Transgender Advice and Resource Material

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Beating Heart I would love to list sites with Resource Material. Please FEmail me with the necessary information, and I will include it on this page. I would appreciate your adding my link to your page also. I'm still in the process of adding links. If you find any that are not working, please let me know. Thanks, Love and (((HUGS))), Jill.

Transgendered Advice and Resource Material

Above & Beyond Gender Resources Links, Newsletters, Shopping
Benjamin Standards of Care Standards that almost all Psychiatric Professionals follow when treating TS patients
Breast Forms An Excellent Source For Breast Form Information
DSM - III R Psychiatric explanation of Transgender, from the Diagnostic Statistics Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.
Hormones A wealth of info on M2F & F2M Hormones
Glossary & Acronyms Sexuality Glossary & Acronym List
Transgender Community Website TG News, Resource Info
Transgendered Resources Archives including FAQs, Medical Info, Legal Info, English and German

Transgenderism and Christianity
Christianity & Crossdressing A Down To Earth Source For Info About Religion and Crossdressing
Deuteronomy 22:5 Some Thoughts on this Old Testiment Chapter
Added 5/25/97
Robyn Shanor's Christian TG Issues Page Christian Transgendered Issues

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