrumpet ConcertoE-flat Major---Andre, BPO, Karajan; Hakan Hardenberger, ASMF, Marriner(II)****EMI, PhilipsOct 1986---2nd mvt soars beautifully over pizz. Finest version of the piece. M's accompaniment is polished and sympathetic. ---1803
AlbinoniAdagiog minorMi26Simon Preston, Hardenberger ---PhilipsJun 1991------8---
ChopinBoleroC Major19Biret---NaxosFeb 1992 Heidelberg---81833
BeethovenString Quartet #8 "Rasumovsky 2"e minor59/2 Kodaly Qt***Naxos------Very good recorded sound. Judicious tempi.361806
BeethovenString Quartet #10 "Harp"E-flat Major74Kodaly Qt***Naxos------Expert phrasing. No one getting this is likely to be disappointed.311809
Brahms2 Rhapsodies---79Argerich---DG1961 ------151879
RavelJeux d'eau------Argerich---DG1961 ------51901
SchumannPiano Concertoa minor54Richter, Warsaw National PO, Witold Rowicki***DGOct 1958---SR: My favorite cto.30 1845
SchumannIntroduction and Allegro appassionatoG Major92 Richter, Warsaw National PO, Wislocki***DGApr 1959------ 161849
SchumannNovellette #1F Major21/1Richter***DG May 1959---Fabulous51838
SchumannToccataC Major7Richter***DG1959 ---Hair-raising with technical control71832
SchumannWaldszenen---82Richter***DGNov 1956 ---Beautiful201849
SibeliusLemminkainen Suite (4 Kalevala Legends)---22 SRO, Horst Stein; BPO, Karajan (#3: "Swan of Tuonela")***Decca; DG 1980; Feb 1984---Finely calculated. Impressive. Hell-for-leather in #4 like Beecham. SRO much better than usual. Exciting. K: Powerful and atmospheric. Admirable. O on their finest form.441939
SibeliusLuonnotar---70Soderstrom, Philh O, Ashkenazy ***Decca1980------91913
SibeliusEn Saga---9Philh O, Ashkenazy***Decca 1981---Digital of the first order--D sound at its very best. Among the finest available. Thrillingly atmospheric. Distinguished.201902
SibeliusPohjola's Daughter---49SRO, Stein*** Decca1971---Distinguished. 131906
SibeliusNight Ride and Sunrise---55SRO, Stein*** Decca1971---First class. With definition and weight.14 1908
HandelConcerto Grosso #12b minor6/12BPO, Karajan(II) ---DGAug 1966------61739
MozartAdagio and Fugue (arr.)c minor546BPO, Karajan ---DGAug 1969------81788
TchaikovskyString Quartet #3e-flat minor30St. Lawrence Qt---EMIApr 2001------391876
TchaikovskyString Quartet #1D Major11Borodin Qt; St. Lawrence Qt(II)***EMIApr 2001---Distinctive and inspired. ---1871
TchaikovskyManfred Symphonyb minor58Oslo PO, Jansons ****Chandos1986---Electrifying acct of this difficult work. Subtly varying the tensions to press each climax home to the full. Warmly expressive phrasing. Culminates in a thrilling acct of finale, leading up to the organ entry, gloriously resonant and supported by luxuriant string sound. Atmospheric with fine inner detail.531885
Strauss4 Last Songs------Anna Tomowa-Sintow, BPO, Karajan***DGNov 1985---K directs a ravishing performance, with one of his fav sop responding warmly and sympathetically.201948
StraussLieder: "Die heil'gen drei Kon'ge aus Morgenland"--- 56/6Tomowa-Sintow, BPO, Karajan***DGNov 1985------6 1906
Scarlatti, DKeyboard Sonata #87b minor87Horowitz ***ColumbiaApr 20, 1986Moscow---41742
Scarlatti, DKeyboard Sonata #380 "Cortege"E Major380 Horowitz***ColumbiaApr 20, 1986MoscowFamiliar H repertoire 41754
MozartPiano Sonata #10C Major330Horowitz*** ColumbiaApr 20, 1986MoscowCharacteristic171783
RachmaninovPrelude #16G Major32/5Horowitz*** ColumbiaApr 20, 1986MoscowDiscerned31910
RachmaninovPrelude #23g-sharp minor32/12Horowitz*** ColumbiaApr 20, 1986MoscowSound is much better than he ever received from his earlier American engineers.21910
Skryabin3 Pieces:#1 "Etude"c-sharp minor2/1Horowitz ***ColumbiaApr 20, 1986MoscowSpontaneous31889
SkryabinDouze etudes:#12d-sharp minor8/12Alexander Skryabin---Pierian1910Moscow---21894
Liszt3 Petrarch Sonnets:#2 "Sonetto #104"E MajorS158/2 Horowitz***ColumbiaApr 20, 1986MoscowMelting---1846
MoszkowskiSparks---36/6Horowitz***Columbia Apr 20, 1986Moscow---3---
RachmaninovPolka W. RachmaninovA-flat MajorTNii/18 Horowitz***ColumbiaApr 20, 1986Moscow---31911
ProkofievSymphony #5B-flat Major100BPO, Karajan--- DGSep 1968Jesus-Christus-KircheP considered this to be his best work. A great performance. Whenever a comparison inevitably this acct holds its place at the top of the list. Analog recording is uncommonly good for its time. Full and spacious, naturally defined and balanced. Natural bloom on winds. Flawless articulation in scherzo opening, bringing a splendid but unexaggerated bite, and in the central section every subtle detail of color comes over. The passionate string threnody of the Adagio (what playing, what intensity!) is superbly underpinned by darker wind murmurings; the tangibly hushed close leads naturally to the mellower opening of the essentially upbeat finale with its throbbing horns.431944
BalakirevSymphony #1C Major---Philh O, Karajan--- EMINov 1949---Memorable artistry441897
RousselSymphony #4A Major53Philh O, Karajan--- EMINov 1949------231934
BrahmsNeue Liebeslieder---65Matthies, Kohn--- NaxosSep 1995------201874
StravinskyA Card Game------Philh O, Karajan** EMIMay 1952---First class231936
BrittenBridge Variations---10Philh O, Karajan**** EMINov 1953---Should on no acct miss. Hardly ever been played more beautifully. Rich and full-bodied (Var 8 is electrifying). 271937
Vaughan WilliamsTallis Fantasia------Philh O, Karajan ****EMINov 1953---One of the great masterpieces of all music. Of the many K/Philh this is the one one should on no acct miss. Hardly ever been played more beautifully, and recorded marvellously. If all 1990s recordings are like this mono, there will be no need for Penguin Guide. Astonishingly fresh and vivid. High distinction. Beautifully blended tone.151919(RVW at CU:Fall 1954)
BeethovenMissa solemnisD Major123Price, Christa Ludwig, Gedda, Nicola Zaccaria, Willi Boskovsky, VPO, Karajan; VSO, Klemperer(2:end)---EMI;VoxAug 19, 1959Salzburg---811823
GlazunovString QuintetA Major39ASMF Chamber*** Chandos1995---Thoroughly committed291892
TchaikovskySouvenir de FlorenceD Major70ASMF Chamber ***Chandos1995---Warm341892
BachCantata #80---80Bryden, Minter, Thomas, Opalach, ensemble, Rifkin***DeccaSep 1985------261724
BachCantata #8---8Julianne Baird, Allan Fast, Frank Kelley, Opalach, ensemble, Rifkin***Decca1988------18 1724
BachCantata #51---51Baird, ensemble, Rifkin*** DeccaOct 1986SUNY---181730
BachCantata #78---78Baird, Fast, Kelley, Opalach, ensemble, Rifkin***Decca1988------221724
BachCantata #140 "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme"---140 Baird, Minter, Thomas, Opalach, ensemble, Rifkin***DeccaOct 1986SUNYSensitive. Intelligent.251731
SchubertConcertstuckD Major345Susanne Lautenbacher, Wurttemberg CO, Jorg Faerber---Vox1977------111816
SchubertPolonaiseB-flat Major580Lautenbacher, Wurttemberg CO, Faerber---Vox1977------71817
Schubert5 Minuets (arr.)---89Wurttemberg CO, Faerber ---Vox1977------161813
SchubertString TrioB-flat Major581Bell Arte--- Vox1973------201817
BachOrchestral Suite #2b minor1067BPO, Karajan--- DGAug 1964------221735
SchubertPiano Sonata #16a minor845Radu Lupu**** DeccaJan 1979---Searching and poetic thruout. Tenderness with classical discipline. Playing is musically satisfying in a very Schubertian way. Of Decca's finest.371825
