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Tuesday, February 9, 1999
10:33 PM

The last few times I've looked in the mirror, something has seemed different; I can't quite put my finger on it. Do I look older? More mature? It's a good thing... I like the new me, she's just a little bit easier to look at than he old one. But I can't help wondering what's changed.

Is it just the plum-colored top I'm wearing today? Could it be the shadows around my eyes -- the visible signs of the physical and emotional stresses I've been through lately? Or could it possibly be that I'm finally growing up?

I turned twentyone just about six and a half years ago. Even back then, I seldom got carded getting into a bar (excepting those that card everyone). But the summer before I moved here five years ago, some friends and went to Disneyland one day with a group of exchange students, one of whom they were hosting, and I was given proof that even though I might be twentyone, I certainly didn't look it.

Since we wanted to show our exchange student a special time, we took her to the dinner theatre show at the park, buying our four adult tickets as soon as we entered that morning. I'll confess, I was wearing a shorts outfit, and had my hair ponytailed through the back of a matching ball cap, but I wasn't wearing mouse ears, or a Mickey shirt, or anything like that.

Dinner came, and we lined up to get in, and were eventually shown to our table. Our server came over with menus for us, and I got this sinking sort of feeling; he had a child's menu in hand, along with three adult menus. I knew it wasn't four our seventeen year old exchange student, either.

We all got a chuckle over it (the exchange student wasn't quite sure what was so funny at first, but once she realized how old I was...), and I pointed out that I was of age. The server apologized, and took away the child's menu, but never did get around to bringing a fourth adult menu. I was just a tiny bit tempted to tell him I was probably older than he was, but I bit my tongue and let it slide.

Being under five feet tall, there were many child's menus handed me, and even a few offers of a booster seat when I was in my early teens, but I think that was the last of the really embarrassing incidents. I think I still get mistaken for high school age though; just last week at the bank, Mom had come up to the teller with me to ask for a money order, and the lady (she was new to our branch) made a comment about teens to my mom. I agreed with whatever it was she'd said, saying "Yeah, aren't they?" but I'm not quite sure if she got my meaning, and Mom made certain to tease me a bit about it once we were out of earshot. At least that kind of joking and teasing doesn't bother me too much anymore.

I still have cashiers hand whoever I'm with my change when I buy something and a friend is along...even if they watch me get my wallet out of my purse, and hand them the money. Sheesh! On the flip side of that though, a year or so ago when Jev was co oping and living in his own apartment, we went after groceries one day and he'd paid with his debit card. When the cashier handed him the receipt, she said, "Thanks for shopping with us, mister and missus Westhaven!" That really tickled me.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye on that woman in the mirror, and let you know if she undergoes any more interesting metamorphoses.

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