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What is Ah! My Goddess?

Ah! My Goddess was written by Fujishima Kosuke in 1988 as anime/manga series. think it is aways some bloody or high powered kung fu characters. Well if you are that type of anime fan,will I would find this a very good example of anything I just mentioned because really this Ah! My Goddess serie also know as Aa! Megasami in Japanese is a more romantic Love Saga about a college boy named Keiichi Morisato and a Relief Goddess named Belldandy, which is pretty good looking for a anime character. Anyways it all began when Keiichi got hungry and wanted to call for some food, but by mistake he is surpised to get "The Goddess Relief Office."It gets better,Keiichi tells

Belldandy who most of answered the phone that he has the wrong number,but before he hangs up, Belldandy appears in his mirror(cool huh) and then Belldandy tells Keiichi he could have one wish granted to him. He kiddingly says to Belldandy,"I wish I had a Goddess just like you,but by mistake she think Keiichi meant that she was the one he wanted to be with him forever. When Keiichi finds this out, He freaks out. Then because he lives in a Male Dorm,meaning no Females at night or no girl friends in the dorm. They end up getting thrown out by the upperclass men.

So Belldandy and Kiiechi go apartment hunting. They end up sleeping in a tent because when Belldandy's powers die out she falls asleep. So Keiichi seeing that Belldandy has fainted takes his only blanket and covers Belldandy.Then because of Keiichi being wet and cold, he also faints.

In the morning Belldandy wakes up and starts crying when she sees that Keiichi has a cold and blames herself for causing it, but she quickly cures it. Belldandy then fixes up a temple that these monks live in and make it what it use to look like because it was like a pick of trash. The monks tell them they can stay there and they were heading to India.

Later Megumi, Keiichi younger sister stops by and interupts Keiichi and Belldandy as they were almost ready to share their first kiss, but that doesn't come to when they go to the beach.(Quick Note) Kiiechi can't swim.Anyway Megumi gives Keiichi 40000 yen which is eqivulant to $300.00 american dollars. Anyways Megumi stays with Kiiechi and Belldandy for awhile until she finds a home. I don't think Keiichi like that she was around since Keiichi want to do something with Belldandy and he didn't want to be distrupted in anyway.

Well if you want to learn more about Ah! My Goddess you can scroll down the page and read my tranlation from the 5 OAV episodes. Anyhow this show is probably one of the most favorite of the anime/manga series I have seen. It has class my friends. It also has my CD Soundtracks which are probably kinda hard to find in America,but if you have a chance like I did go to Japan and you'll see lots of stuff on Ah! My Goddess.

I just wish Fujishima would come out with some more OAV Videos., but it is probably very small chance he will. Oh well. Anyways, If you want my opinion, I would suggest this Ah! My Goddess. Overal it might not be the best series you ever seen but it is worth sitting down for an hour of enjoyment. (remember this - a fan of a anime serie is called a "Otaku")