SchubertPiano Sonata #18 "Fantasy"G Major894Lupu ****DeccaApr 1974---Superb. Full of glowing perception. Striking sense of presence.371826
BachOrchestral Suite #1C Major1066Col Mus Ant, Reinhardt Goebel---DG---------251723
RossiniIl signor Bruschino:Overture------Montreal SO, Dutoit***Decca------Spirited, polished.51813
Saint-SaensDanse macabreg minor40Nat PO, Stokowski ***EMI------Full, resonant sound.71874
BachFugue "Little" (arr.)g minor578Sydney SO, Robert Pikler---Chandos---------41707
TorkeBright Blue Music------Baltimore SO, Zinman--- Argo---------41985
DonizettiLa favorita:I:3,7b; IV:18------Pavarotti, Nicolai Ghiaurov, Teatro Communale Bologna O, Bonynge***Decca1974 ---Strong and imaginative. 121840
DonizettiDom Sebastien------Pavarotti, V Op O, Edward Downes***Decca1968------61843
DonizettiMaria Stuarda------Pavarotti, Roger Soyer, Teatro Communale Bologna O, Bonynge***Decca1975---Urgent acct. Characteristically bright and full. CD transfer first rate. 51834
MyslivecekViolin Concerto #4B-flat Major---Elizabeth Wallfisch, Brandenburg O, Roy Goodman---Hyperion1995------ 171772
ViottiViolin Concerto #22a minor97Wallfisch, Brandenburg O, Goodman---Hyperion1995------281797
MolterTrumpet Concerto #1D Major---Hardenberger, LPO, Howarth***PhilipsNov 1989---Astonishing level of playing. 11---
Haydn, MTrumpet Concerto #2C Major---Hardenberger, LPO, Howarth***PhilipsNov 1989---Hugely enjoyable.10---
CorelliSonata a Quatro #2---WoO 4Hardenberger, I Musici---PhilipsJul 1993------6---
BachChorale prelude: "Erbarm dich mein" (arr.)---721 Preston, Hardenberger---PhilipsJun 1991------31708
BachChorale prelude #41 (arr.)---639Preston, Hardenberger---PhilipsJun 1991------21717
BachChorale prelude: "Herzlich" (arr.)---727Preston, Hardenberger---PhilipsJun 1991------31717
ChopinPiano Concerto #2f minor21Dubravka Tomsic, Ljubljana RSO---------------311830
SpohrViolin Concerto #8 "Gesangszene"a minor47 Wallfisch, Brandenburg O, Goodman---Hyperion1995------ 191816
ChopinEtudes #1-27---10,25,B130Pollini; Ashkenazy(B130) ***DG;Decca1972---Splendidly fresh. Much stature. Vividly characterized, masterly and sound eminently present. 611829-39
ChopinAllegro de ConcertA Major46Ashkenazy*** Decca------Superb.121831
ChopinFuguea minor---Ashkenazy***Decca--- ---Magical, fresh, and direct, full of touches of insight.21842
ChopinAlbumleafE Major---Ashkenazy***Decca ------Authoritative and poetic.11843
ChopinAndantinog minorB117Ashkenazy***Decca ------Particularly fetching.11838
Chopin2 Bourrees------Ashkenazy***Decca--- ---Remastering offers consistent realism and presence.11846
ChopinGalop MarquisA-flat Major---Ashkenazy*** Decca---------11846
Saint-SaensLe carnaval des animaux (arr.)------Anton Nel, Keith Snell, Ac of L, Richard Stamp***EMI------Outstanding version, full of affectionate humor. There is much to beguile: 4 has lethargic dignity. 12 is brilliant. 14 bursts with infectious vigor. Flourishes of great bravura. 1 is telling and buoyant. Thruout one responds to the polished and sense of fun. Genial and warm with vitality.221886
DvorakSymphony #5F Major76Oslo PO, Jansons**** EMI1989---Radiant acct. Fine bloom. One of the finest D records in the catalog.381887
DvorakOthello Overture---93Oslo PO, Jansons**** EMI1989---Exuberant.141892
DvorakScherzo capricciosoD-flat Major66Oslo PO, Jansons ****EMI1989------131883
BrahmsString Sextet #2G Major36Pina Carmirelli, Jon Toth, Philipp Naegele, Caroline Levine, Fortunato Arico, Dorothy Reichenberger ****Columbia1967NYCDirect.461865
BrahmsHorn TrioE-flat Major40Myron Bloom, Michael Tree, Serkin****Columbia1960Marlboro, VtQuite splendid. Superb. 301865
MozartPiano Concerto #19F Major459Brendel, V State Op O, Wilfred Bottcher---Vox---------301784
MozartPiano Concerto #10E-flat Major365Brendel, Klien, V State Op O, Paul Angerer****Vox------Second to none. Continuous delight. 251779
Mozart2-piano SonataD Major448Brendel, Klien**** Vox------Displaying joy.221781
MozartPiano QuintetE-flat Major452Brendel, Hungarian Qt---Vox---------231784
BachDouble Violin Concertod minor1043Arthur Grumiaux, Herman Krebbers, Les Solistes Romands, Arpard Gerecz****PhilipsNov 1978---Outstanding success. Crisply rhythmic. G responds to the challenge of working w/ another great artist comes over clearly.151723
Bach2-clavier Concerto #1 (arr.)c minor1060Grumiaux, Heinz Holliger, New Philh O, Edo de Waart****PhilipsSep 1970---Transparently fresh yet warm sound.151735
DrigoSerenade--------------------- ---31900
GounodSerenade (arr.)------------------ ------31863
PachelbelKanon and GigueD Major---------------------8---
DvorakGypsy Songs:#4 "Songs my mother taught me" (arr.)--- 55------------------31880
PucciniGianni Schicchi:2------Renee Fleming, LPO, Mackerras---Prms---------31918
HandelDixit Dominus Domino meog minorHWV232Louvre ensemble, Marc Minkowski---------------61707
HandelPartenope:III:36---HWV27David Daniels, OAE, Harry Bickett---------------51730
BeethovenAn die ferne Geliebte:1-3---98Stephan Genz, Roger Vignoles---------------61816
RavelVocalise-etude (arr.)------Lord Sir Yehudi Menuhin, ?---------------31907
HolstNunc dimittis---H127Clare College Choir, Tim Brown ---------------41915
VivaldiLa fida ninfa---714Cecilia Bartoli, Giardino Armonico, Giovanni Antonini---------------61732
LullyLe bourgeois gentilhomme:34---LWV43Concert of Nations, Jordi Savall---------------31670
HandelSaul:II:42---HWV53E. Bar. Soloists, Sir John Eliot Gardiner***---1989---Vigorous. Not likely to be surpassed for a long time.31739
HandelL'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato:II:33---HWV55 Susan Gritton, King's Consort---------------5 1740
SchumannRomanzen & Balladen III:1---53Julianne Banse, Graham Johnson---------------51840
Strauss, J IIA Night in Venice:III:25------BPO, Nikolaus Harnoncourt---------------51883
BachCantata #111:1---111Munich Bach O, Karl Richter ---------------51725
MendelssohnAthalie:Overture; March---74VPO, Dohnanyi ---Decca---------141845
Schubert5 German Dances (arr.)---90COE---DG Sep 1991JCK---151813
SchubertRondoA Major438Gidon Kremer, COE---DG Sep 1991Jesus-Christus-Kirche---141816
DonizettiDaughter of the Regiment:I:7,12,13; II:21------ Dame Joan Sutherland, Pavarotti, ROHCG, Bonynge***Decca1967 ---Natural. Could hardly achieve higher spirits with keener assurance. Brilliant and pathetically affecting. Engaging. Fizzing. Confidently recommended. Wonderful presence and clear.131840
ReznicekDonna Diana:Overture------VPO, Boskovsky--- ------------3---
GriegPeer Gynt:I-V---23Barbara Bonney, Urban Malmberg, Marianne Eklof, Carl Holmgren, Gothenburg SO, Jarvi; ?O (add number)*** DGJun 1987---Exceptionally vivid. Vibrant histrionics of spoken words add to the drama.911886
GriegSigurd Jorsalfar:1-8---22Kjell Sandve, Gothenburg SO, Jarvi***DGJun 1987------351872
BorodinString Quartet #1A Major---Borodin Qt*** EMI1980---Admirable in all respects. So total is their sense of identification that one is scarcely conscious of the intervention of the interpreter.371879
BorodinString Quartet #2D Major---Borodin Qt*** EMI1980---The eponymous is idiomatic. Fine clarity. First violin line is firm. With ambient warmth.291881
TchaikovskySouvenir d'un lieu cher:3E-flat Major42 Heifetz, Bay---MCANov 30, 1945------41878
