Requirements for a World Class Recruiter

  • Develop recruiting plan/tie to business plan
  • Learn business needs
  • Benchmark World Class recruiting best practices
  • Influence/Convince management recruiting has business impact
  • Source/Find quality candidates
  • Do a candidate profile - what they read, their interest, where/how they can be "found"
  • Do job analysis/write job descriptions
  • Scan want ads for trends
  • Continually network for candidates and best practices
  • Keep informed on your industries/general news and people moves
  • Build relationships with managers/employees
  • Go to social events
  • Consider everyone you meet a potential candidate 24 hours a day
  • Do a company needs forecast to anticipate openings prior to "reqs"
  • Develop applicant pool including rejected finalists
  • Convince/Encourage qualified candidates to apply

  • Common Errors Made by Recruiters

    World Class HR programs differ significantly from average HR efforts. Not all programs strive to be in this class. The following are some elements for a World Class HR program:


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