Lisana's Life

Sunday, February 7, 1999
9:15 AM

I didn't stay up long last night after Jev got home. I hadn't gotten into Voyager and he was surfing and not terribly talkative. He suggested backgammon when I asked if there was something he wanted to do, but that just didn't appeal to me, so I said no thanks. He'd gone websurfing, and I was just sitting here, so I decided bed would be better than boredom, and I said goodnight.

My subconscious didn't agree though, and it gave me an awful dream... I'd been online and done something stupid that caused the computer I was using (it wasn't mine) to drop its net connection, and try as I might, it was refusing to reconnect.

I was at a friend's, and Jev was at someone else's, and neither of us had the other's phone number, so I couldn't call him and tell him what had happened. Just before it dumped me (or maybe I intentionally went offline because I was upset), I'd said something that I knew Jev would take the wrong way, and so here I was, knowing that was going through his mind, and unable to get back online.

Twenty or thirty minutes down the line, I finally got back online, and Jev was so upset with me, I didn't think we'd ever sort things out. I managed to wake up, and when I did, my head was pounding, because of the stress I'd been under in the dream. I relaxed a bit once I realized it was just a dream, and the headache pretty much went away.

I drifted off to sleep again, and though the rest of the dreams weren't so emotionally upsetting, they were still very active and very vivid. My body feels rested, but my mind feels like it hasn't had much of a break at all. I wish Jev would wake up and hop online, and put me back to sleep for a while, but it's Sunday, and he must be sleeping in.

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