"What is a Secret Buddy?" When you join the club, you are paired up with another Secret Buddy and your identity is kept secret. Each Secret Buddy is given the other's sign up information (e-mail/snail addys, birthday, etc.). During the six-month Secret Buddy committment, you periodically do something special for your Secret Buddy - like send them an e-card, a birthday present, etc. At the end of the six months, you will reveal your identity.

Secret Buddies will be an ongoing project which will continue as long as
the Secret Buddy staff remains reasonably sane.

Currently there is no Secret Buddy group. Check back for details on the next session.

Below is a sign up sheet. Information on this sign up sheet will need to be e-mailed to Secret Buds. You may choose to copy and paste the entire sign up sheet to include in your e-mail. You do not have to fill in each blank. However, the more you tell your Secret Buddy about yourself, the easier it will be for him/her to choose things for you. Your sign up sheet will be forwarded to your Secret Buddy at the time Buddies are assigned.

Anyone wanting to preserve total anonymity should indicate this on the sign up sheet and an address will be e-mailed to you of someone who will remail your snail mail gifts to your Secret Buddy. The only charge for this service will be the additional postage for re-mailing.

It is suggested that anyone wanting to send cyber mail anonymously set up a free Hotmail account or Yahoo account. You can set the account up with anyone's name you want to print on the e-mail. By doing this, you can send your Secret Buddy e-mail, e-cards, etc. Your Secret Buddy will also have an e-mail address to send thank yous and let you know they have received what you've sent.

If you sign up for Secret Buddies, please commit to the six month period. Everyone who signs up wants to be part of the fun and should not be left wondering what happened to their Secret Bud.



Buddy Nickname:

e-mail address:

snail mail address:

Do you want an address for re-mailing purposes?

Favorite Designers:

Favorite Needle (size, manufacturer, etc):

Favorite Fabric (type, color, count etc):

Favorite Fiber (DMC, Whisper, etc.):

Favorite Color DMC:



Hobbies other than XStitch:

What do you like to collect?

Any other information you think would be helpful to your Secret Buddy:

HAVE FUN!!!!!!


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