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Rape is punishable under Section 376 of the Penal Code, with a jail term of up to 20 years and possible whipping.

The offence for outrage of modesty under Section 354 of the Penal Code carries a jail term of up to 10 years or a fine or whipping or any two of the punishments.

Source: The Star, Malaysia. Sunday, April 7, 2002.

Pak Lah wants stiffer punishment for incest and rape against children


KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants incest defined as a separate crime from rape and those convicted of these offences, especially against children, must be severely punished.

“I cannot imagine anyone who is not upset or angry with this. They (those who committed incest or raped underage girls) have scarred the life of their victims forever,’’ he told reporters after opening a Happy Family seminar organised by the Yayasan Budi Penyayang here yesterday.

Abdullah, who is also Home Minister, said the sentence for incestuous adults and rapists often did not match the severity of the crime they committed.

“Although judges are allowed to pass a heavy sentence, they (the culprits) are often punished lightly. We hope to raise the minimum jail term and include mandatory whipping,’’ he said.

He said he would ask Women Affairs and Family Development Minister Datuk Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to prepare a report on the matter as soon as possible.

Saying he was appalled by the frequency of such cases, Abdullah said stiffer penalties would send a message of deterrence to would-be offenders .

Amendments to the code last year provided for a jail term of not less than six years and not more than 20 years and whipping of up to 24 strokes for the offence of incest.

“I want the Penal Code to be reviewed again although it has only been amended recently.

“I would like to see a heavier sentence or even a separate section (under the code) for incest,” he said.

Abdullah said there was no defence for such an offence because it was the responsibility of adults to protect all children.

“This is zero tolerance. To me, even drunkenness cannot be regarded as a defence, although lawyers will have a different view,” he said.

He said the Government had ordered low-cost housing units to have a minimum of three rooms to ensure family members of different sexes do not sleep together.

Abdullah said statistics from the National Population and Family Development Board last year showed that 205 cases of incest were reported in 1998, 184 in 1999, 136 in 2000 and 73 from January to May last year.

In his speech, Abdullah called on the Women and Family Development Ministry to take note of several matters in drawing up policies to strengthen the institution of the family in the country.

They included ensuring that all families had access to counselling and relevant education to curb the disintegration of the family unit.

He called on the people to take a serious view of their responsibility to their neighbours and community because a happy community is built not only on the strength of the family unit but also the strength of the family within the community.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Thursday, April 11, 2002.

Full force of law against rape


KUALA LUMPUR: Further amendments to the Penal Code may be made to compel the court to mete out the maximum sentence on perpetrators of rape and incest.

“We are considering altering the language of the law to make it mandatory for the court to mete out the maximum sentence,’’ Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Dr Rais Yatim said yesterday.

He confirmed that he had proposed to submit a note to the Cabinet on the need to amend Section 376A of the Penal Code with the proviso that it had been amended and gazetted last September but yet to be implemented.

“This is to comply with the expressions of the Deputy Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) who wants a proportionate and deterring sentence for rapists and those who engage in incestuous acts,’’ he said, adding that the note would be submitted within a month or two.

Dr Rais said another possible recommendation was prescribing the number of whipping to be meted out on those found guilty of such crimes.

“The Act made whipping a mandatory penalty for rape and incest but the number of strokes is not spelt out. It is up to the discretion of the prison and depending on the fitness of the perpetrator,’’ he said.

Dr Rais said another possible recommendation was to look into the procedures of evidence gathering so that the cases would be foolproof for prosecution.

He, however, stressed that a “deep study” would have to be conducted with the consultation of the Attorney-General as further amending of the Act at this time would require legal justification.

“We are looking into the possibility of recommending stiffer punishment for rape and incest although some quarters may query why as the (amended) law has not been implemented,’’ he said.

The Penal Code was amended last year to include a new section 376A, which separates incest from other forms of rape.

While the jail term for rape has been retained at between five and 20 years, the new section provides for a minimum of six years and a maximum of 20 years jail. The Act also includes mandatory whipping for rape and incest.

Dr Rais said amending the Act at this time would not augur well with the practise of imposing new laws.

“Bear in mind that the section was just amended. But we will comply with the public view, especially when translated through the comments of the Deputy Prime Minister.

“We want to apply quick reaction,’’ he said.

Asked why the penalties imposed through the previous amendments was not harsh enough to cause a public outcry, Dr Rais said the study would also see whether there was a widespread reaction or just the concern of some.

“While we are concerned with the rising incidences of incest where children are mostly the victims, we must also be fair in law- making.

“But we can converge Section 376A to put in place the feelings of the public,’’ he said.

Source: The Star, Malaysia. Thursday, March 13, 1997.

Kota Kinabalu : A man who allegedly raped his 13-year-old daughter a number of times in the last three years was arrested by police in Telipok here two days ago.

Kota Kinabalu district crime officer Deputy Supt Omar Mammah said the suspect, who was living separately from his wife, was said to have raped his daughter since she was 10 years old. The girl was staying with him during that time.

A report was lodged by the girl's uncle after she confided in him about the incidents.

DSP Omar said the girl had been sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a medical examination while the father was detained for questioning.

In another incident, police are on the lookuot for a 45-year-old businessman who allegedly punched and kicked his wife during a squabble in their house in Inanam three days ago.

DSPOmar said the 41-year-old woman sustained injuries and was in hospital for two days. She lodged a police report on Tuesday.

Souce: The Star,Malaysia. Monday, March 17, 1997.

Kota Kinabalu: The younger daughter of a 48-year-old man, arrested in connection with the alleged rape of his 13-year-old daughter, has also claimed that she was raped by her father on several occassions.

Kota Kinabalu district crime officer DSP Omar Mammah said the 12-year-old girl lodged a police report on Saturday claiming that she was raped by her father on several occassions.

DSP Omar said police arrested the father on March 11 at his house in Telipok near here.

Both girls have been sent for medical examination at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Source: The Star, Malaysia. March 12, 1997.

Kuantan: A 47-year-old man was arrested on Monday in Bentong for allegedly raping his 11-year-old niece.

A police spokeman said the arrest was made after the girl's mother lodged a report the same day.

He said the girl was staying with her grandmother and the jobless uncle at Kampung Jambu Rias Hilir in Karak while the mother lived in Termeloh.

"The alleged incident occurred some time last June at the same house.

"However, the mother reported that the suspect made advances to the girl on Sunday night. The girl was sleeping near her grandmother," the spokeman said yesterday.

He added that the girl the told her mother the next day about the incident as well as the alleged rape last year.

Source: The Star, Malaysia. Wednesday, March 12, 1997.

Klang: A 44-year-old doctor surrendered to police following reports that he allegedly tortured and sexually abused his four-year-old niece.

Klang OCPD Asst Comm Aziz Ariarasa Abdullah said yesterday the doctor was detained at the police station at 5 pm on Monday.

"We have obtained a remand order and will carry out our investigations."

The babysitters and the doctor's servants will also be questioned," he told reporters.

ACP Aziz said police were waiting for medical reports from the hospital to determine the extent of the child's injuries.

He said old burn marks and scars were found on the child's body.

The girl, he said, was believed to be sodomised as she had anal injuries.

The case came to light when the girl's 40-year-old father, an excavator driver, took her to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital on Thursday after she fell in the bathroom and injured her face and chin.

Doctors treating the girl questioned the parents when they found the other injuries and scars.

Police had been trying to contact the doctor when a report against him was lodged last Friday.

Source: The Star, Malaysia. Tuesday, April 8, 1997.

KUANTAN: Karak police have arrested a 28-year-old estate worker in connection with the alleged abuse of his five-year-old daughter, who is in coma at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

The girl, who suffered head injuries, was unconcious when neighbours took her to a clinic on Thursday. She was then warded at the Mentakab Hospital and transferred to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital the same day.

Pahang Deputy CID chief Supt Lai Yong Heng said the suspect was arrested at his Ladang Sungai Perting home on Saturday following a report lodged by his 23-year-old wife.

"The girl was said to have been abused at 1pm on Thursday when she was at home together with wo other siblings. Their mother was not at home during the incident," he said.

Supt Lai said neighbours heard the commotion in the house but did not interfere as it was a family matter.

He said the girl was unconcious when neighbours brought her to the district health clinic.

Police have classified the incident as child abuse.

Source: USA 961202a.txt at

QUESTION: I would like to know about the admissibility of children's testimony in sexual assault cases. In this particular case a 4 year old girl was raped. The case was dismissed. The reason cited was that the girl could not take the witness stand because her speech was behind that of the average 4 year old. They claimed there was not enough evidence. However, medical evidence and psychological analysis revealed it to be rape and the alleged rapist (the stepfather) was living in her house at the time. What do you think about this situation?

ANSWER: Judges in this type of case must balance many things; You may want to set up an appointment with the attorney who represented the child, so that you can go over the decision.

Diana Bodman Summmers
Court TV Law Centre Legal Helpline Panelist.

Source: The Strait Times, Singapore. March 1, 1997.

By Karamjit Kaur.

Supporting evidence, or lack of it, is an issue in the on-going trial of a 31-year-old man who is accused of forcing his two stepdaughters to perform oral sex on him and raping one of them.

The two girls testified against the man, but the defence has argued that it is their word against his.

The girls were six and nine years old at the time of the alleged offences, between March 1995 and June last year. The older one testified that he raped her sometime in March 1995, when she and her sister were at home with their two brothers, aged two and three years old at that time.

Their mother was working the night shift then.

He allegedly took the girl into the bedroom of the four-room flat in Jurong West, forced her to perform oral sex and later raped her.

She and her sister, who testified, too, said the offences were committed when there were no adults at home, except once.

This was sometime in April 1995, when he allegedly asked them to massage his legs in the bedroom while his wife was outside.

He allegedly locked the door and told the older girl to teach her sister how to perform oral sex and was stopped when his wife knocked on the door.

