Our Wedding

What's Your Story?

Greg and Jen met in the fall of 1998, their Freshman year at the University of Dayton. Jen had moved in early because of band practice and was going for her undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. Greg was going for his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. And that early on at UD, both degree paths shared many of the same classes.

They had a few classes together. Over the first few days, they had seen each other several times. During one class they had together (a mandatory "study hall", no less), Greg was the only person Jen recognized. So she went and sat down next to him. Being one of the few women in our classes, Jen was easy for Greg to pick out!

Each week they had this class together, they would sit next to each other and spend most of the time talking. They learned a lot about each other and found they had several similar interests in computers, video games, etc. (They never said what they had to study in study hall!)

After a few short weeks, they thought they were so in love with each other that they started officially dating. That lasted a little less than a year and, at the beginning of Sophomore year, Greg broke up with Jen. This was a very sad event for both of us, indeed. But, it let both of us have room to grow and mature.

They both had also had time do our own thing, learn a little about life and ourselves, and eventually realize that they missed each other too much. A few years later, by the end of our 1st Senior year, they had matured a lot. On St. Patrick's Day 2002, they decided to give it a go again. They've happily been together ever since!

So, How Did It Happen?


After about three years of dating and many discussions of marriage, it was time to go the next step. They were both graduated, had good jobs, and yearned for that next plateau!

Jen and Greg had looked at engagements rings before, but never actually purchased one. Unbeknownst to Jen, Greg searched for the perfect diamond to be set in one of her favorite settings. Also without her knowledge, he drove to Columbus, OH and Mingo Jct., OH to meet with her father and mother, respectively, to ask for their permission. Over very nice dinners at both, Greg was given both of their blessings!

On August 6th, one of our friends, Gary K., was out of town and had asked Greg to go over and take care of the animals. It was a weekend, so they decided to go for a picnic when they got there to take care of the animals.Taylorsville Metropark in Huber Heights, OH (Jen had received a picnic basket the year before for her birthday and they needed an excuse to use it!) However, prior to that, Greg needed a way to get Jen to a MetroPark, where he was planning on proposing, that was in the opposite direction of K's house. Of course, Jen could not find out about this plan ahead of time...

Greg, being his father's son, enjoys ice cream a lot. He had heard about a local ice cream stand that was supposedly better than Dairy Queen. It just happened to be in the direction of the Park! So Greg got all of the picnic supplies together, dropped the top of his convertible, and asked Jen if they could go get ice cream first. Knowing Greg's affinity for the sweet stuff, she didn't think much of it. They left and got the ice cream. On the way from there to K's house, they stopped at the park "only because it was a nice day" -- wink, wink.

They wandered around the park for awhile and then ended up down by the river in a nice area under the trees. The ground there was a little rocky, but it was a nice place to just enjoy nature. Jen sitting on a rock.Greg took some pictures with his relatively new camera, while Jen sat down and enjoyed the view. They eventually decided to get going before it got too dark -- they had dinner to eat and animals to feed!

As they were walking away from the river, Greg stopped and bent down. Jen was now several yards in front of him, but she turned, frustrated, to see what drew my attention. Of course, she sees nothing of interest and starts to hurry Greg along. However, he just stayed there, looked up, and said, "Hey, honey! Come look at this rock I found!" As she unhappily comes back to see this "rock", Greg shifts his weight to be on one knee and pulls out the engagement ring box. As he opened it, he asked if she would marry him.

Jen's first answer was calculatedThe ring and went something like, "Well... Let me think about it..." That lasted for not even 1 second, when she burst out, "Of course! Yes!!!"

They spent a few more minutes there together with nature. Then they headed back to the car for our picnic. Once they got to K's house, they took care of the animals and then laid out our blanket in the yard. They got out all the supplies and had a very nice dinner. By this time twilight was setting in, so they stayed and watched the stars and talked for several hours. It was a fantastic evening!

Location Information for the Big Day

As you know, the wedding and reception are being held in the Dayton, OH area. Below is information about events of the day, location information, hotel accommodations, directions, etc. This information supplements the insert that you received with your invitation.

Ceremony & Reception

The wedding ceremony will be held at St. Peter Catholic Church in Huber Heights, OH. The ceremony will be held in the Catholic tradition; however, there will not be a Mass and there will not be Communion. It will start at 1:00PM on Saturday, September 8th. We expect the ceremony to take approx. 1 hour.