ShostakovichSymphony #5d minor47NYPO, Bernstein*** Columbia1979TokyoUnashamedly exciting. Very opening makes impact rarely possible in concert. Exceptional. Mvt 2:Mahlerian roots strongly conveyed. Mvt 3: Rapt. Finale is brilliant and extrovert, dazzling fast. Full and rich bass. Slight distancing of the sound places the O within a believable ambience.491937
ShostakovichCello Concerto #1E-flat Major107Ma, Phd O, Ormandy***Columbia1982---Ardent imagination. Intensity compels. O gives eloquent support. Ample presence and warmth. Sense of momentum. (Composer attended dedicatee/Phd O/Ormandy recording session in Phd and gave his approval.)281959
RodrigoAranjuez concerto------Carlos Bonell, Montreal SO, Dutoit****DeccaJul 1980---Much-praised reissue. Reasons for success remain unaltered: exceptionally clear, atmospheric, and well-balanced digital. Imaginative and strong O characterization. Excellent; a feeling of freshness pervades every bar of the O texture.231939
FallaNights in Spain Gardens---G49Alicia de Larrocha, LPO, Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos****DeccaJul 1983---Splendid. Luminous. Distinguished. One of the most desirable Spanish music compilations, even if not at midprice. Superb sound. Rich and lustrous with vivid detail. L's lambent feeling for poetic evocation is matched by her brilliance in the rhythms. At times a thoughtful, improvisatory quality. Closing particularly beautiful.251916
FallaAmor brujo (1924)------Huguette Tourangeau, Montreal SO, Dutoit****DeccaJul 1981---Hauntingly atmospheric. Extra subtlety gives this version disctinction. Few more atmospheric records have ever been made. Idiomatic. Lusciously seductive. Sound is among the most vivid ever.241915
StravinskyPetrushka------Columbia SO, Stravinsky ***Columbia1960Legion Hall, Hollywood---341911
StravinskyRite of Spring------Columbia SO, Stravinsky ***Columbia1960NYCUnique archive. S knew how to draw out alert, vigorous performances. Illuminates facets of his inspiration which other interpreters often fail to notice. There are few if any rival versions of this (nowadays, astonishingly, his most frequently recorded work) in its compelling intensity and inexorable sense of line. Other S recordings are valuable, but Rite is required listening: it has real savagery and astonishing electricity. 311913
MahlerLied von der Erde------James King, Dame Janet Baker, Concg. O, Haitink****PhilipsSep 1975---Radiantly beautiful and moving helped by refined and atmospheric recording. The concentration over #6 has never been surpassed on record (almost all of it was recorded in a single take). Opens impressively, unusually strong contrasts bwn main stanzas and tender refrain. K sings intelligently and sympathetically. Realistic balance, sound has been brightened and made more vivid, not at the expense of the original bloom and warmth. Closing remain tellingly atmospheric.661909
MahlerKindertotenlieder------Hermann Prey, Concg. O, Haitink---PhilipsMay 1970------231905
MahlerWayfarer Songs------Hermann Prey, Concg. O, Haitink---PhilipsMay 1970------171896
MahlerKnaben Wunderhorn------Jessye Norman, John Shirley-Quirk, Concg. O, Haitink---PhilipsApr 1976------ 501901
MahlerSymphony #2 "Resurrection"c minor---Ruth Ziesak, Charlotte Hellekant, SFSO, Blomstedt---DeccaSep 1992------ 811903
BachBrandenburg Concerto #2F Major1047BPO, Karajan---DGAug 1964------121718
BachBrandenburg Concerto #5D Major1050BPO, Karajan---DGAug 1964------231720
ChopinFantasie-Impromptuc-sharp minor66Rubinstein ***RCAMar 1964---In this music generally R has no superior. Clear and relaxed acct makes most other interpretations sound forced. Outstanding recital. There is no more distinguished misc. C collection in the catalog. Inimitable touch gives much pleasure.51835
Villa-LobosBachiana brasileira #5---A389Angeles, Fr Nat R & TV O, Villa-Lobos***EMI---ParisColorful and warm-hearted. Full of a passionately surging intensity that plainly reflects the personality of a composer of obvious charisma. Radiant.111945
DelibesLakme------Madie Mesple, Danielle Millet, Opera-Comique O, Alain Lombard---------------71883
BachBrandenburg Concerto #1F Major1046BPO, Karajan; I Musici(I)---DGAug 1964------271717
PucciniLa rondine:1------Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, LPO, Sir John Pritchard***Columbia------Creamy beauty of K's voice is ideally suited to this. Well recorded and sounding esp believable.21917
StravinskyFirebird------Concg. O, C Davis--- Philips---------461910
SatieParade------------------------ 31917
VerdiI Lombardi:II:9b;III:17;IV:24------Pavarotti, Philh O, Magiera; La Scala O, Muti---Decca; EMIJul 30, 1991; 1992 Hyde Park---131843
VerdiLuisa Miller:II:10c------Pavarotti, Philh O, Magiera---DeccaJul 30, 1991Hyde Park---51849
ElgarSea Pictures---37Baker, LSO, Barbirolli ****EMIAug 30, 1965---Extra bloom. Beauty of orchestration is enhanced by subtle added definition.241899
ElgarCello Concertoe minor85Jacqueline Du Pre, LSO, Barbirolli****EMIAug 19, 1965---Gramophone: 2nd greatest classical record of all time. Wisely, B encouraged P above all to express. Long-breathed tempi in mvt 1 and 3 are allowed still more elbow-room when expressiveness requires. Mvt 3's inner intensity conveys a depth rarely achieved. Brilliant mvt 2 and mvt 4. Subtle extra definition to heighten the excellence.301919
HandelAlcina:Overture; II: "Verdi prati"---HWV34RPO, Beecham; Sarah Connolly, Symph of Harmony and Invention, Harry Christophers ***EMI------Irresistible. Original mellow has been freshly remastered: there is greater transparency.91735
BeethovenString Quartet #4c minor18/4Borodin Qt; Juilliard Qt (III)***EMI; Columbia1982Lib of CongressB: Beauty and finesse unmatched, even by ABQ.251800
MozartString Quartet #19 "Dissonance"C Major465Emerson Qt---DG---------291785
Saint-SaensMorceauf minor94Hermann Baumann, GO, Kurt Masur---Philips---------101887
MozartPiano Quartet #1g minor478Sir Clifford Curzon, Amadeus Qt****DeccaSep 1952---All versions rest in the shadow of this. Better balanced than many stereo recordings of chamber music. 231785
MozartPiano Quartet #2E-flat Major493Curzon, Amadeus Qt****DeccaSep 1952---Unique sparkle. Elysian. A wonderful disc that should be in every collection.24 1786
MozartHorn Quintet "Leitgebisches"E-flat Major407Dennis Brain, Griller Qt****DeccaOct 1944---Transfer is miraculous. B superbly graduated sound to balance, matching timbres in the true spirit of chamber. Warmth and elegance with spirited spontaneity. Horn subtleties are continuous delight.151782
MassenetFantasie------Sophie Rolland, BBC PO, Gilbert Varga---------------221897
MozartDivertimento #8F Major213COE--------- ------141775
WaltonSpitfire: Prelude------ASMF, Marriner*** Chandos------Heartwarming. Richly idiomatic, full of panache. Aptly opulent.41942
MozartSerenade #12 "Nacht Musik"c minor388Marlboro Festival O, Schneider---Columbia---------301783
BalakirevIslamey (arr.)------USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ---------Acceptable81902
BerwaldSymphony #3 "Singuliere"C Major---Gothenburg SO, Jarvi(I)***DGMay 1985---Outclasses almost all previous rivals. Abundant spirit. Every detail coming thru. Strongly recommended.71845