He faces a total of three charges of rape and six counts of carnal intercourse.

In his final submission before Judicial Commissioner Choo Han Teck yesterday, defense counsel S.Murugesan said that the case involved "bare allegations" by the victims and "bare denial" by the accused.

He added that there was no reason why one should carry more weight than the other.

But Deputy Public Prosecutor Marilyn Leng submitted that although it was the practice in Singapore that the evidence of a child must be corroborated, this was not a legal requirement.

She added that "a conviction is valid if the judge is satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of the quality of the evidence".

The prosecution also submitted that the evidence of Dr. Chua Tsei Meng, from the department of obstetrics and gynaecology at the National University Hospital, supported the testimony of the elder daughter. Dr. Chua, who saw the older girl in August last year when the police report was made, had testified that his examination suggested that she had engaged in sex.

The case has been adjourned until next Thursday.

Source: The New Paper, Singapore. Friday, March 7, 1997.

Judicial Commisioner Choo Han Teck believed Jun and Nora's statements.

He found their testimony consistent, especially when Jun recall the names of TV programmes they were watching at the time of the incidents.

He also ruled that the children could not have imagined their stepfather masturbating without having seen it.

Medical evidence also showed that Jun's hymen was torn.

He was sentenced to TWENTY years in jail and TWENTY-FOUR strokes of the cane.

[note : names have been changed to protect the victims]

Living With Incest

Source: GO magazine, Singapore. November 1996 issue. (pages 96 - 98)

Since Lina's father sexually abused her in her teens, she cannot hold on to a relationship. After suffering terrible depression and trying to kill herself, she's finally in therapy. Now 27, Lina tells JULIE CHATTERJEE METHA how she's coping

"IT happened to me 52 times over four years, from when I was 12 until I was 15. I'm 27 now, but I remember every detail as if it happened yesterday. I even kept a diary.

But it wasn't until two years ago, when I started seeing a psychiatrist, that I acknowledged that my suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem and severe depression were the backlash of incest.

The fact that I have been unable to have sex with a really wonderful guy, my boyfriend of two years, or hold down any relationship for more than a few months all these years is another result of being abused sexually.

My father used to slip into my bed and make me do unspeakable things. I remember distinctly the smell of his armpits - sour and sickening. He covered my mouth with his palm so hard it made me choke.

My mother, who slept through it all,would scold me the next morning when I refused to eat breakfast or talk to my father, who would just sit there smiling. "Oh, she's just a sensitive child," he used to say, almost mocking me to tell the truth. I didn't of course because my mother was such a devoted wife.

Once, I wanted to run in front of a bus but my mother held me back - she thought I was being wicked. And when I was 13, I suddenly felt I couldn't take it anymore and ran away. It took my mother all of two hours to track me to my best friend's home.

When she dragged me back and caned me, I blurted out the truth. She didn't want to hear it. I got sent to my room and was branded the "little liar" who made up ugly stories.

From then on life became a forgetting game. It was a challenge to make it through the day without letting my father's night visits screw up my studies. He still came to me despite my having aroused my mum's suspicions, but less than before.

When I was 15, help came to me in a very strange form. It was shortly after a molest case involving a classmate. A teacher, who was a pastoral care counsellor, brought up the subject at school and encouraged us to ask questions. I realised then that I had the power to put my father in jail.

That night when he came to my room, I declared : "Just try it once more, and I'll report you." He must have sensed that I meant business because that was the end of the visits.

For several years afterwards, I continued to have the upper hand and it made me stronger. When I was entering university, he didn't say a word when I told my mum I expected him to cough up the fees.

I wasn't able to block out what happened. I couldn't relate to my new university friends who used to talk about the dates that they'd been on. I didn't date and it troubled me because I couldn't stand to be around men.

Three months before my finals in my last year at uni, I got friendly with a very charming guy and went on my first real date. It was a bad mistake because by the second week he was demanding heavy petting. I tried but it was horrible because it brought back all those nightmares.

I cut him off and promptly fell into deep depression. I would think of slashing my private parts or my breasts many times while I was in the shower because I never really felt clean or at peace with my body. I finally took an overdose of sleeping pills. Luckily, my classmate came to borrow some notes and discovered me in an incoherent state. She and another friend forced me to vomit. They thought I was going through exam fright and I let them believe that.

After I graduated and got my first pay cheque, I left home for good. In my first year of work, many guys showed an interest in me and some even mentioned they'd like to go out with me but the thought of them touching me was so unbearable, I always said no.

After that, I went on casual dates only. The moment anything turned mildly sexual, my first urge was to run.

Two years ago, I started seeing a psychiatrist and it helped. I nearly reported my father on three occassions but I kept thinking that my mother and two young brothers would suffer terribly if I did. However, if I had a sister, I am nearly certain I would have turned him in to save her the trauma.

I know for sure mow that I never want to see my parents again. I miss my mother but seeing her would bring back the memories. I meet my brothers once a month. One is doing his National Service and the other is working. They don't know what happened to me. My mother told them my father and I had differences we couldn't settle and that is why I am "unfillial".

If not for my sessions with the psychiatrist, I wouldn't have been able to tell my story here. The horror of my past will probably creep back from time to time but I'm trying not to allow it to become a curse.

Lim, the wonderful guy I've been seeing for nearly as long as I've been in therapy, is very caring. We have only gone as far as petting - probably unusual by normal standards - and I don't know if I can ever bear to have sex again. But Lim is very patient with me. He doesn't know about the incest, although I think he suspects that something terrible must have happened to me before.

Source: The New Paper, Singapore. Friday, December 10, 1999.

The four-year-old girl was molested at the family's nasi padang stall, when her parents was around.

Little Faridah(not her real name)was molested by one of her parents regular customers at their nasi padang stall in July. Faridah had to miss nursery schoolfor a month because she was just too traumatised. And even now, more than four months after the incident, the bubbly girl withbig expressive eyes runs away from people who wear songkoks. This is because the molester, Azman Othman, 32, regularly wore one. Said Faridah's father:"Every time she sees a man in a songkok, she is scared, so we let her stay at home and not go to school for a while."

Whenever Faridah sees a man in a songkok, she goes and hides behind her mother or her father. Azman was a regular customer at the nasi padang stall. He was a volunteer at a nearby mosque and went to the stall, usually twice a day, for his meals. On the morning of July 29, around 9 am, Azman approached little Faridah and asked to sit on his lap. The scheming molester gave her a packet of noodle crackers and then boldly rubbed her groin region with his left hand. He also rubbed her buttocks. He even had the nerve to seal off his disgusting act with a kiss on the little girl's left cheek. Faridah's mother was busy cooking at that time.

Azman was caught red-handed because their neighbour, a hawker, saw what he had done. He quickly informed the child's mother. Said the mother:"I was just too shocked. This man always comes to my stall to eat and he always seemed friendly. "He just had mee-siam for breakfast that day. "The next thing I saw was my daughter on his lap, and how he affectionate with her, I felt so disgusted." The pain really sank in after the incident. Said the child's father:"We had to talk to her to tell her that what the man did was wrong. Since then, she has been feeling scared and did not even want to go to our stall.


Azman, the daring child molester showed none of his boldness in court on Wednesday.

Instead he was sobbing in the dock.

He had no lawyer to defend him, and pleaded guilty to all three molest charges.

Deputy public prosecutor Daniel Chia pressed for a deterrent sentence in court, stating that Azman's lewd act was "planned and deliberate" as Azman had given the girl a packet of noodle crackers to "gain her trust" before he molested her.

Azman was sentenced to a year in jail and four strokes of the cane.

Anyone found guilty of molest can be jailed up to two years, fined, or caned, or given a combination of any two of these.

Source: The Straits Times, Singapore. Tuesday, February 13, 2001.

KLANG - A 46-year-old businessman who has three wives and two ex-wives was arrested for allegedly raping his 15-year-old daughter on several occasions since December 1999.

Police arrested the man at his Taman Sri Muda office on Saturday following a police report lodged by the Form Four student.

The victim's mother found out about the girl's ordeal only recently, and they decided to take the matter to the police.

According to the police report, the suspect was the natural father of the victim and the mother was the second wife.

Since 1999, the victim was raped at least seven times by the suspect, the last occasion being in November last year. All the incidents allegedly took place at their house in Taman Mewah.

The police are investigating the suspect for statutory rape under Section 376 of the Penal Code.

The suspect was remanded in custody until Feb 18 to facilitate police investigations.

Police took the victim to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital here for a medical examination, which confirmed that she had been abused sexually. --The Star/AsiaNews Network

Source: 13, Jalan Bunga Raya, Malaysia. Tuesday, August 07, 2001.

At the age of 14, I was still totally ignorant about the term ‘molest’. It was supposedly one of the taboo topics censored at that time, or so it seemed. I remember very clearly now, how I felt the molester rubbing something up and down at the bottom in between my thighs. My eyes were shut at that time and I was wearing a hand-me-downs tight purple pants quite torn at the seams under and it was used only for sleeping. When I finally opened my eyes wide with shock, finding him on the top of me. He hurriedly got up, pulling his pants along and adjusting it. I shouted out loudly for my mother who was sleeping upstairs but to no avail. He pleaded me to keep quiet. I was very angry and told him to get out of the room. I stayed up a while longer and fell asleep as it was in the wee hours of the morning.

Previously, on numerous occasions, I will wake up finding that he was either halfway on the top of me or somewhere near me. This happens around 2 am to 3 am or so. He must have fabricated some sort of excuse to be in the room at that odd hour. Two of the excuses known to me is that he wanted to check whether the mosquito coil could cause a fire hazard or that he wanted to take his things he kept in the cupboard which was in the room. Furthermore, I was not on good terms with my mother and all the other siblings who slept in the 2 rooms upstairs. This attributed to no one responding to any of my cries for help.

