My Story... continued. The Update.
"How strange... this feeling that my life's begun at last"
                                                                           -- Les Miserables

     The response I've received towards my web page has been overwhelming! I thank you all for your e-mails. I enjoy reading all your stories, and I appreciate your kind words. I didn't realize I'd get such positive reactions! Also, thank you to those who have put links to my page on their own... it's great to see.

       I thought that since people have expressed so much interest, I'd add a new page, letting you know how things were now, and what's been happening.

          So, here I am. It's been...  almost 7 months since I came out to my parents. Wow! That's hard to believe. Time flies when you're having fun... and that's what I'm doing.

          My family is doing okay. I lived here in Nova Scotia for the summer, so I didn't really see my family all that much. I did go home one weekend, though. The first afternoon I was home, I spent most of the day with my mother. We talked a -lot-. And actually, it went well. I told her I had a girlfriend, and she expressed an interest in her, and asked me about her, and it was a nice conversation. I was glad that she was so openly talking about it. I thought maybe things were actually clearing up!

         But then, the next afternoon, I had to go to our cottage. It was a whole big family thing, you know, the kind where like -all- your relatives are there. I drove there with my older brother and a good friend of his (that I'm also friends with). So, while we were in the car, I told them that I was a lesbian, even though my parents had not really wanted me to tell my siblings. I decided that it was really my choice in the end, and I knew my brother would handle it well, which he did. So did his friend, and we had a nice talk that afternoon.

         When I arrived at the cottage, I knew that my mom guessed that I had told my brother. And she was really upset about it. I couldn't exactly figure out why, because it obviously didn't bother him or me. But still, she got angry, and didn't really talk to me for the rest of the weekend. This kind of threw me off guard since the day before she'd been so great about it.

        I guess the point is, she's trying to deal with it. And I'm glad for that. She isn't totally comfortable with it yet, and honestly, I don't suppose she ever will be. But she's trying. Some days will be good, and some won't be so great, but we're all moving on with our lives.

       As for my dad, to this day, in 7 months we've never came close to discussing the 'issue'. He still talks to me and everything, and everything's basically like it was, except I know this bothers him... so much he can't even acknowledge it. And I guess as long as it's not ruining our relationship, I can handle things being that way.

      Since then, I've also told one of my younger brothers, and he took it a little hard at first (religious conflicts mostly), but he still talks to me and everything, and I think he's getting over the shock *grin*.

      As for me personally, I'm doing great! I'm back into classes now, and having a great time, although I'm keeping plenty busy. But I'm loving my classes, except for Real Analysis, and that's something I -really- don't want to get into right now *smiles*.

      I'm feeling lots confident, and I'm open with more and more people all the time. Like I mentioned above, I have a girlfriend (darling, she is), and I'm 'mighty proud' of her. So, I have her pictures up on my bulletin board and I'm always showing her off. *whispers* She's so great!

     Actually, her and I met over the internet, almost four months ago now. And unfortunately, she lives like way over in the states, which is annoying since I'm here in Eastern Canada! But, we -have- met in person, for anyone who wants to know. (And, *grins*, she's beautiful!). The days we've spent together were so much fun, and time absolutely just -flies- when we're together. She is so funny! (Can you tell I'm a little biased?) So, as you see, I've fallen in love, and that alone has made worlds of difference in me.


         A complaint from me. I'm fairly open and I like that, because I obviously like to be able to talk about my girlfriend when others are talking about their 'significant others'. I love my relationship, I'm very proud of her, and very much in love with her. We're committed to each other, and very close. So what should be the problem, right?

          I found that when we were out in public, we felt as though we should refrain from showing obvious affection towards one another. Not that we walked feet apart (hardly!), but we would rarely hold hands or anything. And this is my reasoning behind this. The closeness I share with her is something really important and personal to me. And I'm not a lesbian to rebel, to prove a point, or to purposely annoy people. To me, it's all about love and happiness. Therefore, I don't want to show affection to my girlfriend so others can stare and insult us. I would rather keep our affection to ourselves so we can enjoy it, and not feel as though it's a show for the world. Our love is for us -- and nobody else. Even though I'll gladly share the happiness I feel as a result of it! I just think it's unfair that it has to be that way... that people think our love is something less, when I know it's not.

       Anyways, that's my complaint. If anyone has any comments to make on these or any of my opinions, I'd enjoy hearing! Keep your e-mails coming!!

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