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Beating Heart I would love to list your personal page or that of your organization. Please FEmail me with the necessary information, and I will include it on this page. I would appreciate your adding my link to your page also. I'm still in the process of adding links and hope they all work. If you find any that are not working, please let me know. Thanks, Love and Lots of (((HUGS))), Jill.

Individual Personal Home Pages

I'm not even close to being done with this list!!!
Note: (BI: Bisexual, CD: Crossdresser, GG: Genetic Girl, GB: Gender Bender, TV: Transvestite, TS: Transexual, TG: Transgendered) Glossary

Ambers Universe Photos, (CD)
Ambrose, Jill Author of this site (TG)
(Not Working) Audrie Dove's Cleveland Ohio TG Info Maids Clothes, Petticoat Club, Ballerina Outfits, CD Stories
Barbarajane's Homepage UK Links (TG)
Blake, Jennifer Lots of Wedding Gowns - Jennifer's going for the Bridesmaid record!
Brenda's Domain Photo (CD) Editor of Tri-Ess Femme Mirror, Houston, TX
Brenda Gender Bending Stories (GB)
Brenda's Haven Photo Galleries / (TV) from England
(Not Working) Heather Brooks Music/Animation, Photos (TG)
Anne Casebeer A CD friend from Kentucky / Pictures and Personal Stories
Cathy's Closet Sound Clip, Lots of Photos
(Not Working) Caycee Anne TS from Dayton, Ohio
Chrissie Real Life In Sissyland Added 6/24/98
Christina, Tiffany Cheerleading
Cindy's World Pictures, Personal Stories, Info on Girdles and Undergarments Added 1/25/98
C J's Transgendered ResourcesFrom Germany, Many Resources
Crossmore, Dee Dee's Homepage Photo's - A great girl from Alaska
Dana Gene's Veranda Photos, Link to Fetish Material(CD)
Daphne's Den Photos, List of The Girls of GeoCities(CD)
Dana Denyse Join the G.I.R.L.S. Club
Paula Dayne Her Journey Thru Life and loads of info (TS)
Dawn's Bungalow / Carolina Girls Homepage of #TVSex & #1SheMale IRC Channels on the Undernet
Mary Demone Active on the Undernet / Columbus, Ohio "Gothic TV Extraordinaire"
. . . . . What is Gothic?
Denise Ann Fell Photo, Interesting Transition Story / From Jacksonville, FL
Gabrielle's Armoire
Joyce's Place From Albany NY Added 3/02/98
Heather's Place Photo's (R-rated), Animation, Lifestyle Stories (BI)
Julia's House Start of a NEW Page / Picture (GB)
(Not Working) Gianna Israel Gender Specialist / Author - Visit her Gender Library
Michelle Jenkins A Classey Lady from New Zealand with lots of Photos
Jennifer's Haven Photos, Take a tour of Jennifer's Home and read her diary (TS)
Jessicas Transgender Issues Resource Page The Link says it all!
Julia Photos, (CD) A German Girl with both German & English Text
Kathryn's H.P. (The Ladies Room) Photos, Shopping and TG Support
Kathy Lynn's Roost Photos, Result of a Halloween Costume gone Haywire
Vanessa Kaye's Gender-Gifted Pages Check out her new book, Life With Vanessa - I really like it! (CD)
(Not Working) Krista's Korner Photo, (TS)
(Not Working) Krista's Place Photo Page, Free TG Chat
Fenton, Jamie Faye
Rika Marie Photos (TS)
Susana Marques From Lisbon, Portugal - The Best List of "Geocities Girls" around!!!!
Mary Sue's Place From Central Florida - Check out her Pretty T-Girl Awards Added 7/27/98
Michelle's Mid-Day Break Graphic Intensive, (CD) from Texas
(Not Working) Aleisha Michelle From Canada (TS)
Melanie's World Melanie Anne Phillips, Audio Hello, Photos, Tips on Speaking (TS)

Melissa's Corner of the Web Lingerie & Cheerleader Photos (Some Nudity)
Rachel Miller Author - The Bliss of Becoming One
Nattie's Home In The Clouds Photos, (TS)
The Nikki News - "Legendary Legs" Photos (TV)
Nora's Nest A dear friend of mine! Added 6/24/98
Patty's Place on the Web Good Info
Rachel's World A close personal friend of mine! (GB)
Robyn Robbins Homepage Dedicated to Women and Gender Research (TS)
JoAnn Roberts HomepagePhoto, CDS Publishing - Worth Checking
Diane Savage Role Playing Games and many neat articles
The Second Sex Agency Verrry Different!!
(Not Working) Sissy Dani A neat page for sissy stories
Stella's Homepage Lots of Links (CD)
Michelle Anne Steiner's Homepage Photos
Stephanie's Home Away From Home
Susan's Place Transgender Links and Live Chat
(Not Working) Tina's HomePage Photo Gallery, Bio - From NYC (TV)
ViVi Photo Gallery, Bio, Originally from Argentina
Valerie Williams Added 3/02/98
Wendy Winters Photo (TV)
Wilson, Diane Elizabeth A little off-beat / My kind of Girl! (TS)

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