I slept in the room downstairs on the cemented bare ground as it seemed cooler that way and there wasn’t any fan whatsoever. The room, however, was very cramped with 2 huge old desks, a small table, 2 cupboards and one display glass cabinet to store clothes, books and whatever junk the family has. My collection of clothes consisted of a torned school shorts and pants that I used for sleeping at night. We are taught to dress shabbily at home. Only on very rare occasions do we try to be properly dressed up. Also, I had my school pinafore and blouse and a few dirty old tee-shirts. The room is more like a ‘study room’ which the siblings named. I shared part of the room and there was where I ate, did my schoolwork and slept when I’m tired.

At that time also, I feared the eldest sister, whom I fought most of the time, would sneak in the room at night to create trouble. Thus, I would normally try to be awake at night but I cannot help it if I fall asleep eventually. And of all things, I did not realise whom I should fear most. I finally left the state in 1988 to independently earn a living and get as far as possible away from the miserable life I was having. Following that, I have had constant nightmares. Deep within my conscious, I knew something was amiss. My nightmares would normally end up me yelling out loudly continuously for my mother and my arms would stretch out and hitting hard whatever objects that was near me. I would faintly recall incidents from the past. As I became aware that I had been molested, I felt ashamed. I never told anyone about my ordeal. This in turn affected me psychologically. I became somewhat withdrawn and not let my feelings known. Many past school life memories came flooding to my mind, thoughts flashing while I was trying to further my education. When I finally returned to the house in September 1992, I cleared most of my junk stuff and remembered things that happened to me in my dreadful past. I finally told my mother about the molest but she did not believe a single word I said. Furthemore, the molester denied everything. I left the house a few days later, disgusted.

Life went on with other things to worry and do. Until very recently this year, 1995, there was a documentary giving an in-depth on molestation. Much publicity of molest cases and the such by the mass media gave me an ounce of courage to reveal my ordeal to my closest associate. I felt relieved for myself which lasted only for a few months. As I constantly came across reports on molestation in the news, I’ll always have this uneasy feeling and have developed tremendous hatred and angerness in me. Whenever I think about the nights I was molested, I had to do something about it for I am unable to sleep till 5 am in the morning, at times.

Expose and teach the world that some fathers do molest, attempt to rape and even rape their own daughters. Such molesters should be punished and put to shame.

Source: The Star Online. Thursday, August 30, 2001.

SEREMBAN: A rubber tapper and his friend were charged in the Sessions Court here yesterday with raping the former’s 11-year-old daughter on four different occasions.

Both men pleaded no guilty.

The rubber tapper, 41, was charged with raping his daughter at 10am at an unnumbered house at Bradwall estate in Port Dickson sometime in November last year.

Judge Supiah Meon, who fixed April 29 and 30 for hearing, denied bail for the girl’s father who was unrepresented.

The tapper’s friend, R. Nadaraja, 39, faces three charges of raping the girl at a rubber estate along Jalan Seremban-Nilai.

He is said to have first raped the girl sometime in February between 2pm and 3pm.

Nadaraja, who was also unrepresented, is alleged to have committed the second offence in March and the third in April.

The accused was released on a RM8,000 bail.

Judge Abdul Rahman Abdol fixed Aug 19 and 20 for hearing

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Thursday, August 23, 2001.

By Kuldeep S. Jessy

IPOH: A 39-year-old father was sentenced to eight years' jail and ordered to be given 10 strokes of the rotan by the Sessions Court here for raping his daughter last year.

The 13-year-old daughter gave birth to a baby boy a few months ago.

Sessions Judge Wong Teck Meng in passing sentence said the father had committed a serious offence.

The man, who had initially claimed trial to the charge of raping his daughter, who was then 12 years, at 5pm on May 31 at an unnumbered house in Kampung Gelok, Lenggong, Hulu Perak, changed his plea to guilty on Tuesday.

According to the facts of the case, the man raped his daughter after he had requested the girl to massage him.

The girl related the incident to a doctor who found her pregnant on June 2.

The accused was detained the same day and investigations showed he had raped the girl several times.

Source: The Star Online. Sunday, August 26, 2001.

SEGAMAT: A 58-year-old man in Kampung Lembah Bakti near Tenang here has been arrested following allegation of rape by his 15-year-old granddaughter who is six months pregnant. Segamat police chief Supt Mohd Hazam Abdul Halim said the rape was discovered after the girl's elder brother suspected something was wrong with her.

He said the brother, a Form Five student, questioned the girl who alleged that she was raped by their grandfather when their grandmother was away.

"The brother then took the girl to the Segamat Hospital for a medical check-up and after being told of the pregnancy, took her to the police station to lodge a report," he added.

The man was arrested on Thursday.

"Both the brother and sister are living with the grandfather as their parents are staying elsewhere," he said yesterday.

Supt Mohd Hazam said the girl was initially reluctant to lodge a report but agreed after doctors advised her.

He said investigation showed the man raped the girl after watching some pornographic video compact discs at home.

He said police had also obtained a three-day remand order to detain the man for questioning.

Source: The Star Online. Thursday, August 30, 2001.

MUAR: A 58-year-old man from Segamat yesterday pleaded guilty at the Sessions Court here to raping his 15-year-old granddaughter in their house in February this year.

Abdullah Manap, from Kampung Lembah Bakti, near Tenang in Segamat, was charged under Section 376, and pleaded guilty before Judge Datin Zunaidah Mohd Idris.

The judge fixed Oct 1 for sentencing and fixed bail at RM8,000, although prosecuting officer Asst Supt Lim Ah Bah earlier asked for RM15,000 bail.

The rape was reported to have been discovered by the girl’s elder brother.

Source: Utusan Express Malaysia. Tuesday, July 24, 2001.

ABU Bakar being hauled to the Shah Alam Sessions Court.

SHAH ALAM July 23 - A factory worker pleaded guilty in the Sessions Court here today to raping his daughters, aged eight and nine, at their house in Batu Caves on July 13 and 15 this year.

Judge Suraya Othman fixed Aug 28 for sentencing.

The 35-year-old Abu Bakar is alleged to have raped his nine-year-old daughter at their house in Kampung Sungai Tua Baru, Batu Caves, at 3 pm on July 13 and his eight-year-old daughter at 1.30 pm on July 15 at the same place.

He is charged under Section 376 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum jail term of 20 years and whipping on conviction.

Source: The Star, Malaysia. Thursday, July 26, 2001.

By Jane Ritikos

The Women and Family Development Ministry is proposing that incest be defined as a separate crime from other forms of rape under the Penal Code.

Its minister Datuk Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the ministry was working with Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim to propose amendments to the Code to include provisions for offences involving incest.

She said the proposed amendment would include proper steps to adduce evidence for incest cases.

"The evidence needed is very strict under the Penal Code. But incest usually occurs over a long period of time so the provision makes it difficult to prove the case," she said at the ministry's first post-Cabinet press conference.

Shahrizat said this was part of the ministry's "Women Against Violence" (WAVe) campaign which would look into "cleaning up the Penal Code and other laws which would continue making the women victims."

"We are declaring a war on violence against women. With our victory in getting the word 'sex' included in Article 8.2 of the Federal Constitution, we now can look into ensuing laws pertaining to women."

In April, Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Shaik Daud Ismail called for heavier penalties and specific section in the Penal Code for the offences in view of the rampant occurrence of incest.

Shahrizat said another proposal was punitive sentencing for incest which "should commensurate with the seriousness of the disgusting crime and reflect the gross breach of trust.".

The ministry, she said, would propose that committing the first offence should not be taken as a mitigation factor in sentencing.

She said sentencing should be the same for perpetrators who were juveniles.

"After all we are taught from young that incest is wrong and it is a gross breach of trust," she said.

She said although incest as a specific section was included in the Syariah law, the proposed amendment under the Penal Code should also cover Muslims.

"Sentencing under the Penal Code is faster. Moreover under the Syariah law you need witnesses, which makes it difficult," she said.

She said the law on incest should be looked into comprehensively including to ensure that women were not punished for reporting incest.

She pointed out to a case where a victim who reported she was raped by her father was later charged with having an illegitimate child.

Shahrizat said there were 205 incest cases reported in 1998, 184 in 1999, 136 cases last year and 73 cases up till May this year.

She said the National Population and Family Development Board would start an advocacy campaign on violence against women.

She said the board's 53 clinics would now provide counselling and advice on violence in the home. The helpline numbers are 03-26937149 and 26937555 ext 330/338/339.

Source: The Star, Malaysia. Saturday, July 28, 2001.

By Jane Ritikos

KUALA LUMPUR: Those guilty of incest can be jailed for between six and 20 years and be subjected to mandatory whipping under a proposed amendment to the Penal Code.

The minimum jail term of six years is one year more than the current minimum imprisonment for rape.

The amendment to the Code would define incest as a separate crime from other forms of rape. It is currently lumped together under Section 367.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the proposed amendment which would see an additional section--Section 376A--which would include mandatory whipping as a penalty.

The proposed amendment is expected to be tabled in the current meeting of Parliament.

Under Section 376 of the Penal Code, a convicted rapist can jailed for a term not less than five years and not more than 20 years, and also be liable to whipping.

Dr Rais said the Cabinet viewed with grave concern the trend of incest in the country and the draft amendment was pursuant to the rampant occurrence of the crimes.

"Due to this, as well as taking into consideration the concern of many including the Women and Family Development Ministry, the Cabinet decided on a swift introduction of the amendment," he said yesterday.

He also said the amount of whipping to be meted out would be on the discretion of the court as it depended on the age of the offender but that "it cannot be done away with."

On Wednesday, Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the ministry was working together with Dr Rais on proposed amendments to the Penal Code to define incest as a separate crime from rape.

She said the ministry would also make a proposal on the need for evidence to be adduced, which she said was not appropriate for incest cases.

