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About Resumes

Your resume is designed with one purpose, to get you a job interview. A resume that is not easily scannable (automated and manual) often will not result in a job interview. Good resume writing will highlight professional accomplishments, not give a job description.

  • Your success should be measurable, typically with #s and $.

  • While the use of related industry buzzwords is important on your resume, words without numbers or measurements do not tell enough. e. it is nice to know that a design candidate knows Synopsys; but has he applied it towards his design work or did he just learn it in school?

  • Remember, there is no such thing as a 'BEST' or 'PERFECT' resume. Your resume should be updated continuosly and highlight only the key areas necessary for the position you want. INCLUDE BUZZWORDS FROM THE JOB DESCRIPTION ON YOUR RESUME.

  • Test your resume. Have someone who can be objective review your resume. Be advised, it is hard for boyfriends, girlfriends, mothers, etc. to be objective.

  • Only include relevant info that the recruiter will be looking for. If you worked at McDonalds's in high school, will it really help you get that job as a software developer?

  • It can't be said enough, highlight your ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

  • You can refer to this page in the future for more tips on how to write a good resume. Over 95% of the resumes I have helped professionals write resulted in a job interview. E-mail me with any questions on resume writing.

    Remember, a good resume will only get you the interview. You still need to have experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities to get beyond an interview and get the job.


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