The reception will be held at Heatherwoode Golf Club in Springboro, OH. The reception party will begin at 4:00P.M. and last for approx. 5 hours.

Hotel Accommodations

A block of rooms have been held at the Fairfield Inn-Dayton South until August 24th, 2007. When contacting this hotel, ask for the Landberg/Smith wedding to receive the wedding rate.

The Fairfield Inn has the following amenities:
- Free high-speed Internet in all the rooms
- Free continental breakfast each morning
- Indoor pool
- Hot tub
- Non-smoking rooms only

*Due to recent legislation passed in Ohio & corporate policy, this hotel is completely non-smoking.*

Fairfield Inn-Dayton South
8035 Washington Village Dr.
Dayton, OH  45458
Tel: 937-428-7736

If you require a smoking room, the suites at the Doubletree Guest Suites Dayton/Miamisburg may accommodate you. Rooms there have been held until August 24th, 2007. When contacting this hotel, ask for the Landberg/Smith wedding to receive the wedding rate.
This hotel has the following amenities:
- Free high-speed Internet in all the rooms
- Indoor & outdoor pool
- Hot tub
- Smoking & non-smoking rooms

Doubletree Guest Suites Dayton/Miamisburg
300 Prestige Place
Dayton, Ohio  45342
Tel: 937-436-2400

Who's Who of Our Wedding

Bride & Groom

Hopefully, you already know that these two are Jennifer Landberg and Gregory Smith. You can read more about us on the "About Us" page!


We are having 2 bridesmaids. The Matron of Honor is Julie Saladin, best friend of the bride and good friend of the groom. The other bridesmaid is Julie Smith, sister of the groom.


We are balancing that with 2 groomsmen. The Best Man is Jason Kuenle, best friend of the groom. The other groomsman is Andrew Smith, brother of the groom.


Robert Landberg, Father of the Bride, will be accompanied by his wife, M. Elizabeth Landberg, Step-mother of the Bride, and Dianne Landberg, Mother of the Bride.

Thomas Smith, Jr., Father of the Groom, will be accompanied by his wife, Mary Alice Smith, Mother of the Groom.

We Are Registered!

Below you'll find links to our on-line registries. Feel free to browse them on-line or visit the B & M stores. When searching, please search for the Landberg / Smith wedding. If you purchase something off our registry, don't forget to make sure it counts against our totals. In the store, ensure the cashier scans the barcode on the printed registry. If on-line, ensure you click the links off of our registry.

We are registered at:

* Tip: Don't forget to use your $5 and 20% off coupons. They'll accept them even if they're "expired"!
* Tip: They offer free gift wrapping. * Tip: Macy's owns several department stores now (Kauffman's, Lazarus, etc.). There's probably a Macy's near you! * Tip: Please save the gift receipt. Unlike other stores, Target will not allow us to return or exchange any gift without a receipt.

More Coming Soon!

We have received a link to the pictures from the photographer of our wedding day. If you were on their mailing list, you should have received an E-mail pointing you to www.collages.net; this is where they have hosted our picutres.

However, you can also click this link. The username is smith and the password is 6602. (The log-in screen should look like that on the right.) After you click GO, it will prompt you for your E-mail address and name. If you do not wish to give it, type x@x.com for the E-mail address and any single letter for your first name; then click Log-In.

When we have time, we will also post pictures from our honeymoon.

If you have pictures that you'd like us to put up here, please contact either Jen or Greg via E-mail and we'll add them as we can!

More Coming Soon!

Q: "Hey, guys! Did you know that you botched the stamps and put the $0.41 stamp on the big outside envelope and the higher, $0.58 stamp on the reply envelope?"

A: "Indeed we did know that. In fact, it was done on purpose. The invitation envelope weighed exactly 1 oz., so it was able to be mailed at $0.41. Using that same logic, the reply card & envelope could also be able to be mailed at $0.41, since it must weigh less than 1 oz.
When I asked the postal worker what each would cost to send (to verify my logic), I was also told that both could be sent for $0.41. I questioned further, just to make sure. Sure enough. When the postal employee measured the smaller envelope, it was 1/8" too tall versus its width. As such, it had to be hand-sorted, which costs an extra $0.17 for 1st-class postage."
Now you know!

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