Source: The Straits Times Interactive, Singapore. Saturday, July 28, 2001.

Calling the case horrid and distressing, judge sentences him to 19 years' jail and maximum 24 strokes of the cane

By Alethea Lim

JUST a year after he married the mother of a seven-year-old girl, he started raping his stepdaughter.

For five years, the sexual abuse continued.

His crimes came to light only about six months ago when the girl confided in her classmates.

Yesterday, the 40-year-old factory operator was sentenced to 19 years' jail and the maximum 24 strokes of the cane.

Calling the case 'horrid and distressing', Justice M.P.H. Rubin said the stepfather had chosen to abuse and sexually violate the girl to satisfy his lust instead of providing support for her.

'The pain and agony you have caused a young victim can't be understated,' added the judge.

The stepfather pleaded guilty to three counts of rape. Another four rape charges, a molest charge and another for possession of obscene VCDs were taken into consideration.

He cannot be named as it would expose his stepdaughter's identity.

The man first raped the girl sometime in 1997, Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohamed Nasser Ismail told the court. Sometime last year, while his wife was at work, he raped her again in his bedroom.

He did it yet again on Dec 31 that year, when his wife was attending her company's dinner.

Then, on Feb 5 this year, when his wife was at work, he entered the girl's bedroom while she was sleeping and molested her.

He also tried to kiss her, and when she resisted, he put his hands around her neck and choked her. Frightened, she complied. He then raped her.

The court heard that she did not tell her mother about the incident, but confided in her classmates the next morning.

Her teacher and principal later told the girl's mother, who then accompanied her daughter to make a police report.

The girl's stepfather was arrested the same day.

He admitted in court yesterday that he had 'done something very, very stupid' and asked for forgiveness.

Asking for a deterrent sentence, DPP Mohamed Nasser said that the man's behaviour was 'vile, depraved and heinous'.

The maximum penalty for a single count of rape is 20 years in prison and 12 strokes of the cane.

In this case, the judge ordered that two of the man's sentences run consecutively.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Friday, August 03, 2001.

KOTA KINABALU: Police in the northern Kota Marudu district arrested a 42-year-old fisherman for allegedly molesting his 15-year-old daughter at least twice after watching pornographic videos.

Kota Marudu district police chief Deputy Supt Salleh Ahmad Bee said the man was detained at his home in Kampung Tanjung Batu after the girl reported the incidents.

DSP Salleh said the girl told police that the first time she was molested was in April when her father returned home from a fishing trip at about 7am and watched a pornographic video. The man asked his daughter to watch the obscene video as well.

At that time, the man's wife was looking after a stall nearby.

The girl sat down for a while and then went to the kitchen. Her father followed her and hugged his daughter from behind and began caressing her private parts.

DSP Salleh said the terrified girl managed to slip away.

In the second incident on July 23, the man went into his daughter's room at about midnight and began to kiss her on the lips. She immediately ran outside, DSP Salleh said.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Friday, August 10, 2001.

Women MPs, including those from the opposition, rallied to support an amendment to the Penal Code making incest a separate crime from rape and also to enhance its punishment. Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew (BN Klang) called for equal punishment to be meted out to family members who "covered up such acts."

"Family members have the responsibility to protect their children. If a father rapes his daughter, he should be punished.

"Similarly, a mother or a family member who knows of such an incident but refuses to report it to the police should also be penalised," she said when debating the Penal Code (Amendment) Bill.

Dr Tan said even schools continue to discriminate against women. A female student is often expelled for getting pregnant but a male student is rarely punished for his part in it.

Chong Eng (DAP Bukit Mertajam) said that under the bill, the definition of incest only involved "sexual intercourse" between the perpetrator and the victim.

"This does not include oral sex, sodomy or other forms of sexual abuses.

"Rape should also be reclassified to increase the sentence when carried out against the mentally handicapped, the young or those incapable of looking after themselves," she said.

Datuk Napsiah Omar (BN Kuala Pilah) questioned why there was a difference in the age of consent for males and females.

She said there were provisions which stated that the age of consent for males was 13 and 16 for females.

Fong Kui Lun (DAP Bukit Bintang) said pimps operating along Jalan Bukit Bintang were bold to the extent of knocking on the windscreen of cars which passed by, to try to lure clients.

Earlier, when tabling his speech, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the amendment would also seek to increase the sentences for those convicted of incest.

"Instead of fines, those guilty will now be imposed a minimum jail term of six years and up to 20 years, with the possibility of caning.

He added that the bill would also provide for mandatory jail sentences of up to 15 years for those involved in the prostitution of women and the running of brothels.

Source: The Straits Times Interactive, Singapore. Tuesday, August 14, 2001.

By Alethea Lim

A TEENAGER charged with abducting and sexually assaulting two young girls was found dead in his prison cell three days before his case was to be heard in the High Court.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Amarjit Singh told the court yesterday that foul play was suspected.

Shankar Suppiahmaniam, 19, was found dead at 9.02 am on Friday at Queenstown Remand Prison. He was pronounced dead at Alexandra Hospital at 10.19 am that day.

His uncle, Mr Rajkumar, 32, told The Straits Times that when he went to identify the body, he saw bruises on it.

'There were also strangulation marks on his neck and cuts on his lips,' added the operations executive.

The police said that they were classifying the case as unnatural death and were still investigating the matter.

If he were alive, Shankar would have faced eight charges in court yesterday.

One of them was for abducting a nine-year-old girl at Block 45, Tanglin Halt Road, on the night of Oct 10 last year. He allegedly took her to MacRitchie Reservoir where he allegedly molested her, forcing her to perform oral sex on him, before he is supposed to have raped her.

Two months later, on Dec 2, he is supposed to have abducted a 10-year-old girl at Block 241, Tampines Street 21, by allegedly claiming he was a police officer.

He was also alleged to have made her perform oral sex on him and molested her at a vacant flat off Alexandra Road.

Yesterday, Senior Staff Sergeant Hoon Kheng Wah, who is in charge of investigating the case against Shankar and his death, confirmed in court that the youth had died.

DPP Amarjit Singh said that given the circumstances, he was applying to the court to have the case against Shankar closed.

Judicial Commissioner Choo Han Teck granted the application.

Source: The Straits Times Interactive, Singapore. Tuesday, August 14, 2001.

AN INMATE of Queenstown Remand Prison was arrested yesterday for allegedly killing his cellmate.

The 35-year-old man is said to have attacked Shankar Suppiahmaniam, 19, because they did not get along.

Shankar was found unconscious in the cell at about 9 am on Aug 10, three days before he was to appear in court on sexual-assault charges.

He had bruises on his face, neck and body and was pronounced dead at Alexandra Hospital.

Police are treating the case as murder and are questioning the inmate, who is facing unrelated rape charges.

It is believed that a third inmate who shared the cell with the duo was away at the time of the attack.

The dead man's sister, Miss Shandrakala, 30, a carpark attendant, said yesterday that she learnt of her brother's death when she tried to visit him on the Friday morning when he was found unconscious.

'At first, I was told that he had been sent to hospital. Shortly afterwards, I was told that he had died.was stunned. When I saw his body at the hospital, his face was out of shape, his lips were broken and there was blood from his mouth.

'I saw marks round his neck as if he was strangled and there were bruises on the sides of his body. I could not believe what I saw.'

She said Shankar did not mention having any problems with his inmates.

This is the third time in recent years that a prison death involving violence has occurred.

In March 1996, three prison officers were convicted for causing the death of an inmate in Remand Prison and sentenced to jail terms of between six and 10 years, in addition to caning.

In October 1988, a prisoner in Changi medium-security prison was jailed for eight years for killing a fellow prisoner.

Source: The Straits Times Interactive, Singapore. Wednesday, August 15, 2001.

AN inmate of the Queenstown Remand Prison has been arrested by the police for allegedly killing his cellmate Shankar Suppiahmaniam, 19, who was facing two child-molest charges in the High Court.

The inmate, 35, allegedly inflicted various injuries on Suppiahmaniam, 19, while they shared the cell.

Shankar, who was supposed to appear in court on Monday to answer to charges of sexually assaulting two young girls, was found unconscious in the cell at about 9 am on Friday.

He had bruises on his face, neck, and body. He was conveyed to Alexandra Hospital but he died at 10.20 am that same day.

The police are treating the case as murder and are questioning the inmate. The man is in remand prison because he is facing unrelated rape charges.

Under the law, those who are found guilty of murder will face the death penalty.

Source: The Star Online, Wednesday, August 22, 2001.

By Christina Tan

MALACCA: Hours after a teenage uncle told reporters that his four-year-old niece died after a fall from a chair at their house in Tanjung Minyak, police detained him and his 45-year-old mother for alleged abuse and murder of the child.

Contrary to what the Form One schoolboy had claimed, the post mortem revealed that Siti Harmi Aida Abdullah was abused to the point of death.

Police said there was a blood clot in her head and several bite marks and bruises on her arms and body.

"We also believe that the child was lifted and shaken violently, causing severe internal injuries," said Melaka Tengah OCPD Asst Comm Mohamed Salim Abbas, who re-classified the sudden death report to murder yesterday.

However, he said initial investigation revealed that Siti Harmi, who had been staying with the 13-year-old uncle and her step-grandmother for about two months, succumbed to the injuries sustained.

"We also found some wounds believed to have been inflicted on Siti Harmi more than a week ago," said ACP Salim.

The duo were detained on Monday night at their house in Rumah Awam/Taman Perwira Cheng about 13Km from here.

He said Siti Harmi was pronounced dead at about 8.10pm on Sunday when she was taken to the Malacca Hospital by her step-grandmother.

ACP Salim claimed that the woman had told police that the child was crying before she became unconscious in the house.

"We are still trying to trace Siti Harmi's natural mother, said to be staying in Muar," he said.

