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Effective Selling Skills

Effective   Selling   Skills

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"... attended by our representatives and executives from Asean countries, Taiwan and Korea. We would certainly consider engaging your services in our future sales meeting." ... Lawrence Gan,
Divisional Manager - Far East, STANLEY WORKS ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD.

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Few people are born with the natural gift of salesmanship. Selling skills can
be systematically acquired. Nothing is more wasteful than working diligently without either technique or direction. What counts in today's competitive market is working smart rather than hard.

Training is the key to improving motivated performance. It has been shown that trained salesperople outsell untrained ones by about   30%.   You can improve your sales by learning how to sell more effectively and practising on the job till it comes naturally.


To find out more about the skills you will acquire, proceed to this link. You will learn how to : -
    • Appreciate your Vital role in producing Sales and Profits
    • Understand how Buying Decisions are made
    • Know how to Identify Customer's Priorities
    • Improve your Skills in the Art of Persuasion
    • Plan, Initiate, Present and Close Calls
    • Make an Effective Sales Presentation
    • Handle Objections Effectively
    • Increase Success Hit Rate


Our programmes are   market   tested.     We adopt a  very   effective   approach and participants have always rated them very highly.     We will be   happy   to fax you copies of     WRITTEN REFERENCES   received from Methode Electronics Far East Pte Ltd,   Stanley Works Asia Pacific Pte Ltd,   Swan Hunter Singapore Pte Ltd and Port of Singapore Authority.


MARGARET NG, MBA, FCIS has an MBA from the University of Warwick, polled by the Economist as one of the top five in its survey of European Business Schools. She did several papers in both Finance, Marketing as well as Strategic Management. Her dissertation was on writing a 3-Year Business Plan. Margaret is very versatile and can effectively handle a high-powered group of top-level executives just as well as participants at the operational level.


The course is modularised into 4 independent modules. You can select whichever module or combination of modules best suit your needs. The structure is very flexible and we suggest that you check out Cyber
Learning - a New Paradigm in Self Development

You are given 2 weeks in which to complete a module. Each module requires about 4 to 6 hours of work. You can however pace yourself, doing more when your business commitments permit and less when you are busy without losing any of the learning dynamics.

You get individual attention because you can email your queries directly to the Course Leader who will respond the very next day or day after. You will also receive on a weekly basis a moderated emailed mailing list which features the postings and discussion points raised by other participants and the Course Leader regarding the topics scheduled for the preceding week.

You thus get the best of both worlds - individual attention via your emails as well as group interaction via the weekly moderated mailing list. You are encouraged to discuss your respective sales pitch so it can be critiqued by both the Workshop Leader as well as fellow participants.

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