Turn One Loop

Here is my solution for a turn one victory for the Corporation. It uses a prebuilt stack of 40 cards that are all drawn during the first turn of the game. The Runner doesn't get a single action! The basic idea came from a report of an IRC Match, where the Corp used a similar approach to get out and use a Blood Cat. Although I doubt that you can build a deck that can repeatedly win with this tactic, it was quite funny to do all the calculations.

Using the Security Purge from my final solution, Byron Massey even found a method that uses only 39 cards which is an improvement of 35% compared to my original version of 60 cards. For now I'll restrict myself to the 40 cards version, so you can still see if you can get the 39 or maybe even less.

To be able to better analyze the problem, I developed a notation for the loop process. You could even further compact the following example by generalisation of standard card combinations, e.g. you'll need 2 in 16-pointed star and 2 cards in this scenario to gain one action. For improved readability I used the explicit form.

Shortcuts are:
sp Security Purge
pr Pacifica Regional AI
tr Team Restructuring
an Annual Reviews
er Edgerunner, Inc., Temps
ac ACME Savings and Loan
esa ESA Contract
ty Tycho Extension
pc Project Consultants
mam Misleading Access Menus
agendaX Agenda advanced X times
agenda! Score agenda

Table 1
Actions Bits Hand Play Info Drawn
3 5 sp 2pr tr an er er sp 2pr 6
2 4 tr an tr 2pr
3 3 an an an 2tr 9
2 3 an 2tr tr pr sp1
2 2 an tr tr pr sp2
2 1 an an an 2tr 12
1 1 an 2tr tr pr sp! (e.g. 3mam) 15
1 9 an tr tr 2pr
2 8 an an esa 2tr 18
1 8 esa 2tr tr 2pr
2 7 esa tr tr
3 6 esa esa
2 6 esa 2tr 20
1 6 2tr tr
2 5 tr tr
3 4 esa ac tr 22
2 4 ac tr ac
1 16 tr tr 2pr
2 15 esa 2tr 24
1 15 2tr tr 2pr
2 14 tr tr 2pr
3 13 esa 2tr 26
2 13 2tr tr 2pr
3 12 tr tr 2pr
4 11 esa ac tr 28
3 11 ac tr ac
2 23 tr tr 2pr
3 22 esa 2tr 30
2 22 2tr esa 2tr 32
1 22 4tr tr 2pr
2 21 3tr esa 2tr 34
1 21 5tr tr 2pr
One abreviation: play all 5 TRs
6 16 esa 2ty 36
5 16 2ty esa 2pc 38
4 16 2ty 2pc esa er ac 40
3 16 2ty 2pc er ac

Well, how to win with 3 actions, 16 bits and the six cards mentioned above is trivial. If you really don't get it, just read a few articles about Psycho Tycho decks.

I'd be glad to hear from somebody who can further reduce the treshhold below the (current) magic barrier of 39 cards. Maybe some new cards may enable a quicker version. I'll have a look on some of the virtual expansions by Skip, Argi and Neal.