Siti Harmi's neighbour, who only wanted to be known as Queck, a foodstall operator in Kampung Lapan, said the family moved into their rented house from Muar several years ago.

"But I started noticing the child only recently," he said, adding that he was not around on the day she was taken to the hospital.

Queck said Siti Harmi, a very cute and adorable child, was never seen playing outside her house compound.

"The times that I saw her, she was playing with her teenage uncle," he said.

He said the girl was left alone most of the time with her uncle because the grandmother was out very often.

"The last time I saw Siti Harmi was two weeks ago when I went to see her grandmother to recommend her for a direct-selling job.

"Her grandmother told me that she had financial problems and needed a job," he said.

Source: Malaysiakini Online, Wednesday, August 22, 2001.

Susan Loone

5:26pm, Wed: Women politicians who suggested that working wives were responsible for the incest crimes committed by their husbands, were criticised today for their irrational justification.

Women’s Development Collective (WDC) executive director Maria Chin Abdullah said this was a shallow reasoning which failed to address the root of the problem.

“Even if women stayed at home it did not mean that incest would not happen. Incest is definitely not a female worker’s problem,” she told malaysiakini.

Recently, Barisan Nasional member of Parliament (MP) for Sepang, Seripah Noli Syed Hussin, when debating the Penal Code Amendment Bill 2001 in Parliament, said incest happened because some wives nowadays were too busy to entertain their husbands.

This prompted a male MP to ask if women should allow their husbands to marry again and Seripah agreed.

Debating the same bill, PAS senator Jamilah Ibrahim said wives, except those working in hospitals, should not be allowed to work at night in order to prevent cases of incest.

According to her, women working at night could not discharge their conjugal responsibilities and this caused husbands to find other outlets for their sexual urge.

Disappointing arguments

Maria expressed disappointment that women MPs also fall prey to the misconception that men’s sexual needs should be “serviced at all times” and that women are at fault if they fail to fulfil this role.

“No one should decide the time and place of work for women who can decide for themselves,” she said.

She added that women politicians should re-evaluate their gender values or women’s relationship with men and find out the root of the problem.

“They should not justify the crime because it is the victim whose life has been violated and trust broken,” she stressed.

Maria also said there is a common assumption that all women would speak out against these crimes but according to her “women usually keep quiet about their husbands or male relatives who molest or rape female members of the family due to shame, family unity and their own role in the family.”

Echoing a similar concern, DAP Wanita said incest victims endure long-term social and psychological trauma. Some are unable to have intimate relationships for the rest of their lives.

Wanita chief Chong Eng said nobody, including women politicians, should justify these crimes.

Wives should not be blamed for crimes committed by their husbands. All adults regardless of sex should be responsible for their own conduct and action, she said.

“Marital relationship is about shared responsibilities and mutual rights and not just husbands’ rights to sex,” she added.

Source: The Star Online, Wednesday, August 29 2001.

SEREMBAN: The Sessions Court here yesterday rejected the guilty plea of a 41-year-old Felda settler, who is charged with raping his 11-year-old daughter, after he said he was drunk at the time of the incident.

Judge Supiah Meon said that although the accused pleaded guilty to raping his daughter and agreed to the facts of the case, he had claimed in his mitigation that he was drunk.

“Based on the facts presented, I find you guilty of the offence. But in your mitigation, you brought up your drunken state at time of offence.

“I find that your plea is conditional and I have to reject it. I will have to fix a trial date for you,” she added.

She fixed Feb 25 and 26 for trial.

The accused, who was unrepresented, is charged with raping his daughter on June 3, 2000, between noon and 7pm at their house at No 251, Block L, Felda Serting 3, Bandar Baru Serting.

He was charged under Section 375 of the Penal Code and faces a jail term of not less than five years and not more than 20 years and whipping, if found guilty.

According to the facts of the case, which the accused agreed to, the victim lodged a police report against him on Aug 10 at 11.05pm.

The underaged girl reported that the accused had been fondling her since she was 11 years old.

On June 3, the girl told her sister that the accused had rubbed cooking oil on her private parts before penetrating her vagina. Their mother confronted the accused who denied doing so.

On Aug 3, the girl related the incident to her mother’s foster sister who took her to lodge a police report.

Source: The Straits Times Interactive, Singapore. Thursday, July 12, 2001.

By Elena Chong

A TEENAGE girl slept with her stepfather after he demanded she do so in exchange for permission to attend a school camp, a district court heard.

Initially, the 15-year-old refused, but changed her mind as she desperately wanted to go camping with her schoolmates.

The court heard that the 50-year-old despatch driver molested the girl one night in June 1999 at their Jurong flat.

She stayed awake the entire night she spent with him, afraid that he might molest her, which he did.

He continued to touch her when she resisted.

When she could not stand it any more, she shouted for him to stop.

He then told her to return to her room if she did not like it. She left.

A month later, she told her aunt what happened. The aunt told the victim's mother and the two confronted the accused, who apologised.

No police report was made at the time and the molestations continued.

On June 26 last year, the victim, now 16, fainted in school and was warded. Friends and teachers then told the police about the sexual abuse.

Deputy Public Prosecutor David Khoo said the accused had robbed the victim of her innocence and nothing could make up for the trauma.

Because of the frequency of his abuse in 1999, the victim could not recall all of the incidents.

District Judge Teoh Ai Lin sentenced the man to 20 months for molest. He escaped caning as he is over 50.

Source: The Star Online, Tuesday, September 18, 2001.

KUALA LUMPUR: A labourer was sentenced to 15 years’ jail and ordered to be given 12 strokes of the rotan by a Sessions Court yesterday after he pleaded guilty to rapinghis 12-year-old foster daughter.

Judge Mohd Zaki Abdul Wahab also ordered Indonesian Bennir-wanto Warjoyo to start his sentence with effect from his date of arrest on Aug 11.

Bennirwanto , 41, admitted to raping the girl in a house at Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Kampung Baru at about 7.10am on Aug 7.

He also admitted that he was a close family friend and that the victim regarded him as her foster father.

In sentencing Bennirwanto, Judge Mohd Zaki said the accused had misused the trust placed in him by the victim and her parents.

He added that the court viewed such offences as serious in nature and that the incident had also scarred the girl’s future.

Bennirwanto, who was unrepresented, pleaded to the court for leniency, saying he was remorseful and had repented for what he had done.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ahmad Bache, however, pressed for a deterrent sentence.

Source: Malaysiakini Online, Tuesday, November 20, 2001.

Susan Loone

4:16pm, Tue: The rising incidence of incest in PAS-led Kelantan may be due to increased stress in its society, parliamentary secretary in the Prime Minister’s Department Noh Omar said today.

Noh said lack of entertainment outlets and too many ceramahs (public talks) may be the reason for incest in the predominantly Malay and Muslim state.

He said although Kelantan has no discos as it is an Islamic state, that has not curbed social ills such as incest.

“Perhaps the ceramahs are too heavy and the men [who make up the audience] become highly intense,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby today.

Noh added, however, “The important issue here is awareness - this is a social problem and we need to be more pro-active in handling the issue.”

Earlier in Parliament, Noh was asked by Ismail Noh (PAS-Pasir Mas) to reveal the statistics for incest cases according to states from 1999 to 2001.

The Prime Minister’s Department was also asked whether it would implement syariah laws to handle incest cases.

Noh said the highest number of police reports lodged on the matter since 1999 and up to June this year are in Johor (59), Sabah (53) and Selangor (49).

They are followed by Sarawak (43), Kedah (30), Perak (30), Pahang (27), Penang (24), Negeri Sembilan (20), Terengganu (19), Kelantan (16), Melaka (14), Kuala Lumpur (9) and Perlis (8).

Noh revealed that the number of cases reported for Johor and Selangor has decreased. In Johor it went down from 33 (1999) to 15 (2000) to 11 (2001) and in Selangor it was 16 (1999) to 24 (2000) to 9 (2001).

“But the number in Kelantan has increased from three (1999) to four (2000) and nine (2001),” said Noh.

“These are only police reports and do not really indicate the actual number of cases,” he added.

Punishable under Penal Code

On whether incest cases can be tried under syariah laws, Noh said the matter was up to the complainant.

He said if the complainant made a police report then it will be handled by the Civil Court.

“The Civil Court is faster in handling such cases because there are statutory punishments for offenders who sexually abuse girls under 16 years with or without consent,” said Noh.

He said there are provisions in syariah laws in every state to handle such cases and it is up to the victims to go and report the cases to the relevant authorities.

Recently, Parliament amended the Penal Code to include crimes of incest to be punishable under Section 336 (a).

The amendment, said Noh, would be gazetted soon as it has been voted in by both the Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat.

Source: The Straits Times Interactive, Tuesday, November 27, 2001.

By Wong Fei Wan

A MAN abused his only daughter sexually for 10 years, and began doing so when she was only five years old, the High Court heard yesterday.

Last year, the 47-year-old father, a cleaner who cannot be named to protect the girl's identity, tried to rape her.

Yesterday, he was jailed five years and ordered to be caned 12 times.

The girl, now 15, was too young to understand what was happening when her father first molested her one night in 1991.

After that first occasion, her father continued molesting her about once a week when her mother and two brothers were sleeping.

In November 1995, while she was asleep, her father abused her sexually again. She was aware of what he was doing, but was too afraid to open her eyes.

Between January 1999 and last year, he continued molesting her.

On Christmas Day last year, he tried to rape her.

In April this year, while she was doing her homework in her brothers' bedroom, he groped her.

She finally told her brothers and mother about it and they lodged a police report.

Source: The Star Online, Wednesday, November 28, 2001.

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have obtained a 10-day remand order on a 50-year-old former singer following reports by his teenage daughter and step-daughter that they had been raped by him over the past two years. The girls, aged 15 and 12 years, accompanied their mother to lodge a report against him on Saturday at the Sentul police district headquarters.

