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  • If your birthdate is unknown enter: 00/00/0000, not "???"
  • Please fill out all fields, if the information is not known please enter "unknown". Answer yes or no to the appropriate questions.
  • Update your information as it changes by submitting another form.
  • Remember is it required that you provide for my personal database your name and street address and phone number (landline or cell number). If you do not have a phone number you should have an alternate e-mail address, otherwise your search information will not be posted.

    *Your primary e-mail address

    You are a

    *You are the

    *The adoptees date of birth

    *Who are you searching for?

    * City of Adoptees Birth

    *State of adoptees birth

    The county or province of the adoptees birth

    The name of the hospital the adoptee was born in

    The name of the agency involved

    Adoptees Birthname(if known)

    Adoptees Age When Adopted

    Birthmothers Age when Adoptee was born

    Birthmothers First Name

    Birthmothers Maiden Name

    Birthmothers Married Name

    Birthfathers name (if known)

    Adoptive mothers maiden name

    State or County of Adoption (if different from State of Birth)

    Adoptees Ethnticity (Caucasian, Afro American, Asian etc...)

    Birthmothers Ethenticity

    Birthfathers Ethenticity

    Do you have Non Identifying Information (Non ID)?

    Do you have a search angel helping you?

    If you do not have a search angel helping you may I have your permission to send your search information to search angels?

    Do you give your permission for a search angel to make contact with any person or persons believed to be your birthfamily?

    I understand that by posting on EWO I am consenting to the cirulation of my search information among adoption search and support groups.
    However my personal contact information will not be released to a third party without my express consent.

    List Non-ID you may have or any significant information that may aid in a match (EX: who you were raised by, or born in one state and transported to another for adoption). Matches have been made by communicating significant and pertinent information.

    Your URL (Web address if applicable)

    *Enter the date of this registration:(ie: XX/XX/XXXX):

    The following information is for my personal database, if you choose not to list your contact information your registration will not be posted:

    *The adoptee's D.O.B. (ie: XX/XX/XXXX)

    *Your primary e-mail address

    *Your name

    *Your street address

    *Your city

    *Your state

    *Your zip code

    Your home phone#

    Your alternate e-mail

    Your alternate phone#

    *Registration date:

    If you're a TX adoptee, please list your birth certificate number. This information will not be posted but will remain in my database with your other personal information.

    Submit data only once.

    When you are finished here, go to G's Adoption Registry and register. Your registry will be sent to a team of search angels who will guide and direct you in your search. And visit our messageboard at EWO FORUM.

    Be sure to post at every registry and messageboard available, and keep a journal of the registries that you've posted with.


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