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Hey! Hey hi! Welcome to my "Friends in Real Time" page! As this will be an ongoing project, please do not be offended if you are in this category and your photo is not yet proudly displayed in this festively wonderful gallery.... rest assurred that it indeed WILL be *snicker*.

I hope you enjoy this page as much I as I am enjoying making it. It's a tribute of sorts and a gallery so that when I get homesick while I'm not in Missouri, I can just come here and not feel quite so homesick....maybe...*smile*

So sit back, relax and get ready to read a little about me, my friends in RT as I share a little of myself with you!

First up is a photo that I have been meaning to take literally for years. I always snicker when I drive past here. No this isn't something that I have created in Photoshop™, it's for real! This only proves that the truth is stranger than fiction!
Now according to local legend, Dyke Lumber and Dyke Industries are owned by two women... you do the math!! All I know for sure, I have had countless hours of fun driving past and showing my out-of-town friends pics of it! Thank you Dyke Lumber!

These are two of my oldest and dearest friends... Galen and Bill.
I first met Bill (right) at a local Springfield (MO) night club where I used to work. (it is no longer in business) He was the chef and what an excellent chef he was! He was every bit as repsected as Chef in South Park! We used to do all sorts of wild, radical, and sometimes down-right stoopid things, but we always had fun!
Galen, (left) I met when I used to work at Cox Medical Centers (I was also working at the night club then). His exwife was in the hospital and he had come to see her... Later on, he and Bill met up at the nihgtclub and have been together for 5 years this February (Happy Anniversary!).

This will be where a photo of my friend Rob will go. (I don't have the film developed yet!) Rob is another of my oldest and dearest friends. We have been through much together in the several years that we have known one another. Oddly enough we met through a (former) mutual friend that I went to high school with and Rob met in college. Rob and I, although separated by miles, always manage to pick up right where we left off in our friendship. That's something I really can appreciate about him.

This will be where a photo of Heather Deann will go. We all know the Heather story/stories and here's the latest:
Heather and Chris are still together and infact she is pregnant again with her second child... Zachary, her first baby, will be four this September... so now just seemed like a good time to have another!
I met Heather when she was going to college (the first time) at SMSU and was assigned to room with my friend, Carrie (wonder what ever happened to her?). Having a rather unusual last name, Carrie and I worried that Heather might be some sort of religious fanatic, but fortunately she was not. Heather still recalls the first thing I ever said to her, "So, when was the last time you got laid?" (bitchy little thing, wasn't I? Several years later I would be repaid for that comment... "Look tLA™! A ham chunk!" *giggle*

This is where a pic of Kim and Andrea will go. They are my bestest friends and live in St. Louis. I met them through a lady named Cheryl who attended the Gay and Lesbian Expo in St. Louis in Spring 1996. They go to church with Cheryl and needed a designer who could help them with a project for church. I met Andrea and we talked and then she and her wife came over to the house and we've been good friends ever since! This past December when Andrea turned (drumroll) 30 Kim and I worked and worked and pulled off a surprise party with about 150 of Andrea's close friends and family! It was a great party and an awesome memory I will cherish for a lifetime!

My sweet, little, perverted sister had page envy and really wanted her piccy on yet another page's my sweet little perverted sister's piccy again. She lives with me now and we have fun fun fun! She sings cute little songs (as do I) to the universe in general (or whomever is in earshot!) and she makes a scary little psycho girl face that is endearing and sweet! *giggle* This is her at White Sands New Mexico in 1997 when she went to see our little friend Heddoo!

Should your pic and description be here?

Good question! If you feel you have been slighted by the Lesbian Avenger™ by not being included on this page, simply email be at the address below and tell me why you belong here! Thousands will reply, many will be chosen! Email today!

email is a happy thing!

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