The man, a popular recording artiste in the 1970s, was picked up later in the day from a food stall that he operates in the area.

City CID Chief Senior Asst Comm II Kamaruddin Mat Desa confirmed the case.

It is believed that the alleged rapes had been going on for several years until one of the victims decided to tell to their mother.

The girls were raped whenever the singer took them out on separate outings.

Both victims have been sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for medical check-ups and are now in the custody of the mother, with whom the singer is separated.

The singer, who is said to be also involved in drug abuse, had cut several albums in the 1970s with EMI Records, including duets with Sharifah Aini. His trademark style was singing Malay songs ala-Hindustani.

After his popularity declined with the advent of new and younger artistes on the music scene, he started a food stall in Sentul where his daughters occasionally helped him.

Source: The Star Online, Sunday, December 9, 2001


KUALA LUMPUR: Popular 70s singer M. Sani claimed trial in a Sessions Court here yesterday to three counts of raping his 11-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old girl.

M. Sani, whose real name is Md Sani Abu Yamin, is accused of raping his daughter in an apartment in Sentul Pasar at about 5.30pm on Sept 26.

He also faces two charges of raping the other victim at the same place between 11pm and midnight in April last year and October this year respectively.

Clad in a black T-shirt and jeans, M. Sani, 50, was produced before judge Mohd Zaki Abd Wahab at 10.30am, where he denied the rape charges.

The former singer, who was not represented, appeared calm throughout the proceedings.

The prosecution, conducted by DPP Azamuddin Abd Aziz, had earlier urged the court not to allow bail , saying that the victim (daughter) might be disturbed should he be released on bail.

Mohd Zaki turned down the request saying: “This court has to consider the fact that bail is not for the purpose of punishing the accused but to ensure his continuous attendance in court.

“I am of the opinion that it will be unfair not to grant the accused bail since the prosecution has failed to convince this court about the issue it raised.”

Mohd Zaki then fixed bail at RM40,000 and fixed Jan 8 for mention.

M. Sani, who now operates a food stall, failed to post the bail at the end of court day yesterday.

M. Sani had cut several albums in the 1970s with EMI Records, including duets with Sharifah Aini.

He shot to stardom after winning the Bintang RTM competition in 1972.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Monday, April 1, 2002.

IPOH: A 13-year-old girl has reported that she had been raped on several occasions by five different people, including four relatives, over the last eight years. The girl from Pengkalan was believed to have first been raped by a relative when she was five years old.

State CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Zuber Shariff said police were investigating the claims and had detained five suspects, including the girl’s brother, father and grandfather.

The suspects aged 17 to 69 were remanded on Friday for 10 days under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code at the magistrate’s court.

SAC Zuber, who said the victim lodged a police report on the advice of a teacher, could not give further details.

Sources said that some time after the first incident in 1994, the girl was invited to watch a pornographic movie with two male family members and their male friend at her home.

The three men then took her into a bedroom to imitate the scenes in the movie.

After the incident, she was unable to concentrate on her studies, said the source, adding that the girl’s teacher had raised the matter with her mother.

This prompted the victim’s mother to send her earlier this year to her grandfather’s house in Batu Gajah where she was again raped by another relative on March 24.

Source: The New Straits Times Online, Malaysia. Tuesday, 02 April 2002.

by Lee Shi-Ian

The nude body of a six-year-old girl, whom police believed was raped and battered to death, was found in a drain in an abandoned housing estate in Taman Tasik Permai today.

Norshakila Ramli Abdullah Choo, reported missing by her family last night, was discovered by a passerby who was on his way to work at about 8am.

A police team arrived at the scene after the passerby lodge a police report at the district police headquarters.

It is learnt that Norshakila's body was found barely 200 metres away from her father's hawker stall.

Norshakila was inflicted with head injuries, indicating that she might have been repeatedly battered with a bottle, which was also discovered near her body. There were blood stains.

An on-the-spot investigation by a police forensic team revealed that she was raped. A search failed to locate the girl's clothes.

She was last seen alive yesterday about 10.30pm when she followed her father to his yong tau foo stall in Taman Tasik Permai. About 30 minutes later, her family discovered that she had gone missing.

Her brothers searched the surrounding area but failed to locate their sister, who was described by her mother, Hamidah Idris, 43, as friendly and cheerful.

Her father later lodged a missing person report at the district police headquarters about 12am.

A grief-stricken Hamidah later said the discovery of her daughter and the circumstances in which she was murdered was too much to bear.

Norshakila was the fifth child among four brothers and a sister.

Several hours after the discovery of Norshakila's body, police picked up a 15-year-old school dropout to facilitate investigation. Norshakila was last seen with him.

The teenager was picked up from his house located in the vicinity where Norshakila's body was discovered. It is learnt that the suspect was known to the family as he worked at a restaurant near their stall.

At 2pm, a 23-year-old man was picked up by police in the same housing area to facilitate investigation. Both suspects were produced before the Ampang Magistrate Court where a seven-day remand order was obtained.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissiner Datuk Mangsor Ismail said Norshakila's body had been sent to the Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for a post-mortem.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Wednesday, April 10, 2002.

RAPE is a serious crime and incest is simply despicable. More often than not, the victims are children or young teens, some savagely assaulted before being killed while others who survive the ordeal are scarred for the rest of their life, ruined physically and psychologically.

In the case of incest, the victims are doubly traumatised because the culprits are often older relatives, or even their fathers, whom they trust and from whom they seek support, love and protection.

Unfortunately such cases are still common, so much so that Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has made a strong call for further amendments to the Penal Code to provide for stiffer penalties against such heinous crime.

There were 205 incest cases in 1998, 184 in 1999, 136 in 2000 and for the period from January to May last year, 73 cases were reported.

One may reasonably suspect that this might be just the tip of the iceberg as many such cases could have been covered up because of shame, embarrassment and the fear of losing financial support as the culprits are often the breadwinner of the family.

Abdullah, who is also the Home Minister, wants incest to be classified as a separate crime from rape and those convicted of the crime be severely punished.

In his words, there should be zero tolerance of such unspeakable acts. There is no defence and there is no mitigation.

No doubt, the Penal Code has been amended last year to provide for a minimum jail term of six years and a maximum of 20 years and whipping up to 24 strokes for incest.

But for some reason, judges do not seem to come down hard on these culprits.

In most cases, the perpetrators escape with light punishment not in line with the severity of the crime or the harm done to the victims and this is a source of concern to the Deputy Prime Minister, as well as social workers and non-governmental organisations looking after the welfare and rights of women.

It is in this context that Abdullah wants incest to be classified separately from rape in order to raise the minimum jail term and even to include mandatory whipping as a strong deterrent.

There have been calls for other solutions ranging from compulsory counselling to harsher punishment such as castration. When the issue was raised in the Parliament last year, there were suggestions that the law should also punish family members who seek to cover up such offences.

While rape is often impulsive, most incest cases are perpetrated repeatedly over a period of time because the victims are silenced by guilt, shame and fear.

A random check shows that some culprits escaped with less than 10 years’ jail or less than 10 strokes of whipping although the law provides for more.

The victims, in some cases, are less than 10 years old.

The Women and Family Development Ministry is currently making a study of the whole issue and the ball is now in the court of Minister Datuk Shahrizat Abdul Jalil who is in full support of Abdullah in making a review of the Penal Code to provide for stiffer punishment.

Sisters in Islam, an active advocate of women’s rights, also wants the Government to look into conflicting areas between the Penal Code and Syariah Criminal Offences legislation because incest is also punishable under the Syariah law which treats it on the same basis as adultery and rape and only provides a maximum jail term of three years and a fine of RM3,000.

We recognise other factors that may contribute towards the increase of such horrific crime, such as divorce and separation, poverty, crammed living conditions, ignorance, drunkenness and even the prevalence of pornography.

These are elements which cannot be overlooked but should never be considered an excuse to commit such dastardly acts.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Wednesday, April 10, 2002.

SANDAKAN: A 16-year-old dropout was ordered to be detained at the pleasure of the Yang di-Pertua Negri for the brutal killing and rape of five-year-old Siti Nadhirah Budah, which grabbed national attention last July.

Bowing his head throughout the one-hour hearing, the fisherman’s son, who was dressed in T-shirt and jeans, calmly told the High Court that he was guilty of the murder charge, which carries the death sentence.

Since he is a minor, High Court Justice Richard Malanjum ruled that Section 16 of the Juvenile Courts Act applied to the case and ordered the boy to be detained in Sandakan at the governor’s pleasure.

None of the boy’s family members were present in court yesterday although the Social Services Department, which had submitted a confidential probation report, had asked his mother to attend the case.

Counsel Dennis Rantau, assigned to represent the boy whose father had died, said the accused was remorseful of the brutal crime.

“He wants to rehabilitate himself,’’ Rantau said in mitigation on behalf of the boy after Deputy Public Prosecutor Amir Nasruddin recapped what happened to kindergarten pupil Siti Nadhirah on July 5.

Presenting the facts, Amir said Siti Nadhirah, who was only five years and 11 months old, was walking home from classes at a surau in Kampung Sibugal Besar, Mile 10, Labuk Road, here.

At about 1pm, Siti Nadhirah was passing a shop when the accused, who was known to her, asked if she wanted to follow him to look for mangoes.

She agreed and they walked into a nearby oil palm plantation. Upon reaching a swampy area, the boy held her hand and began hugging her.

Amir said the boy then tore off Siti Nadhirah’s clothes and forced her to lie down before raping her. She fought back by biting his hand.

The boy became angry and punched Siti Nadhirah in the face and she began to cry. He clamped his hand over her nose and mouth until she died.

He then covered Siti Nadhirah’s body with mud and placed two logs on top of it and returned home.

