Corgi7's Sources

This page is going to tell about the resources that I used for parts of my webpage. For a lot of the factual information, I turned to World Book Encyclopedia. For information on beliefs of the classical composers, I turned to The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers by Patrick Kavanaugh. This background was found at Music-Related Graphic Images The music bar at the bottom was also found there. Classical music MIDI files found at Midi File Central-The Ultimate Midi File Archive.This site is best heard with Crescendo! Midi Plugin. To get it, go to Downloading Crescendo! It's free! My guestbook is provided by Lpage.Most of the rest is information I already knew or my feelings. Because I wish to stay anonymous, my email address won't appear on this web site. You can, however, leave comments in my Guestbook. To do so, go back to my home page. Thank you for visiting. Please remember that this site is under construction. There will be updates in the future. Come again soon.


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