Women United For Peace!

Women United For Peace!

Today we pledge to make the world more peaceful.

We will use kind words instead of conflict.

We will reach out to others that need our hand.

We will honor our inner self, our bodies, our souls.

We as Women will help end violence and create a world of peace and harmony!

Let there be peace on earth.........and let it begin with me!

Our Peace Pledge:

Peace for our children.

Inner peace for our souls.

Peace for our bodies.

Peace for our world.

Peace for mankind.

No Violence.

No wars.

No guns.

No racism

Speak Peace.

Show Peace.

Stretch out our arms today,

for a better more peaceful tomorrow!

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It is time we as women take a lead in showing the world peace is possible.

Our Chidren truly need this message.

Peace is Possible.

If each heart made a decision to make a difference peacefully.

Peace is Possible.

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of brotherly love, no matter what the conflict. Remember this, live this, practice this daily.

Peace is Possible.

I also ask you to continue searching for inner peace.

When you feel it, you believe it!

Peace is Possible.

With so much talk about war, poverty, and disasters of various sorts, you may feel there is nothing you can do to change world conditions. Yet there is! Focus your attention with thoughts of Peace and Love.

Peace is Possible.

May peace be with each of you!

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