HandelSamson:III:55 "Let the bright Seraphim"---HWV57Te Kanawa, ECO, Barry Rose ---EMI------------1743
MussorgskyKhovanshchina:1,34------NYPO, Bernstein; USSR SO, Svetlanov---Columbia------------1880
VerdiErnani:III:18------La Scala O, Muti--- EMI1992------21844
KreislerRondino--------------------- ---3---
ElgarSalut d'amourE Major12------------ ------31888
RameauPieces de clavecin:III:5--------------- ---------21741
MassenetLa Vierge:IV:10------BBC PO, YP Tortelier---Chandos---------41880
Rachmaninov14 Songs:14 "Vocalise"c-sharp minor34/14LSO, Previn---EMIOct 1975------71915
MilhaudBertran de Born: Provencale suite---152BSO, Charles Munch***RCA------Full of all the style and spirit one would expect.181936
FinziEclog------Martin Jones, English String O, Boughton---Nimbus---------10---
Beethoven32 Variationsc minorWoO80Gilels---EMI ---------151806
MozartSerenade #6 "Notturna"D Major239BPO, Bohm--- DG1971------131776
MozartPiano Concerto #24c minor491Robert Casadesus, Cleveland O, Szell****Columbia1965---Very distinguished. Imagination is apparent in every phrase. Accompaniment could hardly be more stylish. Exquisite, beautifully paced and articulated. Marvellous. Placing of piano is very pleasing. Subtleties are naturally caught. Attractive fullness to the overall sound. On top form. Precision gives a special character to the accompaniment. Remarkably fresh and full. Should belong in any library. 301786
MozartSerenade #13 "EKN"G Major525VPO, Rafael Kubelik---EMI1963------181787
VerdiMacbeth:III:14; IV:18------Met O, Levine; La Scala O, Muti---Columbia; EMI1992------171847
FranckChasseur maudit---M44BSO, Munch------ ---------181882
MessiaenReveil des oiseaux------Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Cleveland O, Boulez---------------201953
TchaikovskyVakula the Smith---14USSR SO, Svetlanov (Overture, Polonaise)---------------151874
TchaikovksyCeremonial OvertureD Major15USSR SO, Svetlanov---------------121866
BruchRomancea minor42Accardo, GO, Masur*** Philips------Valuable. Persuasive. Full and spacious.171874
GlazunovMinstrelf-sharp minor71Alex Rudin, Moscow SO, Igor Golovschin***Naxos1999---Warm. Clear.41900
MozartSerenade #9 "Posthorn":I-IXD Major320;335Salzburg Mozarteum O, Hans Graf (I,IX); BPO, Bohm***DG1971---Particularly fresh. Characteristically polished, warm and civilized. Sensitive and well blended.501779
MozartMarchesC Major;D Major62;214;408/1-3Salzburg Mozarteum O, Graf---------------201782
StravinskySymphonyC Major---CBC SO, Stravinsky*** Columbia1962Massey Hall, Toronto---271940
RespighiFountains of Rome---P106CSO, Reiner**** RCAOct 24, 1959---Unsurpassed. Cascade of orchestral brilliance. Transferred with fidelity.161916
GriegString Quartet #1g minor27Lafayette Qt--- ---1998------371878
DebussyString Quartetg minor10Lafayette Qt------1998------271893
FranckViolin SonataA MajorM8KWC, Lupu**** Decca1977---Glorious, full of natural and not over-projected eloquence, and most beautifully recorded. Marvellous repose and natural exuberance and sense of line that carry the listener.281886
DebussySonata #2---L137Melos****Decca1962 ---Famous record.161915
DebussySonata #3g minorL140KWC, Lupu**** Decca1977---Superbly balanced and most truthfully recorded. C plays with marvellous character and penetration. Partnership could hardly be more fruitful. Nothing is pushed to extremes, and everything is in perfect perspective so far as both the playing and the recording are concerned. 131917
RavelIntro and Allegro------Melos**** Decca1962---Wonderfully sensitive. Ethereal atmosphere is well caught. Sound is admirably real. Sublime beauty and subtlety are marvellously realized. Great delicacy. Hardly shows age.101905
GlazunovWaltz #1D Major47USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------91893
TchaikovskySuite #4G Major61USSR SO, Svetlanov*** ---------S shows understanding of link to Baroque dance suites by his engaging light touch. Particularly successful in this work. Mvt 3 not over-opulent. Mvt 4 is delight. Sympathetic playing and excellent digital sound. Prime rec for all keen listeners.301887
LiadovPolonaiseD Major55Mexico City PO, Batiz*** ASV------Enthusiastic. Much to enjoy.31902
RavelMenuet antique------Ulster O, Yan Pascal Tortelier ---Chandos---------71895
HeseltineCapriol Suite------English Sinfonia, Sir Charles Groves***---------Genial. Polished.---1926
GlazunovTriumphal MarchE-flat Major40USSR SO, Svetlanov---------------141892
HandelSolomon:III:Prelude---HWV67AAM, Hogwood--- Decca---------31749
DonizettiAllegro (arr.)C Major---Andras Kiss, Budapest ensemble---Naxos---------161821
DebussyChildren's Corner---L113Debussy------ Nov 1, 1913------141908
DebussyLa plus que lente---L121Debussy------ Nov 1, 1913------31910
DebussyD'un cahier d'esquisses---L99Debussy--- ---Nov 1, 1913------51903
DebussyPelleas et Melisande:III:16---L88Mary Garden, Debussy------1904------21904
DebussyAriettes oubliees:5,3,2---L60Garden, Debussy ------1904------61887
ProkofievPiano Concerto #3C Major26Prokofiev, LSO, Piero Coppola***NaxosJun 1932---Invaluable disc that gives us the only recordings P ever made of his own music as a pianist.251921
Prokofiev4 Pieces:#4---4Prokofiev***Naxos Mar 4, 1935ParisGood for the period.21912
ProkofievFugitive Visions:9,3,17,18,11,10,16,6,5---22Prokofiev***NaxosFeb 1935ParisNot to be missed.81917
ProkofievPiano Sonata #4:IIc minor29Prokofiev*** NaxosMar 4, 1935Paris---61917
ProkofievTales of an old Grandmother:2,3---31Prokofiev ***NaxosMar 4, 1935; Feb 26, 1935Paris---41918
Prokofiev4 Pieces:#3---32Prokofiev***Naxos Mar 4, 1935Paris---11918
ProkofievThe Prodigal Son (arr.)---46Prokofiev*** NaxosFeb 25, 1935Paris---21929
Prokofiev3 Pieces:#2,#3C Major59Prokofiev*** NaxosFeb 12, 1935; Feb 25, 1935Paris---61934
MilhaudLe boeuf sur le toit---58Luxembourg RO, Froment---Vox1968------151919
MilhaudPercussion Concerto---109Faure Daniel, Luxembourg RO, Milhaud---Vox1968------81930
MilhaudViola Concerto #1---108Ulrich Koch, Luxembourg RO, Milhaud---Vox1968------121929
MilhaudLa muse menagere---245Grant Johannesen--- Vox1972---Nelsova's husband211944
MilhaudSalade (arr.)---83Carl Seemann, Luxembourg RO, Milhaud---Vox1968------181924
GlazunovCarnaval OvertureF Major45USSR SO, Svetlanov---------------151892
SchumannConcert Introduction and Allegro---134Michel Dalberto, VPO, Inbal---Denon---------191853
MilhaudChamber Symphonies #1-6---43,49,71,74,75,79 Luxembourg RO, Milhaud---Vox1968------311923
MilhaudL'homme et son desir---48Luxembourg RO, Milhaud ---Vox1968------171918
MilhaudPiano Concerto #2---225Johannesen, Luxembourg RO, Bernard Kontarsky---Vox1972------121941
MilhaudSuite cisalpine---332Thomas Blees, Luxembourg RO, Kontarsky---Vox1972------151954
RossiniWilliam Tell------Phd O, Muti(Overture);Monte-Carlo Nat Op O, Antonio de Almeida(I:7,III:13a-c(w/Ch));Nat PO, Riccardo Chailly(III:14)***Philips;DeccaJun 1974;1979---C is superbly recorded.---1829
GlazunovWedding MarchE-flat Major21USSR SO, Svetlanov ---------------121889
MozartSymphony #38 "Prague"D Major504Cleveland O, Dohnanyi------------------1786
