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Saturday, February 13, 1999

6:15 PM

Not a lot going on around here the past couple days; I feel like I'm in the calm before the storm... well, there's not really a storm brewing that I know of, but come Monday, I'll have two online classes starting up, and I have the feeling they're going to be keeping me somewhat busy.

Jev and I watched the Senate vote on the articles of impeachment yesterday, not because we'd planned to, they interrupted The Price is Right, a show Jev likes to watch because it reminds him of when he was little. They broke in just before the Showcase Showdown conclusion, to have time to announce beforehand that the vote would be at noon, Eastern.

Clinton was acquitted, and hopefully this whole mess is over now. If Starr decides to keep pushing things, I wonder how much support he'll have. Sure, Clinton messing around with an intern isn't exactly great for the morals and morale of the country, but I still don't think it was anybody's business but Bill, Monica and Hillary's. Airing it all in front of the whole world, in my opinion, made the worst of a bad situation.

We both stayed up late last night... Jev wanted to reinstall Win 98 because it had been giving him some problems, and I got into pixel painting... and completely lost track of time. I wanted to sleep in, but my bladder and my cats had other plans, and I got up around 8:30, while Jev slept in until about 11ish his time. Lucky boy...

We each did our own computer thing again today... he played with software, while I finally got around to doing some of the grunt work of reorganizing the journal into subdirectories, and changing all the pages over to my current format. A lot of busywork there, and by about three I was getting sleepy and somewhat bored with it.

Jev needed some goofing-off time this evening, so he headed off for dinner, and said he'd be gone for a few hours; the plan is to meet up again at nine his time. Something was bothering him, I could hear it in his voice; but he wasn't even sure what, so I told him I could use a break from the computer, and I'd talk to him at nine.

I made myself a cup of tea and got into some hot water, soaking and reading today's page in Simple Abundance, and then relaxing and just letting my mind wander to whatever it wanted to work on. I came up with an idea of how to do some mini navigation for some of the entries I think are more revealing about different facets of my life, and I'm going to work on implementing those, after I get the old entries all updated and shuffled into their proper directories.

I'd washed my hair, so when I got out of the tub and towled it dry, I decided my bangs needed a trim. Since I've been thinking about changing hairstyles anyway, I trimmed them to be worn as straight bangs, instead of feathered back like I've had them with my last style. I blew my hair dry to help it figure out which way it was supposed to lay, and I kinda like the way it looks. I need to grow the back out quite a bit, especially up in the crown, but it doesn't look half bad.

When I finally got dressed and came out of the bathroom, Mom yelled to tell me dinner was ready and waiting, and when she came in the kitchen while I was fixing my plate, she noticed my bangs and said they looked cute. Whoa! A nice little surprise... and so were the double chocolate cookies she'd baked while I was in the tub.

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