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June 1998 
Coronation 17 
July 1998 
Investitures 18 
August 1998 
Closet Ball 18 
September 1998 
Niagaras Birthday Bash 
October 1998 
Night at 54, Disco at the Complex 
November 1998 
Court Café Series: Spaghetti Dinner 
December 1998 
Lexington Christmas Parade 
Miss Mary Christmas Pagaent 
January 1999  
For One Night Only!  
February 1999  
Court Café Series: Chili Party  
Miss Gay Valentine 
March 1999  
Court Café Series: Spaghetti  
Faux Oscars  
April 1999 
Court Café Series 
May 1999 
Miss Derby Pride
Court Café Series 
Deadline for candidate applications
June 1999 
Court Café Series 
Pride Prom 
July 1999 
4th of July Parade 
Coronation 18  
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