ElgarIntro & Allegro---47LCO, Chris Warren-Green ****EMIJun 1988All Saints' Church, PetershamTremendous ardour. Unforgettable. Enormous bite and bravura. Whole work moves forward in a single sweep. Electricity and immediacy are thrillingly tangible. Acoustics help to create an enfulfingly rich body of tone.131905
Vaughan WilliamsLark Ascending------LCO, Warren-Green ****EMIJun 1988---Radiant. Charismatic. Beautifully sustained true pianissimo at opening and close. An altogether superb disc. 151920
ElgarSerenadee minor20LCO, Warren-Green**** EMIJun 1988---Plenty of affectionate warmth, beauty of II expressively rich but not overstated.121892
RachmaninovPaganini Rhapsodya minor43William Kapell, Robin Hood Dell O, Reiner---RCAJun 27, 1951Phd---22 1934
ShostakovichPreludesall34Shostakovich(8,14-19,22-24) Kapell(5,10)---Symposium; RCA?; Dec 11,1944------141933
StravinskyFairy's Kiss------Cleveland O, Stravinsky ***ColumbiaDec 11, 1955------451950
StravinskyPulcinella------Cleveland O, Stravinsky ---ColumbiaDec 14, 1953------381920
StravinskyThe Soldier's Tale------Ensemble (incl Alex Schneider), Stravinsky---ColumbiaJan 27, 1954NYC---25 1918
StravinskyOctet------Ensemble, Stravinsky--- ColumbiaJan 26, 1954NYC---151952
MozartSerenade #11E-flat Major375V Moz. Winds, Harnoncourt---Teldec1985------261782
SchumannArabesqueC Major18Karl Haas------ 1993------71838
Schumann3 Romanzen:2F-sharp Major28Haas------ 1993------41839
SchumannOverture, Scherzo & Finale---52BPO, Karajan ***DG1972------171845
Gabrieli, GCanzona a 8------BPO, Karajan---DG 1977------3---
ScheidtIn dulci jubilo------BPO, Karajan---DG 1977------4---
ManfrediniConcerto GrossoC Major3/12BPO, Karajan--- DG1970------11---
TorelliConcerto a 4d minor8/6BPO, Karajan---DG1970------10---
EccardVon Himmel hoch------BPO, Karajan---DG 1977------1---
PraetoriusEs ist ein Ros entsprungen------BPO, Karajan---DG1977------1---
LocatelliConcerto Grossof minor1/8BPO, Karajan---DG1970------20---
ChopinGrande PolonaiseE-flat Major22Richter, LSO, Kondrashin---------------81831
SukSerenadeE-flat Major6Suk CO, Josef Suk------ ---------261892
BeethovenPiano Sonata #9E Major14/1Artur Schnabel ****EMIMar 25, 1932---For many S was the voice of LvB 141798
BeethovenPiano Sonata #26 "Les adieux"E-flat Major81a Schnabel****EMIApr 13, 1933---Pioneering151810
SchumannAlbum for the Young:10---68Nelly Kokinos ---RCA1992------11848
ShostakovichFestive OvertureA Major96Phd O, Muti--- ------------71954
GlazunovSpringD Major34USSR SO, Svetlanov------ ---------151891
LiadovSnuffbox---32USSR SO, Svetlanov------ ---------2---
BeethovenString Quartet #2G Major18/2Guarneri Qt (III, IV)---RCA1990------101800
GlazunovSerenade #1A Major7USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------101883
GlazunovLyric PoemD-flat Major12USSR SO, Svetlanov ---------------121887
LisztPiano Concerto #1 "Triangle"E-flat MajorS124 Krystian Zimerman, BSO, Ozawa****DG------Illustrious. Thrilling. Excellent support. Poise. Great. Excellent sound-quality. Outstanding in every way. First choice.201856
BeethovenPiano Sonata #16G Major31/1Schnabel**** EMINov 1935---Insights deeper than almost anyone251802
BeethovenPiano Sonata #13 "Quasi una fantasia"E-flat Major 27/1Schnabel****EMINov 1, 1932---Profound understanding shines thru almost every bar.161801
BeethovenPiano Sonata #27e minor90Schnabel**** EMI1932---One of the towering classics of the gramophone. 131814
MozartString Quartet #15d minor421Smetana Qt*** Supraphon1982---Found just the right tempo. A pleasure to report with enthusiasm on this well-paced acct.301783
DvorakString Quartet #12 "American"F Major96Smetana Qt ---SupraphonSep 1987------251893
NovakString Quartet #2D Major35Smetana Qt--- SupraphonJun 1973------301905
BeethovenPiano Sonata #12 "Funeral March"A-flat Major26 Schnabel****EMIApr 25, 1934---Indispensable.22 1801
BeethovenPiano Sonata #30E Major109Schnabel**** EMIMar 22, 1932------201820
BeethovenPiano Sonata #28A Major101Schnabel**** EMIApr 21, 1934------201816
SmetanaString Quartet #2d minorT131Smetana Qt--- SupraphonFeb 1976---see T116181883
BeethovenFidelio---72Ludwig, Vickers, Berry, Gottlob Frick, Ingeborg Hallstein, Gerhard Unger, Crass, Philh O, Klemperer**** EMI1962---Great. Sweep the board. Unique incandescence and spiritual strength. Wonderful performances from all concerned.1271814
GlazunovRaymonda:12---57USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------51897
GlazunovScenes de balletA Major52USSR SO, Svetlanov (Waltz)---------------51894
ProkofievSymphony #1 "Classical"D Major25BPO, Karajan; Montreal SO, Dutoit(II)***DG;Decca------Predictably brilliant. Beautifully polished. Clearly detailed. II: infectious, beautifully sprung rhythms and crisp ensemble. Warm, atmospheric sound and brilliant. 151917
BeethovenPiano Sonata #22F Major54Schnabel**** EMIApr 11, 1933------101804
SmetanaString Quartet #1 "My Life"e minorT116Smetana Qt---SupraphonMar 1962---Viola used by Dvorak in the presence of composer in this work.281876
FranckString QuartetD MajorM9Juilliard Qt--- ColumbiaMar 1989------451889
BalakirevKing Lear------USSR SO, Svetlanov------ ---------361905
MonteverdiMadrigali a 5 voci:II:10---SV49Consort of Musicke, Anthony Rooley---EMI---------21590
WaltonBelshazzar's Feast------Dennis Noble, Liverpool PO, Sir William Walton***EMIJan 1943---Astonishing achievement. Sounds amazingly full and clear. Very well transfered, though inevitable surface noise. Percussion comes out most vividly. Even more compelling than W's stereo recording. 7 goes at an astonishing pace, but the incisiveness of playing and singing makes it intensely exciting and not merely breathless. Magnetic building of tension over the whole work makes this more compelling than almost any version. Revelation.341931
WaltonViola Concerto------Frederick Riddle, LSO, Walton ---DeccaDec 1937------231929
WaltonFacade------LPO, Walton***EMI1938 ---Vintage. Transfer is most remarkable example of sound well in advance of its time. Scarcely credible made in '38.211938
BalakirevRussia---10USSR SO, Svetlanov------ ---------141884
LiadovEnchanted Lake---62USSR, SO, Svetlanov--- ------------7---
SusatoDanserye:3,4------L Early Music Consort, Munrow ------1971------41551
GlazunovKarelian Legenda minor99USSR SO, Svetlanov ---------------221916
BruchViolin Concerto #1g minor26Lin, CSO, Slatkin ***ColumbiaFeb, 1986---Radiantly beautiful. Accompanied most sensitively. Totally compelling in passion and purity. Strong and dark with hushed intensity. The recording is excellent and well balanced. Technically flawless with such consummate ease--leaves one with sense of amazement. Real feeling of excitement and momentum. Silky smooth tone is heard to its full advantage. Bravura and excitement. Couples nobility with warmth and tenderness. 231866
GlazunovLes ruses d'amour:2---61USSR SO, Svetlanov ---------------71898
GriegLyric Pieces:I:2; III:5; VI:6; VIII:6; IX:2,5---12;43;57;65;68Gieseking; Gilels****EMI; DG1957; Jun 1974JCK Remarkable. Outstanding in every way.201898
MozartPiano Concerto #22E-flat Major482Richter, Philh O, Muti---EMIApr 1979------351785
GounodFuneral March of a Marionetted minor---Detroit SO, Paray---------------41873
KabalevskyColas Breugnon:Overture---90CSO, Reiner ---------------41969
LiadovRussian Folksong---58/2USSR SO, Svetlanov ---------------1---