At 8.15pm, a group of villagers went to the boy’s house and asked about Siti Nadhirah’s whereabouts.

After being questioned by the villagers, the boy brought them to the place where he had hidden Siti Nadhirah’s body.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Sunday, April 14, 2002.

KUALA LUMPUR: A 14-year-old dropout was charged in a magistrate’s court in Ampang yesterday with murdering a six-year-old girl who was found in the drain of a new housing estate early this month.

The dropout, from Kampung Tasek Permai, is alleged to have murdered Nur Sakelaa Ramli Chow in the back lane of a row of terrace houses in Taman Tasek Permai Jaya in Ampang Jaya between 10.30pm and 2.30am on March 31.

He is charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code which provides a mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

However, no plea was recorded from the accused, who was arrested on April 1.

Earlier, prosecuting officer C/Insp Chin Su Song applied for the dropout to be sent for observation at Hospital Bahagia, upon instructions from the deputy public prosecutor.

Magistrate Norshila Kamaruddin fixed May 15 for mention pending a psychiatric report from the hospital.

Source: Utusan Malaysia Online, Malaysia. Tuesday, April 16, 2002.


KUALA LUMPUR 15 April - Hukuman kasi ke atas pesalah sumbang mahram seperti yang disyorkan oleh Persatuan Peguam-Peguam Muslim Malaysia (PPMM) semalam, haram di sisi ajaran Islam.

Bekas Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan, Tan Sri Abdul Kader Talib berkata, cadangan berkenaan adalah jelas tidak boleh dilaksanakan walau atas apa alasan sekalipun kerana kaedah tersebut sebenarnya bertentangan dengan hukum Islam.

``Berdosa besar sekiranya dilaksanakan hukuman berkenaan walaupun dengan niat untuk membendung jenayah keji itu yang dikatakan semakin berleluasa sejak kebelakangan ini,'' katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia hari ini.

Beliau mengulas kenyataan Presiden PPMM, Zaitoon Othman yang mengesyorkan hukuman kasi dengan kaedah moden dikenakan ke atas pesalah sumbang mahram seperti yang turut diguna pakai di Amerika Syarikat.

Zaitoon juga dilaporkan berkata, pesalah boleh disuntik dengan bahan yang boleh mematikan fungsi zakar mengikut tempoh tertentu dan kaedah moden itu sesuai menggantikan cara konvensional yang membuang terus alat kelamin seseorang.

Mengulas lanjut, Abdul Kader berkata, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w sendiri pernah melarang perbuatan itu apabila ditanya oleh seorang sahabat yang ingin membuang alat kelaminnya bagi menahan nafsu yang memuncak ketika melihat perempuan cantik.

Sebaliknya tambah beliau, baginda meminta orang berkenaan supaya berpuasa sunat dengan niat khusus bagi menghalang nafsu serta jika ada kemampuan dari segi kewangan dan sebagainya, hendaklah seseorang lelaki itu segera berkahwin.

``Pastinya ada hikmah tersembunyi yang ingin disampaikan oleh Rasulullah s.a.w, kenapa baginda sendiri menghalang perbuatan berkenaan dilakukan walaupun dengan niat untuk mengelakkan berlaku maksiat,'' ujarnya.

Abdul Kader yang juga bekas Imam Besar pertama, Masjid Putra di Putrajaya menjelaskan, kali terakhir kaedah kasi digunakan ialah sewaktu zaman terakhir pemerintahan empayar Khalifah Uthmaniah yang akhirnya tumbang pada awal abad lalu.

Namun kata Abdul Kader, kaedah berkenaan tidak boleh disalah tafsir sebagai satu bentuk hukuman kerana mereka yang dikasi itu bukanlah pesalah sumbang mahram, tetapi pengawal Masjid al-Haram, Mekah dan Masjid an-Nabawi, Madinah.

Malah, beliau yang berkesempatan melihat para pengawal tersebut sewaktu menuntut di Arab Saudi pada 1940-an lalu berkata, kaedah kasi seperti yang dilaksanakan itu tidak boleh pula dijadikan alasan membenarkan hukuman kasi ke atas pesalah.

Sebaliknya kata beliau, hukuman terbaik bagi menangani jenayah sumbang mahram menurut ajaran Islam ialah pesalah itu hendaklah disebat di khalayak ramai dan bilangan sebatan boleh ditentukan menurut budi bicara seseorang hakim.

``Hukuman ini sebenarnya bermatlamat bagi memalukan orang berkenaan selain daripada memberi pengajaran kepada orang lain agar tidak pula melakukan perbuatan terkutuk itu pada masa akan datang,'' katanya.

Source:The Straitstimes Interactive, Singapore. Tuesday, April 16, 2002.

The recent spate of incest cases sparks anger with some even urging public whipping and injections to kill libido

By Reme Ahmad

CASTRATE those who commit incest.

Inject them with chemicals to reduce their sex drive.

Whip them in public.

Malaysians shocked by the spate of incest cases are not mincing their words in asking for tougher laws to punish those who vent their lust on very young girls in their own families.

They are also asking what is wrong with Malays as statistics show that more than 70 per cent of incest cases occurred in their community, many of them in villages.

The biggest shocker was one in Ipoh last week where five people were charged with repeatedly raping a 13-year-old since she was five.

The rapists included her grandfather, a 69-year-old former school teacher; her father, a 52-year-old postal clerk; and her brother, 17.

Datuk Abdul Hamid Zainal Abidin, the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department who is in charge of Islamic affairs, reflected the public's anger.

He said he did not have the vocabulary to describe his 'utter disgust' at the offenders.

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said he supported 'heavier punishment' for the wrongdoers.

'If I had my way, the perpetrator would be whipped in public to make him regret his action,' he said on Sunday when asked to comment.

He said he was ashamed that many of them were Malays.

Others want even heavier penalties.

Miss Zaitoon Othman, president of the Association of Muslim Lawyers, suggested injecting offenders with chemicals to 'kill the functions of the penis for a certain duration'.

A reader who wrote to the Utusan Malaysia suggested castration as a punishment.

Under current laws, those found guilty face jail terms of up to 20 years, with whipping of between six and 20 times.

Although incest cases and reports of children being raped make the headlines every now and then, the recent surge of such cases in the courts has raised public concern.

According to police data, there were 246 reported cases of incest last year, compared with 213 in 2000.

In the first three months of this year, the reported cases stood at 65.

More than 70 per cent of the cases reported over the last two years involved Malay families.

In the debate aired in the media, experts gave a range of reasons for the crime: lack of religious knowledge, poor sex education and watching of too many pornographic films.

Perlis Mentri Besar Shahidan Kassim drew fire from women's groups when he recommended making it easier for men to enter into polygamous marriages to reduce the incidence of incest cases.

But no one was able to explain why such a large number of Malay villagers were involved in incest, apart from a suggestion that the community's abhorrence of such acts made them more willing to report such cases compared to other races.

Dr Mahathir suggested that children be made aware about the dangers of incestuous relationships and that families be instilled with good values from young.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Tuesday, April 16, 2002.


SEREMBAN: A 14-year-old girl has given birth to a premature baby at the Kuala Pilah district hospital after being allegedly raped by her brothers since she was seven.

That the girl had been pregnant was apparently not known to her parents until her father took her to the hospital on Saturday following complaints that she was having stomach pains.

It is learnt that the baby was delivered prematurely at 5am.

The victim is said to have been raped by her brothers, aged 16 and 17, and among the places where it happened was at an oil palm estate.

The latest incident was said to have occurred last October at the riverside when the girl went fishing with her 17-year-old brother.

Kuala Pilah district police chief Supt Zainal Abidin Mohd Rawi confirmed that a police report had been lodged, but declined to elaborate.

The brothers were detained on the day the report was lodged and they were remanded for further investigations, he added.

In a separate case, a 42-year-old Felda settler admitted in the Kuala Pilah Sessions Court to having raped his 12-year-old daughter.

The settler pleaded guilty to committing the crime last June and last August in their house at Felda Serting Air Hitam, Bahau.

Sessions Court judge Harminder Singh sentenced him to 12 years’ jail and ordered that he be given six strokes of rotan for each charge.

The jail sentence is to run concurrently.

ASP Mazupi Abdul Rahman prosecuted while the settler was unrepresented.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Tuesday, April 16, 2002.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Bar Council has asked the Government to take a cautious approach in reacting to calls to provide for stiffer penalties for rape and incest.

“The correct approach would be to allow the amendment to the Penal Code made last year to be tested by judicial process prior to making further amendments,’’ council president Mah Weng Kwai said yesterday.

He said it was premature to call for tougher laws and if implemented would be akin to “putting the cart before the horse” as Section 376A was yet to be enforced.

He said in a statement that the Government should not be led into making the amendments based purely on the insistence of certain quarters.

Mah was responding to a call by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and several others recently for the law to be amended to impose stiffer penalties for rape and incest.

He said the proposed approach was unhealthy as it would create a strong precedent for piecemeal legislation in future cases.

Mah added that the mandatory minimum and the currently proposed mandatory maximum sentence also conflicted with the principles of just sentencing.

He said stiffer penalties might not prevent offenders from committing the same crimes again and because of this, the relevant parties should study the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the current rape laws before asking for stiffer penalties.

“The Bar Council advocates that if any further amendment is to be made, compulsory rehabilitative treatment or counselling and regular observation after release from prison should be considered as part of the sentence,’’ he added.

Meanwhile, DAP deputy chairman Karpal Singh welcomed the proposed amendment and said that it would be in the public’s interest to prioritise the amendment.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Wednesday, April 17, 2002.

KUANTAN: Reports on incest should not only be lodged with the police but also with the Social Welfare Department, said National Unity and Community Development Minister Datuk Dr Siti Zaharah Sulaiman.

She said while the police handled matters pertaining to prosecution, the department would provide shelter for the victims, especially if they were underage.

