Professional Colleagues

Strategic Staffing and Sourcing - Halloween (Is that Eric Yeung and Kristen Loomis in disguise?) Strategic Staffing and Sourcing/AMD
Kristen and I were half of the SuperTeam working the strategic side of staffing at AMD.

Gordon, Larry Short, Kevin Fung, David Chang, Susan Chan, Eric Yeung HR Strategic Group
A meeting of HR Experts from World Class organizations including Intel, DFS Group Limited, LSA, and the Harper Group.

HR Section, Commonwealth Club of California Margono, Eric, Patricia, Larry, and Stephen

Margono Tedjo, Eric Yeung, Dr. Patricia Sullivan (Current Chair), Dr. Larry Short (Former Chair), Dr. Stephen Willis

Holly Joseph Holly Joseph, HR Professional.

Jim HenryJim Henry, Director of Information Technology with SearchWest

Cam's Wedding in Santa Barbara (11/2000) Part of the SMART AMD TEAM 1997 - 6/2000

With Solomon and Cammy.

Pod Racing with our Athlon demo machine - should have taken it with me on my last day Pod Racing with our Athlon Demo Machine after 6pm of course.

Farewell to Cam Cam's last day in June. Farewell to one of the smartest managers at AMD.

EY and KL at Opening Day at PacBell Park

PacBell Park - 2000 Opening Day!!!

AMD Staffing from 1997-6/2000, this group rocked and kicked ass.  (Eric Yeung, Rob Lake, Solomon Kassai, Rhonda Nyberg, Darrin Baja.)     (Someone once asked, doesn't that guy look like someone from the movie 3000 Miles to Graceland?) Members of the former World Class Staffing Team from AMD.

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