Links to Cool Places

My sistoo, Wibbet's parents', "very swank" pad!
It's Heddoo!
Robin's happy cyber-home!
Christa'shome page!
Scotty's very own homepage! He's a kewl dood! Go, see, experience all that is Scott!
PJ*smile*'s happy little place on the net!

Way Cool Sites You Should Visit

Celebrity Punching!
Get FREE cyber-stuff and send it to all your friends @Virtual Stuff
Check it out! A little irreverent...the Lord's Prayer... in ebonics!
Stars on Ice Features all your favorite skaters: Scott Hamilton, Kristy Yamaguchi, Kurt Browning, Josee Chinuard, and more!
Looky! It's everyone's favorite cyber-game! The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Go Dumpster Diving!
For lotsa jokes and other stuff, try CyberCheeze
South Park!
*giggle* Have Your Ex Murdered By A Famous Serial Killer!
Ask Satan
Magic 8 Bra: Ask the Magic 8 Bra anything you need to know!
Martha Stewart online!!! (She gets paid to BE Martha Stewart! That's just kewl!)
Wal-Mart: My favorite discount shopping store of all time!!!
The REAL Nancy Drew -- my favorite Chicago artist!
Rosie O'Donnell's Way Kewl Show site!
Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Site!!! *chanting* "We want lips! We want lips!
100 Point Purity Test from the ACL (whatever THAT is!)
400 Point Purity Test --again from our friends at the Anti-Celibacy League!
SoBe -- this is the best stuff on earth!
SubWay -- The Way a Sandwich Should Be™
Iconn Sports -- the country's best wakeboards and water skis!
Maybe the Psychiatric Hotline is more your speed...
Diversity Calendar This is a way cool site featuring most cultures and religions worldwide.

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