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And he isn't bad in the looks department either.


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This is my NASCAR page which is dedicated to my two favorite drivers. I was "introduced" to the sport a couple years back by my adopted sister (a J.G. fan), and at first liked Ward Burton who was then driving the #22 MBNA car, but somewhere along the way I got swept up in the RUSTY EXCITEMENT and have been a devoted fan since. Even my new car is blue and, of course, totally decked up with beanie racers on the front dash, window clings in the back windows and various items hanging from the visors. I won't go into Rusty's stats or anything, if you are a fan you already know them and don't need me to point them out, besides that is what his website is for (click the above banner to get there). Most of my family enjoys WC racing and between all of us we cover just about every Ford driver on the track (oh yeah and that one stupid chevy driver...gordon again..gag). Oh, yeah, that's me below.


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