" Working Smart " Newsletter

" Working SMART " Newsletter

A r c h i v e s     of     1996     Issues

Target : Clients, Entrepreneurs & Business Executives       Frequency : Monthly
Mission : Feature hyperlinks to business sites as well as act as a cyber consulting clinic
Editor : Margaret Hicks, MBA (University of Warwick, UK), FCIS
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Time is money in business and knowledge is power. The best payoffs occur when there is mutual benefits. I would like to ensure that our monthly newsletter is relevant and greatly value your feedback as well as suggestions on business issues that you are interested in.

I am a training consultant cum personal coach and will use this platform to share some of the questions raised by my clients. I have an MBA from the University of Warwick, UK and am also competent to address quasi-legal and marketing issues. Please feel free to email me any business issues you would like posted for discussion. We will of course not identify you or your company when addressing your query.

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