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Prelude To Dallas

By Jill R. Ambrose

This story originally appeared in the March, 1996 issue of Innerview, the monthly newsletter of Crossport, the Transgendered support group in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have taken the liberty of making a few revisions to bring it up to date and use for the most part past tense.

In the last Innerview, I mentioned that I was planning on attending the Texas "T" Party in Dallas. Since making my decision several months ago to attend the "T" Party, much has gone into the advance planning for the trip.

My reasons for picking this get-together are numerous.

My Transexual Niece Laura.

For the past several months, I have been corresponding with my niece Laura, who is a M2F pre-op transexual, and who lives in Ft. Worth.

Included in my mailings to Laura were copies of the then current Innerview, which included my columns, and a teaser that I would be visiting Texas the end of February and would like to get together with her.

I'm sure that when she received the first note from me she had no idea who Jill Ambrose was. It probably did not take long though, to deduce who the notes came from, since they were postmarked in Cincinnati, and included my phone number. Sometime later, my brother, who also happens to live in Texas mentioned that Laura had received a note from a Jill Ambrose. My younger brother indicated that he was looking forward to meeting Jill, and indeed he shall.

I'm sure that they already suspected the truth, but I decided that now is the time to reveal my second self to them.

Two years ago, at a family gathering, Laura was sitting next to me and the conversation somehow turned to nails and Laura volunteered to give me a manicure. This was not strange as most of the family knew that I have my nails done on a regular basis for my show business roles.

Laura has been 'dressing' for as long as I can remember and grew up with several sisters. She was always borrowing clothes and cosmetics from her siblings and was accepted as a crossdresser by most of her family long before her teenage years ended.

Of course, for years she was, and still is, talked about in family circles, even though most everyone accepts her as she is.

Almost everyone except my mother addresses her as Laura, although my mom on a few occasions has jokingly referred to me as Jill. My mother's reaction to Jill has been reserved, and almost accepting, but that issue will be reserved for another column.

I imagine that I am also now included in the family gossip, but I digress.

Many times over the years, I longed to share my secret with Laura and assure her that she had an ally and was not alone, BUT, I was not ready to step out of the closet.

Laura is petite and beautiful and has worked as a model and was featured in a photo spread in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Her three sisters are also very pretty and have lightly tanned skin reflecting their Hawaiian heritage.

Laura has been living and working full time as a woman for many years now.

Getting Ready To Go.

In preparation for the trip, I secured a good price on a round-trip flight on US Air. Since this was to be my first time flying enfemme, I tried to eliminate any possibility of being turned away at the ticket counter. A person who flies regularly enfemme stated that it should present no problem, but that's easy to say if you are a seasoned veteran.

My main concern was the ID check now required as part of the tightened security. The last several times that I've flown, I have been asked to provide a photo ID.

When I checked by phone with the ticket counter at the Greater Cincinnati Airport, the young lady stated that if I could prove who I was and the name on the ticket matched my ID, I would be allowed to fly. She then had second thoughts, and transferred me to her supervisor. He stated that I needed a photo ID that matched the way I would be dressed, and suggested that perhaps it could be accomplished at the County Court House.

A check with the personnel at the court house revealed that the desired photo ID could only be issued after SRS and a legal name change.

I then came up with a plan to have before and after pictures taken and then notarized with the information that all the pictures, one of which matches my drivers license, are indeed of me. Another call to the airline supervisor confirmed that he thought that this would be acceptable. A week before my flight, I completed the ID and had a gay friend of mine notorize the document and then had it laminated.

With the card tucked safely in my purse, I headed for the airport on sort of a trial run. I wanted to be there at the same time as my flight the following week, so that I would encounter the same agents. A mature lady was at the counter and we talked about the situation. She assured me that it would be no problem flying as I was, and even put the flight information into the computer, until I reminded her that the flight was not until the following week. I made a point to note her name, which apparently helped later on.

Apparently everything was OK with US Air at Cincinnati but who knows what may happen at the car rental or the airport in Dallas on the return trip home. Perhaps I was being overly concerned, as the lyrics from an old Doris Day song keep echoing in my mind, "Que Sera, Sera". (What will be, will be.)

How Much To Pack?

What to take? Usually when I travel by car, I take everything but the kitchen sink, but this trip presented a challenge, in that it was to be my first plane trip enfemme and I had to severely restrict my baggage.

The boxes of reading material that I normally take and the numerous cosmetic cases were out, but I surely needed my drivers license and a few of MY (Jill's) credit cards. My Captain Video Secret Decoder Ring could also stay behind (welllll, maybe I can squeeze it in). To be practical, I figured that I needed at least one change of clothes - just in case! I finally settled on just a pair of shorts and a shirt. I was extremely excited at the prospect of traveling with almost nothing but female garments and accessories in my suitcases.

As I often do, I took way to many clothes that were packed in two suitcases and two carry-ons. All of this luggage became a problem several times, but I wanted to be prepared and have a good selection of clothes available. All in all, I was happy that I had everything with me.

My girlfriend Janet, and her hubby, who share my secret, drove me to the airport. We arrived at the counter to check-in, and I was disappointed that my friend from the previous week was busy with another customer. Another friendly female agent helped me and naturally I casually mentioned her co-workers name. I did not even have to get the ID out of my purse. I can only surmise that everyone knew I was coming. With that hurdle passed, we walked through the metal detector and to the waiting area. When they announced my flight, we all hugged and I WAS ON MY WAY!

My plan was to arrive in Dallas, get a rental car, and drive to Corpus Christi to visit with my brother and his family. Laura was planning to meet me in Corpus. After a three day visit with the family, I was going to return to Dallas for the "T" Party.

Via Con Dios!

Jill Ambrose

*** For a continuation of the story, see My Enfemme Flight to the Texas "T" Party.***

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