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Welcome to my Stitchaholic page. Yes, I'm a cross stitch nut; I love to stitch, and my favorite designs are Teresa Wentzler's fantastical fantasy designs.

I'm currently working on two of hers, The Castle and Fantasy Sampler and I have a whole bunch more in my stash, waiting to be brought into rotation. Right now, I can't decide if I want to do one of the Four Seasons Fairies or one of the Four Seasons Carousels next, because they are all absolutely gorgeous!

I think the Autumn Fairie will be next, unless I change my mind again in the meantime.

But enough babbling, you probably want to see what I've stitched, don't you?

Theresa's "Fantasy Ride"

Leaflet published by Color Charts. Vol #10502

This is one of my very first large cross stitch projects. Up until this time, I'd only done little kit-type things, that take a week or two to stitch. This one, though, took nine months! I completed it sometime before 1993, and I'm still quite proud of it. Click on the image to view a larger version of it. (Side note: The artist is Theresa Politowicz Heires, not Teresa Wentzler ;-)

Bald Eagle

Design info: Don't have, if you recognize it, please let me know

I did this project for a friend's birthday, and I think I gave it to him July 22, 1996, but don't quote me on it. I started it 'round Thanksgiving of the previous year, so it didn't take too long to complete. It's done on 14 count Fiddler's Cloth (aida type fabric), and had tons of quarter stitches, but not too many colors. I'm no longer in contact with the person I made it for, by his choice, and for all I know, this piece may be at the bottom of a rubbish heap. *sigh*

Sand Castle Memory Book Cover

Designed by Sharon S. Pope.
Pattern may be found in July '98 issue of "The Stitchery Magazine" on page 36"

I love sandcastles, and ocean colors, and this little piece is a great combination of the two. There is a larger version that you can stitch as just a picture, in the magazine, but I am still hoping to make a memory book one of these days, with photos from this year.

I stitched the design on "Silk Ribbon Embroidery" fabric, and it's an evenweave kind of thing, somewhere around 12-14 count. For as big a piece as it is (84 stitches wide by 108 tall), I finished it in record time, at the end of July, taking just over seven weeks (yes, I'm a slowpoke stitcher!). My favorite thing about this piece, though, is that Sam did a good deal of the stitching on the upper parts of the clouds. I love working on projects together with him!

Bunnie and Bear Wedding Announcement

Chart by ?? (will fill in when I find the pattern again!)

This is the first pattern I've done and really modified much. It was originally an embroidery kit, and I hate embroidery with a passion (go figure!) but the color chart was a cross stitch style graph, and so I went into my charting program and copied it, changed the colors to what I liked, and added the text (which is almost impossible to see in the image), "Janice and Benjamin / wed this day / September 26, 1998."

This piece was a gift for two of my good IRC friends, whose wedding I attended in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It only took me about three weeks to do, but not exactly by choice. I had hoped to add some sort of border around it, but I was trying to finish another project at the same time, and didn't have the time to do anything extra.

I've stitched several more pieces, but I have yet to track them down, or scan them, and get them posted. Would you be at all surprised if I told you I probably have at least as many UnFinished Objects as finished ones? When I have more time, I'll be putting up a page of works in progress, as well as adding to the completed projects here. Also, I hope to put up a page of useful links, for any who might be interested. Until then, take care!

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