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That thing above ain't me!!!
Perhaps that is how I will look like eighty years from now...
or after a visit to the Stauf Mansion in 11th Hour....

                            Hello to all my dear friends whoever, wherever and whatever you are...welcome to
                            the fruits of my first attempt at making a home on the web. Just a plain and simple
                            webpage which will disappear into obscurity once you all have seen it. I will try my
                            best to keep this page updated with anything I deem suitable....




                                                * 03/02/2000 Added some boring  essays to "And the keyboard strikes..."
                                                * 03/02/2000 New mp3 of my terrible rendition of the 3rd movement from Prokofiev's Flute Sonata...

                                        my life story (read all about it! read all about it!)

                                        my second life story (life as a part-time musician)

                                        my little list of links to other sites, inclusive of friends' homepages!

                                        my page of photographs

                                       my second page of photographs.

                                       my third page of photographs!! *added 14/06/99*

                                       and the keyboard strikes... *added 14/06/99*

                                        Sign my GEOCITIES GUESTBOOK!!!

                                        View my GEOCITIES GUESTBOOK!!!


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