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Wednesday, February 10, 1999
10:16 PM

I looked in the mirror again this morning, and she's still there. I know it wasn't the clothes, since all I was wearing was a towel; I've come to the conclusion that my face is just filling out (we won't discuss the pounds and ounces I've gained), and my hair is getting a little longer.

I wouldn't mind shedding the pounds, but I think I'll let my hair grow. It's been most of three years now since I went from waist length hair to a collar length cut, and I'm ready for something a little softer, maybe just above my shoulders. And not that horrid pageboy my mom always insisted on when I was a kid!

I thought I'd hop online this morning after my bath and surf and find a site with some new styles to think about, but as hard as I looked, I kept coming up empty. I'll have to start looking through paper magazines and see what I can find; I've been thinking about finding a new style since my last couple trims, so this isn't a spur of the moment type thing. I've had short hair as long as I've known Jev, so it will be a new look to him; but he'll have time to get used to it, since I've got to grow it out.

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