“There should be a concerted effort between the police and the department to prevent such disgraceful acts. We must tackle this problem firmly and promptly and agree that a heavier penalty be imposed on those found guilty,’’ she said after presenting financial aid to flood victims in Kampung Sungai Isap here yesterday.

Some 2,000 families who were among the thousands most affected by the floods that hit several areas here last December received RM200 each.

Dr Siti Zaharah also said the department now obtained information on incest cases from the police after a report had been filed by the victim or family members.

The ministry’s main concern, she added, was the safety of the victims as they could be exposed to violence at home after a report had been lodged.

“That is why we recommend that a report be lodged with the department as well so that our officers can take the necessary action together with the police,” she said, adding that the public should alert the authorities as soon as possible if they believed such acts were occurring in their area.

On the aid to the flood victims, Dr Siti Zaharah said 5,922 families affected in the state would receive a total of over RM1mil.

She said the money would be given out in stages and advised those who had already registered but were not on the list to be patient and re-register so that the money could be given to them.

Source: Straits Times Interactive, Singapore. Monday, June 03, 2002.

SINGAPORE -- A man forced his 13-year-old daughter at knifepoint to masturbate him and make her succumb to his sexual abuses.

Once, the 43-year-old father even punched her when she refused to perform oral sex on him. And when she knelt in pain, he made her lie on the floor and then he molested her.

The odd-job labourer, who also has an eight-year-old son and four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, molested his oldest child, now 14, in their Sengkang flat throughout the first three months of this year while his wife was working the night shift.

The abuses stopped only when the girl confided in her school counsellor. The school principal then told the girl's mother about it.

Accompanied by her mother, she made a police report on March 20.

In a district court on June 3, the man faced a total of 11 charges and pleaded guilty to six - three for aggravated molest and another three for molest.

District Judge Tey Tsun Hang said that the charges were 'very serious' and the father would get 'very long' sentences for his crimes.

The judge called for a victim impact statement, so that he would take into account the psychological damage the father had inflicted on his daughter.

The man will be sentenced on June 24.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Friday, June 21, 2002.

KUALA PILAH: Two teenage brothers were charged in a Juvenile Court yesterday with rape and outraging the modesty of their younger sister at various locations near their house last year.

The younger brother, aged 16, faces three counts of raping the girl, who is now 14, while the elder, aged 17, was charged with two counts of using criminal force with the intention of outraging the modesty of the victim.

The offences occurred between April and December last year.

When a court interpreter read out the charges, the younger brother, who had earlier pleaded guilty, changed his plea and claimed trial.

Judge Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal then asked him if he understood the charges and the meaning of the word “rogol” (rape).

The accused shook his head but later surprised the court when he admitted to raping his sister once in 2000 and not during the period specified in the charge sheet.

The court fixed two days, beginning Aug 1 for trial.

Earlier, the elder brother pleaded guilty to the first charge of outraging the modesty of their sister but claimed trial to the second.

Judge Harmindar Singh ordered the accused to serve time at the Henry Gurney school until he was 21 years old.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Saturday, June 22, 2002.

KUANTAN: A labourer pleaded guilty at the Sessions Court here yesterday to three counts of raping his three daughters between 1996 and this year.

The 44-year-old man admitted committing the offences at a house in Kampung Sepauk, Nenasi in Pekan.

He faces the first charge of raping one of his daughters, aged between eight and 10 at that time, between 1996 and 1998.

This was followed by a second charge of raping another daughter, aged between six and nine at that time, between 1996 and 1999.

He also faces a third charge of raping yet another daughter, aged between six and eight at that time, between 2000 and May 3 this year.

The accused, who was unrepresented, was charged under Section 376 of the Penal Code, which carries a jail sentence of not less than five years and not more than 20 years and whipping upon conviction.

No bail was granted and Judge Mohamad K. Abdul Rahman fixed sentencing for Monday. —Bernama

Source: Straits Times Interactive, Singapore. Tuesday, June 25, 2002.

Judge is sympathetic, but sentence stays

By Elena Chong

A YOUNG girl who was abused sexually by her father joined her mother yesterday to plead with a district judge to be lenient in sentencing the man.

The 14-year-old girl said in her letter that her mother, who was often sick, was in a state of shock over what had happened. She added that both of them were 'lost' without her father. Advertisement

She also blamed herself for bringing the matter to court and kept asking herself why she had been molested in her victim impact statement.

As a result of his abuse, the Secondary 2 student could not concentrate on her studies, and did not do well in her mid-year examinations. All her grades were down except her mother tongue. She also said in her statement that she could not trust any man again.

The odd-job labourer admitted molesting his daughter, then 13, in the family flat seven times during the first three months of this year, while his wife was working the night shift.

He also exposed himself to her on four occasions.

The abuse stopped only when she confided in her school counsellor, who told the school principal. The principal informed her mother.

Accompanied by her mother, the girl made a police report on March 20.

The father was sentenced to a total of 10 years in jail and 18 strokes of the cane.

When they heard that, the girl and her mother, who were both in court, wept.

Shocked at the sentence, the man said: 'What am I to do? You gave me 10 years - half my life is gone.'

The wife later spoke to her husband in the dock, after the court had adjourned.

The man, who also has an eight-year-old son and a 4 1/2-year-old daughter, pleaded guilty earlier this month to six of the 11 charges - three for aggravated molestation and another three for molestation.

Then, Deputy Public Prosecutor Raymond Fong said that sometime in January, the father threatened his daughter at knifepoint when she refused to tell him where her mother had kept a particular ring, as she did not want him to pawn it.

He warned her not to scream before undressing and molesting her. Later that month, he pointed a penknife at her and forced her to masturbate him.

He made her do it again the following month, but did not threaten her with a weapon.

On another occasion in February, he returned home drunk and demanded that she perform oral sex on him. When she refused, he punched and molested her.

On March 11, he told her again to masturbate him and also molested her. After this, he begged for her forgiveness and asked her for his wife's ring, saying he needed to clear his debts. He also promised not to abuse her anymore.

She then handed the ring to him. He promised to return it four days later. At 10 pm on March 15, the girl woke him up and asked for the ring. He gave it to her. Later that night, he broke his word and made her masturbate him and also molested her.

Pressing for a deterrent sentence, DPP Fong said that the father's acts were perverse and degenerate, having tremendous and deep-rooted effect on the victim.

'It was a cruel and brutal betrayal of the trust which was reposed in the accused by his own daughter,' he said.

District Judge Tey Tsun Hang said that what the man did was 'repulsive' and 'revolting', and added: 'The court cannot ignore the psychological damage inflicted on the daughter, and the emotional distress, hurt and pain brought to the whole family. This is a man whose licentiousness heeds no law.'

He also said that the letters from the man's wife and daughter asking for leniency for him, in spite of what he had done to his daughter, were heart-rending.

Both said separately that they would suffer hardship and loss without the man, and also expressed guilt for all that had happened.

Noted the judge: 'Their love for the accused remains, despite all the horrendous acts committed by him.'

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Wednesday, August 28, 2002.

KUALA KANGSAR: A 66-year-old disabled man pleaded guilty in the Session Court here yesterday to raping his youngest daughter two years ago.

Abdul Rashid Mat Salleh, whose right leg had been amputated, admitted to raping his daughter, then aged 13, at an unnumbered house in Kampung Temong Hulu, Kati, at 3pm between January and February in 2000 yesterday.

He was charged under Section 376 of the Penal Code that carries a maximum of 20 years’ jail and whipping.

Session judge Rashidah Chick fixed Oct 15 for decision and imposed bail of RM3,000.

Earlier, defence counsel Ranjit Sadhu requested the court to impose bail of RM2,500 instead of the RM5,000 suggested by prosecuting officer chief Insp Zainal Abidin.

Zainal had proposed a higher bail as the accused had committed a serious offence and ruined the life of his innocent daughter.

During mitigation, Ranjit Sadhu told the court that Abdul Rashid was handicapped and not able to work.

He said Abdul Rashid was depending on his 50-year-old wife who worked as a sundry shop helper to support the family.

Abdul Rashid, whose leg was amputated after he fell from the ceiling of his house seven years ago, was arrested in 2000.

He was released on police bail due to health problems.

His daughter gave birth to a baby as a result of the rape.

The mother and child are now under the care of the state Welfare Department.

Source: The Star Online, Malaysia. Tuesday, September 17, 2002.


SEPANG: A 52-year-old odd job labourer, now in remand for raping his daughter, told police he gave away three of his six children for adoption and received about RM29,000 in the last six years.

The man gave away the children, two girls and a boy, when they were infants to childless couples.

He is said to have gotten RM8,000 and RM9,000 for the girls and RM12,000 for the boy.

Police have identified the couples but there was no evidence the children had been forced into prostitution.

They are also investigating whether the man’s wife and mother-in-law had acted as “go-between” in the adoption, and whether the couples had relevant adoption papers.

Police detained the man last Friday on suspicion that he had raped one of his three daughters.

Acting on public information that the man’s other children, all girls aged between four and eight, were involved in prostitution, police and Welfare Services Department officers raided a house in Kg Sri Dengkil on Sept 12 and found the girls living with their grandmother.

They took the eldest girl to Putrajaya Hospital for a check-up and found she could have been raped.

A day later, police detained the father, who was waiting at the hospital thinking that the girls were being given immunisation jabs.

Sepang OCPD Supt Mohd Shukri Dahlan said medical reports showed that the girl had a torn vagina but no indication that she had contracted venereal disease.

The Star reported yesterday that the man’s 34-year-old wife claimed her husband forced her to sleep with workers at construction sites and that he sold three of their children to strangers.

This document was prepared by using information obtained from the Sources listed above. All information contained herein is correct at the time of implementation of this Victims' accounts. Action-aicsa cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy, omission or alteration that may occur.

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