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A Warning! - Should you know me personally, I tell you now that my journal contains information that may offend you or those you may know of. Here, I express my feelings and thoughts on matters which take my attention at the time of writing. I take no responsibility for your offense, should you decide to proceed with viewing my journal. If I know you, I would not have directed you here, for my intention is not to cause you pain in any way or form.

JUNE 1998

MAY 1998
Date:31st May '98. Title: An Update!
Date:3rd May '98. Title: Umm..Remember Me?

APRIL 1998
Date: 1st April '98.Title:A Weekly Affair - It Never Seem's To Be

MARCH 1998
Date:22nd March '98.Title:Poetry That Catch My Fancy
Date:21st March '98.Title:The Shamrock? - If Only I Owned The Tardis
Date: 1st March '98. Title:Time In A Bottle - Ummm...Deja vu?

Date: 13th February '98.Title:Guess Who's Back - I'm Back To Run Amuck On The Net

Date: 23rd January '98.Title:Carousel - It's Hot In The City Tonight
Date: 17th January '98.Title:Has It Really Been That Long?
Date: 1st January '98. Title:A Special On Friendship
Date: 1st January '98. Title:Happy New Year - And What A Year It Was


Date: 31st December'97.Title:End Of The Year - And What A Year It Was
Date: 22nd December'97.Title:New Horizons - Magical Mystery Tour
Date: 15th December'97.Title:Silly Season - I Have Learnt
Date: 9th December '97.Title:Boot Straps - Everbody Needs To Laugh
Date: 7th December '97.Title:A Blessing - An Angel At My Table

Date: 29th November '97.Title:Schindler's List - Of mice and men, you stand amongst Men
Date: 27th November '97.Title:Happy Birthday To You - I Love You
Date: 23rd November '97.Title:To Bait Or Not To Bait - Our Outing
Date: 17th November '97.Title:Back on Track - Aunty Soosh
Date: 13th November '97.Title:Ride The Carousel- What Goes Up Must Come Down
Date: 10th November '97.Title:Sore Fingers - Hurts So Good But Feels So Naughty
Date: 7th November '97.Title:Is It A Hint?
Date: 4th November '97.Title:Soaring On Wings So High

Date: 30th October '97.Title:Tell Me Please - Getting There
Date: 26th October '97.Title:El Destino - One Enchanted Evening
Date: 22nd October '97.Title:What's On Tv? - Bits and Pieces
Date: 19th October '97.Title: If Only - The Kiss Of The Ocean
Date: 13th October '97.Title:Big Weekender - Chok-O-Block Weekend
Date: 9th October '97. Title: Television - The Little Things
Date: 5th October '97. Title:Were Back - Slice Of Heaven

Date: 27th September '97.Title: A Hiatus - Observe and Participate
Date: 23rd September '97.Title:Variation Of A Theme - And Its Was Past Midnight
Date: 19th September '97.Title:Identity Search part 1 - ID part 1 Of 3
Date: 17th September '97.Title:Because it is - Barbie- Barbie- Barbie
Date: 12th September '97.Title:In Memorium - For A Special Person
Date: 11th September '97.Title:Sometimes Its Hard - Struggles Are What Makes The Person
Date: 5th September '97. Title: My Poor Pussy - A Miserable Day
Date: 1st September '97. Title: Life Goes On - How sad it is

Date: 29th August '97. Title: Coloured Shoelaces - Too much thinking
Date: 26th August '97. Title: 2nd Day - Frustrated!!!
Date: 24th August '97. Title: The Phone Call - Can this weekend get any crazier?
Date: 22nd August '97.Title: Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed - More in a day
Date: 20th August '97. Title: Land Of The Living - My little break
Date: 17th August '97. Title: Glorious Sunday - Free spirit
Date: 16th August '97. Title: I Feel Better Today - Glued to you
Date: 15th August '97. Title: Grey Cloud - Still in search of Soosh
Date: 14th August '97. Title: Rock Lobster - Everyone has colds
Date: 13th August '97. Title: Busy Busy Busy - Me the busy bee
Date: 11th August '97. Title: Another Outing
Date: 8th August '97. Title: How Annoying - Sold Out
Date: 6th August '97. Title: I Feel Sluggish Today
Date: 4th August '97. Title: Who Am I ?
Date: 3rd August '97. Title: The Car It's Been A While

JULY 1997
Date: 20th July '97. Title: What A Lazy Weekend
Date: 17th July '97. Title: The Roof Saga Continues
Date: 16th July '97. Title: To Swirl And Twirl In Circles
Date: 15th July '97. Title: Out On The Town
Date: 14th July '97. Title: My Head Hurts

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