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Friday, February 5, 1999
4:57 PM

It's getting closer... just 100 days now until Jevim graduates! It's been a long wait, but it's gone a lot faster than I really expected it to.

To be honest, part of me is still scared. Scared to be moving out on our own, with not a lot of money to get us started. Jev and I were talking about that last night. After my spending spree yesterday, I was wondering if I should put off upgrading my computer; I've saved up $500 to help us get started, but I've been wanting to save up another $500 before he graduates, and between yesterday, and a $200 computer upgrade, saving up that much would be a little difficult.

Jev seems to think we'd be okay without it... he says that's what grace periods on credit cards are for, and that we can get a car with no down payment. I just don't like the idea of going into debt right off the bat. Yes, he's got a one month salary bonus coming with his first paycheck, but that means that we have to get by on those first two weeks with what we have saved.

On the plus side, though, he also said his dad was going to let us borrow the things that he had when he was living on his own in Maryland, for as long as we need them. That will be a big help, as it means we'll have living room furniture, dressers, a dinette set, and some other creature comforts, and the only thing we'll really have to worry about is rent and security deposit, and maybe finding ourselves a nice, large bed. I think we've both had enough of the sharing a twin bed business! Furniture stores are famous for their "no payments until next year," so maybe we can find something at a store with that kind of offer (Memorial day sales?), and by time the first payment comes due, we can pay it off completely.

If we can make it through the first month, I think we'll be doing well. We'll have a car to pay off, and Jev's college loans too, but those should still leave us some breathing room. Part of me would like to get those loans paid off before I go back to school, but another part says that if I wait until we don't owe anyone any money, I'll never get back to school. So....

The next worry that comes to mind is doctors (finding a good cardiologist to take care of me), insurance, and all that. Part of me would like to get married right away, so I can have some real insurance again, and get all my finances and such sorted out. But Jev wants to wait, and then there is the fact that if I want to go to school, I'll get a lot more financial help if we're not married than if we are. That's still a decision that needs a lot of thought and discussion. Do we wait and save up, take the plunge right away, wait until I'm through school (no!), or what? Granted, it's a ceremony and a piece of paper, but in a way, it's also peace of mind. Sticky decision.

Right now, I think those are my main concerns. Those, and adjusting to living together permanently. That's going to be a big change; even though we've spent so much time together, we've always known that it's a finite timespan, and sooner or later we're going to be separated again. Those were all just trial runs; the real thing is coming up, and coming up quick! That, at least, I'm not so concerned about. It's all the rest that worries me.

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