SvetlanovSymphony #1b minor13USSR SO, Svetlanov ------1975------481956
LisztPiano Concerto #2A MajorS125Zimerman, BSO, Ozawa ****DG---------221861
GlazunovWaltz #2F Major51Philh O, Svetlanov--- ------------141894
AdamGiselle (Suite)------VPO, Karajan***Decca Sep 1961SofiensaalMany individual affectionate touches. Phrasing of lyrical passages produces much lovely playing from strings.601841
HaydnSymphony #84 "Nomine Domini"E-flat MajorI/84OAE, Sigiswald Kuijken****EMI------Outstanding. Among the most enjoyable Haydn ever. Warm bloom. Woodwind well defined. Transparent texture. Dynamic contrasts underlined. With vigor.301786
SchumannManfred: Overturee-flat minor115Polish RO, Johannes Wildner---Naxos---------181849
SchubertRosamunde---797Netania Davrath, Utah SO, Maurice Abravanel---------------541823
SchubertDer Geistertanz IV---494L Schubert Chorale, Stephen Layton---Hyperion---------21816
SchubertNacht und TraumeB Major827Baker, Geoffrey Parsons****EMI1980---Greatest of nocturnes51823
GlazunovBalladeF Major78USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------151902
SchubertAlindeA Major904Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Graham Johnson***HyperionSep 1989---Most warmly sympathetic. RJ never more beautiful on record.51827
SchubertErntelied (Harvest)E Major434Schreier, Johnson***HyperionAug 1992---Keenly illuminating. 21816
SchubertAn die HarmonieA Major394Schreier, Johnson ***HyperionAug 1992---Comprehensive notes intensify enjoyment enormously.41816
SchubertDrang in die Ferne---770Schreier, Johnson ***HyperionAug 1992------41823
SchubertKlage um Ali Bey---140John Mark Ainsley, Jamie MacDougall, Michael George, Johnson***Hyperion1993---Have flair.31815
SchubertAuf dem StromE Major943Michael Schade, David Pyatt(hn), Johnson***Hyperion1999---Background info unmatchable. Magnificent offering. Scholarship, breadth of musical imagination--no single recording project can quite match it. 112 pages of notes are searching and original. Exploiting with daunting scholarship. Opulent horn.91828
Schubert4 Refrainlieder:3, 4a minor; d minor866/3-4 Baker, Moore; Schade, Johnson****EMI; Hyperion1970; 1999---Refreshing and thoughtful.71826
SchubertLiebestandeleiE-flat Major206Philip Langridge, Johnson***HyperionSep 1988---Inspired. L rarely sounded so fresh and sparkling on record.31815
Glazunov2 Pieces:1D Major14/1USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------101884
TchaikovskyVoyevodaa minor78SLSO, Slatkin---------------101891
SchubertDer Gott und die BajadereE-flat Major254 Christine Schafer, Ainsley, George, Johnson***Hyperion------ ---91815
SchubertTischliedC Major234Simon Keenlyside, Johnson ***Hyperion---------21815
SchubertDer Wanderer an den Mond---870Dame Margaret Price, Johnson****HyperionOct 1991---A new peak. The best known on this disc, light, crisp.21826
SkryabinSymphony #5 "Prometheus"F-sharp Major60Richter, USSR SO, Svetlanov------1988------251910
HaydnSymphony #82 "Bear"C MajorI/82BPO, Karajan--- DG---------261786
HaydnSymphony #85 "Queen"B-flat MajorI/85BPO, Karajan ---DG---------241786
TchaikovskyYolanta---69Vishnevskaya, Gedda, Tom Krause, Tania Gedda, Paris O, Rostropovich***EratoDec 1984--- Natural warmth.181891
HaydnSymphony #104 "London"D MajorI/104London PO, Solti(I); AAM, Hogwood***London DeccaOct 1985; 1983London (I-IV)Superb, smiling and elegant. Full of bubbling vitality. Constant joy. No finer version. Greatest possible finesse. Top-drawer sound. Attractive acoustics. Exceptional. II-IV: Uncommonly good. Highly accomplished wind execution. Orchestral texture quite striking. Vital. Clear and present. Impressive issue.281795
SchubertDas Lied im GrunenA Major917Elizabeth Connell, Johnson***HyperionSep 1988---C rarely sounded so sweet and composed on record, yet with plenty of temperament. Most popular song on this disc.51827
SchubertTaglich zu singenF Major533Connell, Johnson ***HyperionSep 1988------11817
SchubertDie Spinnerinb minor247Elly Ameling, Johnson ***HyperionAug 1989---Rarity yield extraordinary riches. 31815
BrahmsAlto Rhapsody---53Lipovsek, BPO, Abbado*** DGSep 1988---Radiant. Control is instantly compelling.13 1869
BrahmsSymphony #2D Major73BPO, Abbado; Phd O, Muti(III-IV)***DG; PhilipsSep 1988; Oct 1988---First recording issued after A's appt. Glowing intensity reflects a special relationship, one of his very finest discs in years, bringing dg sound of exceptional fullness, vividness, and reality. Among modern versions this now stands as an easy first choice. Nobility of composer's inspiration is fully brought out. Outstanding version in every way.451877
MartinuGilgamesh---H351Ivan Kusnjer, Stefan Margita, Ludek Vele, Eva Depoltova, Slovak PO, Zdenek Kosler****NaxosNov 1989---Oldest poem known to mankind. Committed and sympathetic. Very natural balance.561955
SchubertBeim Windeg minor669Dame Felicity Lott, Johnson ***Hyperion1992---Charm.51819
SchubertAbendliedA Major276Lott, Johnson*** Hyperion1992---Tender imagination consistently match inspired accompaniment.31815
SchubertAuf dem SeeE-flat Major543Lott, Johnson*** Hyperion1992------41817
CoplandTender Land------BSO, Copland***RCA Apr 23, 1959---Well worth having.211955
CoplandBill the Kid------Phd O, Ormandy***RCA May 28, 1969------201938
GlinkaOvertureD Major---USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------51826
SchubertNachtviolenC Major752Lott, Johnson*** Hyperion1992---Raptly sung.31822
BalakirevSymphony #2d minor---USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------361908
BalakirevTamara------USSR SO, Svetlanov------------Vivid and evocative. Biting and savage.211882
BrittenSimple Symphony---4ECO, Britten***Decca 1968---Great clarity and presence. No one else has found quite the infectious bounce in II. Famous acct.181934
SchubertLitaneiE-flat Major343Baker, Parsons**** EMI1980---Grief consoled yet still near weeping.61816
SchubertAn die MusikD Major547Baker, Parsons**** EMI1980---One remembers the ravishing subito piano of 2nd stanza.31817
LyapunovSolemn Overture---7USSR SO, Svetlanov*** ---------Acceptable; close to overloading in climaxes.15 ---
BachLute Suite #4E Major1006John Williams*** Columbia------Clear first choice. With flair, vitality. First-class in every way. Equally impressive linear control and ornamentation. 181723
GriegPiano Concertoa minor16Jens Harald Bratlie, Oslo PO, Jansons---------------301868
Rimsky-KorsakovRussian Easter OvertureD Major36Philh O, Svetlanov---------------151888
Balakirev3 Russian Themes Overture------Philh O, Svetlanov***Hyperion---------91881
RespighiPines of Rome---P141CSO, Reiner; BPO, Karajan(II)****RCA; DGOct 24, 1959---Highly polished, totally committed. Wonderfully refined. Unforgettable.221924
SchubertLeib Minnaf minor222Ann Murray, Johnson*** HyperionNov 1988---One of M's finest records with the intimate beauty of the voice consistently well caught. Philip Langridge's wife.5 1815
SchubertPax vobiscumF Major551Murray, Johnson*** HyperionNov 1988---Sensitive and intelligent singer. Only song heard at composer's funeral.51817
SchubertDer gute HirtE Major449Arleen Auger, Johnson ***HyperionOct 1989---Anticipates the great staircase theme in Strauss's Arabella.31816
