Welcome From Woman's World Director

Welcome to

"Woman's World"

Please allow me to introduce myself, and explain the motivation behind this site.

My name is Tina Bapp,   I am the "Woman's World" Director.

This area has been created for women by women.   It is my hopes that women can come here, under one roof and find answers to all issues they face.   Besides answers, I hope you feel the warmth we have created.  I hope you feel "Woman's World" to be one happy family, interested in issues that effect us daily.

I hope this area is both educational and spiritual.

If you leave here with knowledge, some friendships, spiritual growth and a new understanding then I have in fact done my job as the director.

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Woman's World Goals:

To provide an area that feeds the soul of all woman. An equal opportunity area, non judgmental. An area where woman can come to find all resources she needs, on all topics pertaining to woman. A place where woman will feel as one, both heart and soul, where they can become family, communicate and depend on strength and support within the walls of Woman's World.

Woman's World Motto:

"Believe in yourself, For within you is everything

you'll ever need to make your dreams come true. "

Woman's World Long Term Goals:

I am hoping to build one of the strongest Woman's sites to ever hit the Internet. Not just a place to find facts, but a place filled with warmth, love, strength and closeness. Eventually, I hope to obtain sponsors, so we may move Woman's World to a URL of it's own. As of January 11, 1999, we are new, all success comes with small steps. First we must fill all areas, and keep them active and current. Then we move to bigger pastures. The projected goal is conceivable within one years date.

It is my belief that through Unity and Networking of all Woman's Issues, we can grow to be the very best. Defining Best is to me, it will be not just a site, but a live site, where people feel and people respond.

Tina Bapp

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