Enjoy the Theme Song to My Fav. Movie Series of All Time, while you find out more about me

Name: Ryan "Hoss" Knepp

Age: 21

Home: Huntingdon Pa.

Intrests: Hunting, Farming, Camping, Music, Movies, Tuba playing, Raido Broadcasting, and Looking for Women!

Hobbies: Baseball cards, Sport Shooting, card games (mainly pinchole), Playing the Tuba, and of Course the Radio!!!!

I belong to the Boy Scouts of America, The Order to the Arrow, the National Rifile Assocation, Tuba Universial Brotherhood Assocation, the Music Educators National Conference, and the Pennsylviana Music Educators Assocation.

I played in several Diffrent Ensambles at Mansfield University. I was a member of THE PRIDE OF PENNSYLVIANA THE MANSFIELD UNIVERSITY MARCHING BAND, the MU Wind Ensamble, the MU Symphony, the MU Symphonic Band, and the Mansfield Tuba/Euphonium Ensamble.

My Concert Horn is a St. Petersburg 201 BBb 4 Valve Rotory Tuba(THANKS TUBA EXCHANGE!!!), and I marched with a Conn Fiberglass thing that Pretended to be a Sousaphone!

I live on a small family farm in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I love the outdoors, and I go camping alot. I love to have fun and goof off when there is nothing else better to do. I love workning on the Radio and Watching the Orginal Star Trek on the sci-fi channel.

I love Music in every way, shape, and form. I am going to be student teaching this fall. I want to be able to give childern the ability to love and understant Music. I want to watch a young child go from picking up the horn for the first time to playing in college. I like to help people understand music. I also love to make music. that is why I want to teach!

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