Classical Music

The greatest classical music home page with in-depth history, pieces
for download. You'll be attracted by this great page!

Some great pieces in .ra format are waiting for you to
listen and check out what records will release soon!

A page about the great British composer Elgar.

Photo Collection

A great page to relax! See what great
pictures Chizuru had photoed!

A photo album for those who like China nature view.


 The greatest MIDI site on the web.

A nice page provides MIDI of the great composer Mozart.

Another MIDI site with lots of classical music MIDI.

Sites in the UK

Know more about the greatest Monarchy which has effected
the world for a very long time and its great history.

A VERY nice page!!

Personal Home Pages

A site devoted to gather and show information about
this French actress who starred in films like Kryzstof Kieslowski's
"Three Colours: Blue", or "The unbeareable lightness of being"
and "The english patient".

YKK's Page of Shizuka Kudo
A very nice page about the Japanese singer Shizuka Kudo.

Andy's Art Attack
"Andy's Art Attack" is the greatest page of free original gif89 animations,
buttons, backgrounds, as well as great Photoshop & HTML tips!