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Professional Services Available for Outsourcing

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Professional Services Available for Outsourcing

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Enhance your corporate performance cost-effectively without the need to permanently increase your payroll by having us : -


    1)   Review semi or annual accounts, calculate key ratios and                               highlight key issues for management's deliberation

    2)   Assess probability of achieving budgeted sales and                                           profit targets

    3)   Advise clients re viability (pros & cons and financial aspects)                         of alternatives being considered

            ( I have been a Financial Training Consultant for years and                         have received glowing WRITTEN REFERENCES from many                   multinational companies. )


    1)   Draft complex contractual letters ( Letters of Intent,                                 Employment Agreements ) which do not require formal legal review

    2)   Advise clients on paralegal matters

          ( I am a FCIS ie a Chartered Secretary and have done a few law                 papers - Basics of Law, Mercantile Law ie Contracts, Law of                     Meetings and Company Law. I also have a lawyer friend with                   whom I could verify matters as necessary ).


    1)   Draft marketing letters to prospective clients

    2)   Design promotional literature for existing or new products                             and services

    3)   Draft / Edit / Produce periodic newsletters to maintain contact                       with customers

    4)   Draft presentations and speeches from client's brief outline

    5)   Draft sales presentation transparencies from prepared text

              ( Above services offered are precisely what I did while
                employed as a Senior Consultant with one of the big six                             international accounting/consulting firms. )


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