SchumannSymphony #2C Major61BPO, Karajan(I,III), Levine(IV); Cleveland O, Dohnanyi***DG; Decca------K: Stand above all other modern recordings. Among the most powerful ever recorded, combining poetic intensity and intellectual strength in equal proportions. Has great eloquence and is marvellously played. L: Warm and positive, drawing superb playing. Warm and full.371846
KorngoldViolin ConcertoD Major35Perlman, Pittsburgh SO, Previn***EMI1981------241947
BeethovenPiano Sonata #17 "Tempest"d minor31/2Richter(I); Wilhelm Kempff****EMI; DG------III like "the eternally flowing sea." K is to the 1960s what Schnabel was to pre-war. Commanding stature. First choice for many. I: Makes the most of contrast (slow opening and unusually fast when allegro comes). Far from being odd, this effect is breathtaking. Excellent sound.231802
BalakirevSpanish March Overture------USSR SO, Svetlanov---------------141886
HaydnSymphony #103 "Drumroll"E-flat MajorI/103RPO, Beecham****EMI------Great warmth, drama. Unique geniality. Sound is amazingly full and fresh, plenty of body, sweet violin timbre, no edge. Large O to glorious effect. Classic of the gramophone, some of the most beautiful B sound. Treasurable.301795
SchubertWinterreise---911Peter Pears, Britten**** DeccaOct 1963---(esp. 5,11) Originally for high voice, not low--Gains enormously from being at the right pitch. Strikingly intense and subtle. When the message is so gloomy, dark voice tends too oppressive whereas the lightness of a tenor is even more affecting. 3 is magical in creating the frozen teardrops falling. Exceptionally successful transfer, bringing presence and realism.731827
HaydnSymphony #99E-flat MajorI/99Philh Hungarica, Dorati****Decca------D was ahead of his time. Superbly transferred in full, bright and immediate sound. Remarkably clean texture. Complete project with not a suspicion of routine. Glowing sense of commitment. Dramatic force in sforzandos.261793
TchaikovskyMazeppa:Overture; Dance------USSR SO, Svetlanov; Cincinnati SO, Erich Kunzel---TelarcSep 1978--- ---111883
GlinkaOvertureg minor---USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------61826
ZelenkaTrio Sonata #1F Major---Heinz Holliger, et al ****DG------Outstanding. Directly comparable to Bach at his finest. Superb. Electricity of the original inspiration comes over with exhilarating immediacy. Fine, admirably remastered. Recommend urgently.12 ---
KabalevskyComedians---26RCA Victor SO, Kondrashin ---RCA---------161940
GlazunovSlavonic FestivalG Major26USSR SO, Svetlanov ---------------181888
RossiniCenerentola:Overture------CSO, Reiner**** RCA1958---Sound is even more preferable than most digital collections. Rich orchestral backcloth, resonant drum. Blaze of brass (the O was always famous for brass). Resplendent. Scurrying violins utmost virtuosity. The sparkle and vivacity one remembers above all--this ov has the wit as well as fizzing bravura. Magnificent achievement.81817
SchubertImpromptu #2E-flat Major899/2Tan---EMI ---------41827
AlfvenSwedish Rhapsody #1---19Swedish RSO, Salonen ---Columbia---------141903
BrahmsGerman Requiem---45Gundula Janowitz, Eberhard Waechter, BPO, Karajan; Wolfgang Holzmair, SFSO, Blomstedt***EMI(I); DG; Decca(VI)------I:Full. Trenchant.751869
RachmaninovCapriccio---12USSR SO, Svetlanov--- ------------171894
SchubertWiegenliedA-flat Major498Baker, Moore**** EMI1970------31816
SchubertFruhlingsglaubeA-flat Major686Baker, Parsons ****EMI1980---This song reflects the composer's astonishing and humbling ability to rejoice in the beauty of the world, in the here and now. He gave out love (both musical and personal) and expected little, if anything, in return. Why a seemingly simple work like this can vibrate with humanity when grander works by lesser composers remain lumps of musical clay, is one of the mysteries of music.31820
SchubertSchlummerliedF Major527Baker, Moore**** EMI1970------31817
SchubertDas Lied vom ReifenA-flat Major532Edith Mathis, Johnson***HyperionOct 1992---As near as S came to writing a Christmas carol.31817
SchubertSchweizerliedF Major559Mathis, Johnson*** HyperionOct 1992---We have a real Swiss to sing it. S never visited Switzerland.11817
SchubertAbschiedb minor578Mathis, Johnson*** HyperionOct 1992---Only one in the canon where S set his own words.41817
RossiniIl viaggio a Reims------COE, Abbado**** DG1984 PesaroOne of the most sparkling and totally successful live opera available. No weak link. Superb playing from the young members.2 1825
SchubertHoffnungB-flat Major637Lipovsek, Johnson*** Hyperion 1997------31819
SchubertLob der TranenD Major711Mathis, Johnson*** Hyperion Oct 1992------51818
MussorgskyHopak------Boris Christoff, ORTF, Georges Tzipine ****EMI1957---Cannot be too warmly welcomed.2 31Aug 1866
BalakirevSuiteb minor---USSR SO, Svetlanov--------- ------211908
MussorgskyWhere are thou, little star?------Christoff, Moore ****EMI1957---C at the height of his vocal powers. 41857
Granados12 Spanish Dances: #4 "Villanesca", #5 "Andaluza", #7 "Valenciana", #10---37Bream (4); Enrique Granados ****RCA; Pierian1913---Most inspirational. Wonderfully spontaneous. One of the most impressive guitar recitals ever recorded.191890
SchubertEntzuckung an Laura IID-flat Major577Sir Thomas Allen, Johnson***HyperionMay 1992------41817
HindemithHorn Concerto------Brain, Philh O, Hindemith***EMI19 Nov 1956---Incomparable. First-class mono transferred expertly.151949
HindemithKonzertmusik---50Philh O, Hindemith---EMINov 1956------161930
RespighiRoman Festivals---P157LSO, Sir Malcolm Sargent (I-II)---------------121928
ArenskyNal and Damajanti:Overture------USSR SO, Svetlanov---------------7---
TchaikovskyOvertureF Major---Russian Nat O, Mikhail Pletnev---DG---------151866
DebussyFaun's Afternoon Prelude---L86Concg O, Haitink ****PhilipsDec 1976---Must rank as the finest D collection in the CD catalog. Hazily sensuous. Truthful and natural. Beautiful perspectives and realistic color. Marvellously refined sound.111894
SchubertPiano Sonata #15 "Unfinished"C Major840Kempff ***DGJan 1967---Acceptable.231825
SchubertPiano Sonata #13A Major664Kempff***DG Jan 1967---Wisdom in a special category.201819
GlinkaCapricio brillante (Spanish Overture #1)------BBC PO, Vassily Sinaisky---Chandos---------101845
GlazunovFinnish SketchesE Major89USSR SO, Svetlanov--------- ------101912
GrofeGrand Canyon suite------Rochester PO, Ferde Grofe(I,III)--- Philips1960------141931
BrucknerSymphony #1 "The Saucy Maid"c minorWAB101BPO, Jochum(I); CSO, Solti***DG; DeccaOct 1965JCKWears its years lightly. J still has special claims as a guide in this terrain. He communicates a lofty inspiration. S: Very impressive. His power, brilliance of the playing and the digital are formidable.481868
SchubertString Quartet #4C Major46Melos(IV)**DG May 1972 ---Impressive.41813
SchubertString Quartet #10E-flat Major87Melos(I-III)**DGApr 1973------181813
RavelMiroirs:#2-5 "Oiseaux tristes"; "Une barque sur l'ocean"; "Alborada del gracioso"; "La vallee des cloches"------Maurice Ravel; BPO, Boulez(3;4)---DG1922; 1993; 1928--- ---261905
RavelGaspard de la nuit: 2------Ravel------ ---------51908
Gershwin (collab. Shilkret; Gold; Kern; Whiting)Make Believe; Grieving for you; Land Where the Good Songs Go; Some Sunday Morning (arr.) ------George Gershwin------1927------13 1917
