Aaron Kwok World

He is sooooo fione & sexy!!!!!

American Name-Aaron Kwok

Chinese Name-Kwok Pu Shing

Vietnamese Name-Quach Phu Thanh

Birthdate-Oct.26,1965(Happy Birthday Aaron!Wish u da best of luck.Love ya 4 eva = )



Zodiac Sign-Scorpio

Aaron was born on the Chinese New Year of the Snake

Place of birth-Hong Kong

Family-Father,Mother,2 elder brother,and an elder sister(his father and one of his elder brother had passed away in a robery)

Aaron is one of the 4 Kings(I think he is the sexiest one)

Fav,Food-Chilli ang hot,spicy food


Fav.Color-Black,White,and Blue


Clothes-Natural and comfortable


Fav.Actors-Robert Deniro and Dustin Hoffman

Most Dislike Place-Public Tiolet

Hobbies-swimming dancing,and listening to music

Aaron loves Ferrari's and he has a couple of them

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