Hi there! I bid you welcome to my homepage. There is a fine line between sane and insane. Almost daily, I fluctuate between these two states. Moody, would be a too harsh a word to describe me. A better term would be emotionally fragile. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, or wanes and waxes, so do my moods. Sometimes just to freak out my man, I'll even howl at the full moon on a clear night. I'm not sure it has the desired effect... Probably after the amount of X- files we watch, anything seems sedate.

Actually I am quite a stable individual, who sometimes acts crazy and has zany ideas. Sounds pretty much like some of you out there! My introduction probably is a bit weird, but if I was to change it and make it sound 'level', then it wouldn't be worth writing this journal. So I guess, from the start, you'll have to know, I tell it as I see, hear, feel or think it.

I'm new to the 'net', so 'net ettiquette' is elusive to me at present. I am sure I will learn fast. Anyway, about me... Born and raised 'Down Under' to a dysfunctionally functional family! Married, no kids. Occupation: Registered Nurse (or as my friends know me 'Registered Nutcase') and Acupuncturist. I've collected a few other bits and pieces on the way. It's was 25th Birthday (26th June '97) two weeks ago, so I felt it was a good time to record my life for everyone to see. I guess I'm at cross roads at the present. Starting a new business, meeting new people and in short, taking the time to find out who I am, and what I want in life. Your invited to participate.

As you can imagine, being a nurse at my age, you get to see things from quite a different perspective, not all good, I might add. Sometimes I feel very old and sometimes just plain naive. As you journey with me, I'm sure you will be entertained and possibly repulsed by some of the incidents and accidents I'll share with you. No names will be used, as confidentiallity is of utmost importance.

For now signing off...


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