MozartHorn Concerto #1D Major412Milos Stevove, Capella Istropolitana, Josef Kopelman***AmadisNov 1988---Excellent, stylish accompaniment.81791
GranadosGoyescas: Book I---H64Granados---Pierian1913------291911
GranadosValses poeticos---H147Granados---Pierian1913--- ---101887
Scarlatti, DKeyboard Sonata #190 (arr)B-flat Major190Granados--- Pierian1912------21752
BeethovenViolin Sonata #9 "Kreutzer"A Major47Oistrakh, Lev Oborin***Philips1962---Performance to treasure. Relaxed joy in the music-making, an almost effortless lyricism and an infectious sparkle. Rec is rather wide in separation. Beautiful sound.341803
RachmaninovScherzod minorTNii/40USSR SO, Svetlanov---------------51887
Carey6 songs------Mariah Carey, et al---Columbia1991NYC---281991
BeethovenViolin Sonata #1D Major12/1Suk, Jan Panenka ---Supraphon1967------221798
VerdiNabucco------BPO, Karajan (Overture); La Scala O, Muti (I:2;III:18)***DG; EMI1992---Tremendous panache and virtuosity. K is in his element, with the polished O producing plenty of high drama. "Most enjoyable!"181842
Rimsky-KorsakovSadko---5USSR SO, Svetlanov---RCAJul 1993 L'Arsenal, MetzFirst Russian tone poem.11 1867
GoldmarkViolin Concerto #1a minor28Perlman, Pittsburgh SO, Previn (II) ---EMI---------71878
DebussyLa Mer---L109Munich PO, Sergiu Celibidache (I); Concg O, Haitink ****EMI; PhilipsSep 13, 1992; Dec 1976---O sound is quite unforgettable.281905
Rimsky-KorsakovSymphony #3C Major32USSR SO, Svetlanov ---RCA Jul 1993------371873
HandelSerse:I: "Ombra mai fu di vegetabile"---HWV40Jen Larmore, Lusanne CO, Lopez-Cobos---Teldec1994------4 1738
Schumann5 Stucke im Volkston---102Rostropovich, Britten***Decca ------In the hands of masters these have a rare charm, esp V. The record is particularly valuable. Excellent recording.201849
DebussySonata #1d minorL135Rostropovich, Britten (I)***Decca ------The classic version. Has a clarity and point which suit the music perfectly. The recording is first class. This holds its place as first choice.51915
BruchKol Nidrei---47Pablo Casals, LSO, Sir Landon Ronald***EMI Nov 27, 1936---A landmark of the gramophone. Strongly characterized. This disc is one of the classics of the gramophone. 121881
GluckOrfeo ed Euridice: II: Dance of the Blessed Spirits; III:3---Wq30 BPO, Karajan; Janet Baker, LPO, Raymond Leppard---DG; TeldecSep 1983; 1982 ------121762
Vaughan WilliamsSerenade to Music------LPO, Sir Adrian Boult***EMINov 5, 1969---Work dedicated to Sir Henry Wood--what a gift! Original soloists included Dame Eva Turner. Attractive, beautifully performed and recorded. Fresh and pleasing transfer. Great presence, yet the overall balance remains convincing. 131938
TippettDouble String O Concerto------SCO, Sir Michael Tippett***EMI1988---Particularly valuable. I and III delightfully pointed, while the lovely melody of II has never sounded more warmly expressive. Warm, full recording.251939
NielsenViolin Concerto---33Lin, Swedish RSO, Salonen****Columbia 1988---Authoritative. Handles the numerous technical hurdles with breathtaking assurance. The simple eloquence with which he tackles the closing pages of the intro is most affecting. Perfect intonation and tonal purity excite admiration, but so should the command of the architecture; there is a strong sense of line from beginning to end. S is supportive and gets good playing from the O.361911
BartokSuite---14Bela Bartok---PearlNov 5, 1929------81916
Bartok2 Rumanian Dances: 1---8aBartok---Pearl Nov 5, 1929------41910
Bartok10 Easy Pieces: 5,10---Sz39Bartok---Pearl Nov 5, 1929 ------41908
BartokAllegro barbaro---Sz49Bartok---Pearl Nov 5, 1929------21911
Bartok14 Bagatelles: 2---6Bartok---Pearl---------11908
Bartok3 Burlesques: 2---8cBartok---PearlNov 20, 1929------21911
Bartok9 Little Pieces: 6,8,9---Sz82Bartok---Pearl------ ---61926
BartokPetite Suite (orig 44 Violin Duos)---Sz105 Bartok---Pearl ---------71931
Bartok3 Rondos on Folktunes: 1---Sz84Bartok---Pearl------ ---31916
Bartok15 Hungarian Peasant Songs: nos.---Sz71Bartok---Pearl 1936------41918
LisztAnnees de pelerinage: iii: 7---S163Bartok---Pearl1936 ------31877
BartokMikrokosmos: #124, 146, 69, 127, 145---Sz107; Sz108Bartok; Bartok, Ditta Pasztory-Bartok---Pearl---------71939
Bartok8 Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs: nos.---20Bartok---Pearl---------81920
Bartok3 Hungarian Folksongs (transcr from From Gyergyo)---Sz35aBartok---Pearl---------41907
HolstBeni Mora---29/1LSO, Gustav Holst--- SymposiumFeb 14, 1924------141910
BridgeThe Sea------LSO, Frank Bridge--- SymposiumJul 26, 1923------181911
BlissConversations------?O, Sir Arthur Bliss---SymposiumFeb 9, 1923------121920
HartyWith the Wild Geese------Halle O, Sir Hamilton Harty---SymposiumMar 26, 1926------161910
Vaughan WilliamsWasps--Aristophanic Suite------Aeolian O, Ralph Vaughan Williams (Overture); LPO, Handley (3)***Symposium; EMI1922; 1985------111909
ElgarViolin Concertob minor61Menuhin, LSO, Sir Edward Elgar***NaxosJul 1932---M was 16 y.o. Superb sense of atmosphere and presence. Its classic status is amply confirmed: in many ways no one has ever matched--let alone surpassed--this. The resp of cond, M, and O has extraordinary magic, with great warmth but no self-indulgence. Indispensable record for M's totally compulsive acct, a very moving experience.501910
Schumann3 Romanzen: 2A Major94Fritz Kreisler, Michael Raucheisen---NaxosDec 13, 1927---K was son of Freud's family physician.41849
PonchielliLa Gioconda: III: Danza delle Ore; Gia ti veggo------Gothenburg SO, Jarvi; Dame Eva Turner, La Scala O, Lorenzo Molajoli***EMIMay 12, 1926---T's art superbly celebrated in this magnificent sample. Rich and intense. Delight to have spoken intro of June 1988 (97 y.o.). Transfer is model of its kind, with the voice astonishingly vivid.151876
MilhaudSaudades do Brasil: 1---67Bill Bolcom---Nonesuch1975---B was a student of the composer.21921
WagnerRienzi: Overture---WWV49VPO, Solti--- Decca1961------121840
BrahmsViolin Sonata #1G Major78Igor Oistrakh, Anton Ginzburg---EMIMay 1960------271879
KajanusAino------Finnish RSO, Jorma Panula*** Ondine1991------151885
SibeliusImpromptu------Kuhmo O, Peter Csaba*** Ondine1994------71893
SibeliusRakastava---14Kuhmo O, Csaba***Ondine 1994---Affecting.111893
SibeliusAndante Festivo------Finnish RSO, Jan Sibelius***OndineJan 1, 1939---Highly effective. Great intensity.61922
TchaikovskyPiano Concerto #2G Major44Peter Donohoe, Bournemouth SO, Rudolf Barshai****EMI------Much-praised recording. Distinctive. Superb. Kennedy and Isserlis have beguiling warmth. Pacing is perfectly calculated. Mvt 1 goes with a splendid impetus, orchestral episode broadened effectively. Delight from beginning to end. Marvellous. Mvt 3 inspired to bravura which recalls Horowitz in 1st Cto. Main theme, shooting off with the velocity of the ball in a pinball machine, is exhilarating, and the O has a matching excitement. Coda is a tour de force and brings one to the edge of one's seat in admiration. Fine, spacious ambience, admirably realistic and very well balanced. Alas, this splendid disc has been deleted (2002). This work has never before received such convincing advocacy on record.471880