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The Abby is a place for the posting of written work, either original or cited with a reference. The Liturgical Year is a place for texts used in worship in. Work submitted for The Liturgical Year often deals with the celebrations of the Roman calendar. The Canon of Saints is dedicated to the women and men who have made an impact on the life of the church, the Saints. The Liturgy of the Hours is a place for posting truly magnificent pieces of literature from the liturgy of the Hours. Your are welcome to submit work to these locations.

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  • The Liturgical Year: POETRY/PRAYER: "Eucharist," "Prayer to Recognize the Signs of God," and "The Shell"

  • The Canon of Saints: "The Voice of Lesbian and Gay Faithful: A Litany of the Saints"

  • The Liturgy of the Hours: Scripture, "The Common of Doctors of the Church"

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