This is me and my old Baby! it's a Yahamma 641 BBb 4-Valve Rotory. the G is sharp,and the Low Register can be a pain sometimes,but I love this horn, but it was time to get my own. so I took a trip to the only place for Tubas.

well here I am at 1825 Chapil Hill Road, Duram, NC. the Mecca of all tuba players. My mom and I had a great trip there, I tryed out several Tubas including the St. Petersburg.

now this is a tuba players dream come true, The Tuba Exchange is cramed full of Tubas. Old tubas and New Tubas, it is the greatest Place. I bought a St. Petersburg 201N and I love it Thanks Tuba Exchange!!!!!!

Pictures of The Pride of PA, the Mansfield University Marching Band Tuba Section

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