am I? My name is Kim. I go by Kimba on the net. Kimba is the name of a very cool white lion. This was a cartoon from the early seventies and was also among the first of the anime. I am happily married to Dennis, and the proud mom of Zilla, Danny and Tackle.


We live in a small rural area in Northern Ohio. We'd like to keep it that way. There's no ISDN or T1 lines, but you can hear the tree frogs and not traffic at night.


Why? Well, this is 1999. Everyone has a web page. Well, maybe not a web page, but at least an email address. People without computers have email addresses!! (You know,,,, etc etc)


is this? My Home Page!! I have done some serious remodeling. It's time up to update, moving into that new millenium!! These are items that you will find on my web page:
BooksSee what I've read and what I thought
Gardening Gardening on a Grand Scale
British Revolvers My small collection
Under ConstructionWhat it Says!
Obligatory Links My Personal Favorites
Computer Stuff Easy Non-Technical (mostly) Info
Entertainment Things I Find Entertaining

What you won't find on this web page: No audio cartoon No audio! That's right folks! No imbedded music jumping out of your speakers, waking up your dogs and family in the middle of the night! It's not that I hate music on web page, I just hate not having the choice to listen to it. Then my computer freezes up and I can't escape while that embedded tune loads. It usually seems to be some jangled MIDI of " The Rose " or something else I wouldn't be listening to in the first place! Please, give me a little icon to click if I want to listen to tunes!

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