What is Romance?

Romance, to me, isn't something you do only on special occasions, but something you do every day. I am not saying anything against that, once a year, valentine candlelight dinner,or special birthday, evening out, I think they are wonderful, but to really, keep, that fire burning, I think it needs more than that. And its not just something that women are supposed to do, men should too. "IT TAKES TWO, TO KEEP THE SPARK, IGNITED"

I am talking about the little things....a moonlight stroll, holding hands , or arms wrapped around each other... a hand caressing a cheek, or sending, a signal, only known to each other, across a crowded room, or blowing a kiss...or mouthing something, like "I want you", or sitting next to each other while watching tv, running your fingers through their hair or giving a foot massage. Even at the park with the kids, take the time, while you are sitting on the bench watching them, play, to softly tell each other something, playful, and sexy.
With the proper mind set, you will always find time for these things, and, when u least expect it. Never be embarrassed to hug, or peck, be spontaneous! And these things, can be done, even in front of the kids, that is a wonderful way to show them, that it is ok, for people to show affection.
And, if they laugh and think you are nuts, THEN U KNOW YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT!! :)
There are countless things you can do, on a day to day basis, that only take a minute, or two but the rewards are immense :)

Send them to work with a smile on their face, and you on their mind and them on yours :) Tuck a note, (with, sweet sentiments or promises of things to come) in a briefcase, lunch, or pocketbook, or even on a pillow, what a nice way to wake up, or to go to sleep! :)
Something like, "When you get home tonight, I'll have a nice hot bath waiting for you..." or "Have I told you, how much I love you?" or, "this coupon is worth a full body massage" or "Baby, you never cease to excite me!!!" Take the time, to make a brief call, during a hectic work day, and just talk to each other, about each other. Always remember to FLIRT, and be PLAYFUL!

Of course there, are always the old stand-bys, that work well, too... a single rose, or putting the cd player on, and slow dance :) or a candlelight dinner at home,(kids sleeping over grandma's :) and as an unexpected, surprise, eating it, in something sexy, or even better, nothing at all!

Ok...I know what you are thinking. I work all day when I get home, I am tired. I have chores to do, children to attend to, etc...Of course you are :)
Today's lifestyle is not easy, affairs, divorces and separations are prevelant. It's so easy for relationships, to come under strain. Both partners work, schedules are tight, and so is money, but, it makes it all the MORE important, to take time for the little things..and they cost NOTHING...but, a little EFFORT... and,,if you have taken the time, and done some of the above things, in your hectic day, you will find, that somehow, someway, you will fit this in... You will be aching to get in each others arms :)
And even, if you have something planned, and, you get home, one of the kids are sick, and you are attending to the needs, and it just can't be done, the seed is sown, it's on both of your minds and there is always another night..

I am not claiming or pretending to be, an expert, in the art of romance. The only knowledge I have, is based on my 25 years, of marriage experience. It has never failed me yet :)

The most important things to remember are:

ROMANCE DOES NOT BEGIN IN THE BEDROOM (of course it almost, always ends up there :)
and by showing and telling them, in the LITTLE THINGS, you do, you are letting them know that they are IMPORTANT to you and ALWAYS on your mind and you will always be on theirs :)
Isn't your marriage or relationship, worth it? ....you bet it is :)





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