Award Recipients

  • Connie's Violin Page:
    All about violins and academic women in music.

  • Bruce DeBoer's Midis:
    Midi compositions woven with a thread of new age, classic, and Celtic influence.

  • Florian Keller,
    The Entertaining Salzburger
    The international artists' live music, information about living in Austria & many surprises.

  • Brass Band Midden Brabant:
    All about a famous Belgian Brass-Band with live music.

  • Margaret Leong -
    Musical Graphics
    A large collection of graphics (many animated) and links.

  • Robert Schramm -
    The Brass Chest
    An insiders look at brass instruments, bands & music.

  • Jaco van der Merwe -
    The George Crumb Homepage
    Comprehensive and beautiful site about the contemporary American composer.

  • Ashlee's Creative Zone -
    A teen page
    Chat with your peers about flutes and dancing. Childproof.

  • Nicola Guidetti - Flutist:
    Beautiful site about the professional Italian musician.

  • Tran Luong Anh -
    Frederic Chopin
    Everything about the Classical composer, including games and quizzes.

  • Brian Marsh - Clarinets:
    The innerworkings of the Grissom High School clarinet section.

  • Operacalli:
    Ever expanding listing of important historical events surrounding opera singers and composers. Now in Spanish AND English.

  • This page was updated on February 21, 2002
    Vienna Vanguard Award Vanguard award graphic

    The Vienna Vanguard Award was initiated May 1999 to help highlight and promote Vienna-themed sites that exhibit a vitality and vigor that comes from an active homesteader continually updating and improving the site. Winning sites will maintain working graphics and links, are user-friendly, and generally have a professional look.

    How to apply:
    To apply for this award, you must already be a winner of the Vienna Award and your name should appear on the Vienna Award Winners List. Then simply fill out the form below after reading the guidelines. You will hear from us within two weeks.
    If you have won the Vienna Award, but your name does not appear on the winners list, send an email to Bill Kibler explaining when you were awarded the Vienna Award and who awarded it to you. You will be added to the list.

    Winners list, zine article, future web ring
    Winners of the Vanguard Award will receive, in addition to their graphic, a link in the Award Recipients list on this page. Periodically, an article will appear in Vienna Online highlighting the most recent winners of the award. Also, once the number of sites increases, we will consider starting a Vienna Vanguard webring, if there is sufficient interest.

      Guidelines (will be updated periodically; please read carefully):
    • No dead links or links to "empty" pages.
    • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar should be correct
    • Content should be original and for all audiences.
    • The site should be updated regularly. If there is a What's New section, it should be updated at least once a month.
    • Design should be clear and easy to read, with all lettering visible against whatever background is present.
    • Layout should be logical, making it easy to navigate throughout the site.
    • The initial page should load relatively quickly. While large graphics can be present, they should include height and width attributes so that text can be read while the graphics finish loading. Graphics should play an integral part in the design/layout of the page, rather than being there just for the sake of having a graphic. The quality of the graphics used for the layout is part of the creative freedom of the page designer and will not be judged.
      Special rule:
    • If the siteowner offers self-made graphics for use on other sites, some expertise in that field has to be displayed, like higher resolution and anti-aliasing.
      This makes for a more balanced overall content in the Vanguard spirit of a high quality site.
    • Not every site is expected to be a technological marvel. An ultra-simple site with extraordinary content is every bit as much a Vanguard site, and sometimes even a welcome change.
    Vienna Vanguard Award Application Form
    Your Name:

    Your Email Address:

    Your Web Page Address:

    Describe Site in 25-50 Words:

    Site Submitted by (Name, Email) if Different from Above:

    After successful submission of your application you will be taken back
    to the front page of Vienna Online. Thank you!

    Loss of Vanguard status
    A site can lose its status as a Vienna Vanguard site by (1) Deleting the site, (2) Totally changing the content, (3) Abandoning the site for over a year, resulting in links going dead and general unsightliness, (4) Adding unacceptable banners or material to an otherwise acceptable site. Committee members and other award winners are encouraged to visit Vanguard Award-winning sites and to inform CL Florian Keller when discrepancies are found on a Vanguard site.