still under construction... (works already!)

Chat on the net - Live!

The "ChatBox" is optimized for Netscape 4.0 or better. (IE does not work.)
The default server is " Port:6667" .

here are some commands you may use:
/help help program
/server connect to an irc-server
/list list channels
/join #irc-channel join a certain #irc-channel
/admin servername       tells you something about the administartor of #
/motd Message Of The Day.
/nick changes your nick
/who tells you who is who
/whois info about a certain user
/invite invites a user to #
/msg stands for message
/me you may comment on yourself. i.e. /me is a nice guy.
/topic changes the topic of #
/kick if you want to get rid of someone. (operator command)
/quit leave channel and server

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