Thank you for these special awards!

Woman's World Has Been Blessed with Many Awards.

I have been a bit slow at adding them..........for this I apologize.

It is not that I havent been touched, as I truly am.

The special thing about each of these awards is they have been given to Woman's World area's completely randomly.  I havent applied, yet was touched and honored with them.   Thanks so much.

I don't consider these awards mine in anyway.

I consider them awards for each of you, the visitors.

The individuals who walk the halls of Woman's World.

Thank you and God Bless.

(if you would like to visit the award givers, please just click on the award, as it is linked to their site.)

Book Mark Woman's World you may return.

This award mean's a lot to me, it came to Woman's World via the work we have done with Child Abuse awareness.   This site below is an incredible journey into child abuse through education, personal poetry and a loving hand.


This award comes from a little girl and her grandma.  It truly touched my heart.  The little girl is Makayla and she is very sick. Her grandma wrote:

I designed an award for you!

In a place of darkness you have shined your light!


The awards below have come from For Heartfelt Love for Littleton, Colo. site

The Littleton Colo. Site opened my eyes to a beautiful world we live in here on the internet.   I have never built a site that was so visited before.  I was overwhelmed in loving words from everyone.  I saw visitors demonstrating their grief through poetry, tears, and true acts of kindness.  I talked with people I never had known previously who reached out to offer so much to Littleton.  During such a tragedy, I was reminded that the world we live in truly has caring hearts.

Please forgive me if I have not linked the award directly back to you in this section.  At the time I was receiving Littleton, Colo. awards, I was so overwhelmed in email......I got a bit overwhelmed.  If you sent me an award I have listed here and have the web page to link it too, please send that link to me. Thanks.




The above award is an email link, Marie has a wonderful Inspirational free online newsletter.......I gave you the link to subscribe.


This award was presented to Woman's World as a whole.  Please visit the site this award is linked will touch your is about a young man's loss of life.


This award truly touched my heart.  It came from ItsCherlyn........the graphic artist we feature here at Women's World.  She presented it to Woman's World for our dedication to helping causes.   Thanks Cherlyn.  

Another True Honor....from Mommies on The Web for Woman's World Child Awareness!

This award I received as a nomination from my dear friend, SoftRose4U.......thanks so much, awards about friendships so touch my heart!

The award links back to the group that presents them, Artists 4 PSP!!!

And I sure love the graphics, so my personal thanks to all the wonderful PSP artists too!


This award was presented to me by Joy, for doing for a group called Knights of Kindness.........a group of truly wonderful individuals.   Thanks Joy, the honor of doing for KOK has been mine!

This award comes from a Mr. Mom online......His site is truly delightful, with beautiful inspirations and insight.

Thanks Mr. Mom!

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