Date: 23rd June 1998
Time: 6:00pm

Going Nutz!

Phew! That's finally over. I just finished my exam on pregnancy. My hand is sore from writing :( poor me! You wouldn't believe the stupid thing I did yesterday. I crammed for my exam last minute on Sunday, for Monday's exam. I get to the exam and ask one of my friends a question "Will fetal circulation be on the exam?" Her reply was, "That's tomorrow's exam". Huge Gulp, manual closing of my gaping jaw with my hand, HELP!!! The thoughts raced through my head. "Your joking aren't you?" I asked. "No, today is mechanisms of labour, tomorrow is pregnancy". She replied, looking at me as if I had been hit on the head with something. "Umm, please tell me you aren't serious?" I stammered. "Didn't you check your timetable?" another replied. I did, but I had written them incorrectly in my haste. Well, I said "This will be a quick exam for me". She said "Do your best and remember you've seen what happens in delivery suite, you'll have no problems". I went into the exam in shock, looked at the paper in disbelief, praying the pregnancy exam was before my very eyes. No such luck! I did my best though. I stayed the full time and attempted to answer each damn question! The worst bit was having to go to my lecturer and telling her how stupid I was, studying, or should I say cramming for the wrong exam.

I have had a very very stressfull and full life at the moment. *Sigh*. I have learnt many a thing. The worst thing is being filled with pity for someone I hold in contempt. I do pity her. She has such low morals. Normally I am not judgemental, however when she inflicts her ideals on my life, I have every right to be concerned. The betrayal, in knowing someone you held as a friend, couldn't give a shit about anyone but herself and that in order to get what she wants, she would be bitch behind my back and turn around and lie when I confronted her. This time I used my intuition. It never fails me. Usually, I would turn a blind eye and excuse her, as I had so many times in the past, when she had been moody or bitchy or even hostile. This time, I got on the phone to confront her. Lies, Lies and more lies. She has built such a web of lies, that I don't think even she would know how to manipulate her way out of it. I once told another friend of mine, how I thought this person was trying to copy me. The last time I saw her, she even was trying to look like me. Single White Female eat your heart out! The only problem is that she isn't single. Obviously she feels nothing in her relationship and she is jealous and bored when she see's others in love. What a sad person. I really do feel sorry for her. I really should hate her, but I don't. She's not worth that. I wish her no ill, just GET A LIFE WOMAN!!!

On to other matters. I finally got one of my assignments in. I felt so relieved. I got a really good mark for my presentation in one subject, but when it comes to assignments and exams, I get so stressed and find it so hard to focus. Last night for stress relief, I went to Rollerblading lessons. The place hubby bought my skates, gives free lessons, so I went. Of course, it's all new to me, but I didn't land on my butt, not even once!!! :) It's amazing how many of the men, came up to me and wanted to boost my confidence level up. Men must have this natural instinct to protect women they feel need help. I thought it funny. Especially, when they start doing stunts in front of me, 'Look at me, aren't I great' - sort of thing. Boys will be boys!

Friday the 26th June is Red Nose Day. I'll be damned, if I am going to wear a red nose on my birthday!!! I can't believe I am turning 26 years old. Where did all those years go? I will buy a red nose for charity reasons, but I think I'll let my cat 'Pepper' wear it.

Well, other news...I became an Aunty again. My sister-in-law in the U.K. had a baby girl. She had a precipitous labour of 2 hours. Aparrantly she was baking cakes and cookies for a party, just before she went into hospital. Other news is, my sister is pregnant. Everyone is pregnant, I think. Everywhere I go now, someone or something is pregnant. I went to get my car fixed. The woman was breastfeeding and telling me about her labour. Another woman came in, heard our conversation and said she was pregnant. She's going to have the baby at the hospital I am nursing at. She was pleased, now she knew who might be there at the time of her labour.

I am going to relax now. I am still here and thinking of you, even when I can't get online to say hello. Sad to hear Pathfinder closed down, even sadder is that I don't get a chance to chat anymore *Grin*.

Well take care all, happy 4th of July (although I hope to be online before then).



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